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  1. I felt the same way but decided to get Professional Certification. To become a PGA approved Teacher/Instructor requires 2 years in a program plus working full time at a golf course. I was/unable to go that route so searched for another "approved/recognized" vehicle and came across the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA). They use the exact curriculum directly from the PGA and require PTA scoring, etc. I became a Certified Class A Master Instructor several months ago. I found a golf course that allows me to teach on their range. Getting students isn't easy when money is involved no matter how good or how many years you've been a Teaching Pro. I end up teaching people for free as I just really want to help. However now I find I cannot compete in all the great Amateur Events/Tours despite not earning a dime teaching. I'm 63 with a 2 handicap but don't have the years of experience in golf and golf teaching as 99% of the Pros around and finally realize that being Certified doesn't overcome ignorance and I don't know jack other than being a decent amateur golfer. I suggest keep helping those who "want" help and forget making money.