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  1. The less time typing on here = more time playing out there. Plus I have two kids so my time is no longer my own.
  2. Take your longest par four and figure out whats the highest lofted club you can use to get there in two. Next, take your longest par three and figure out what club you'd hit to get there. Lastly, pick a club that will get you to the green from 125 yards that you can also chip and putt with.
  3. Give him half the money and an application for a part time position at Starbucks.
  4. Try joining greenskeeper.org. From there you can read a ton of reviews plus it gives you updates on course conditions. As far as courses go, I would play Industry Hills (as many have already suggested), Robinson Ranch and probably Angeles National. Links: Industry Hills - http://www.ihgolfclub.com/ Robinson Ranch - http://www.robinsonranchgolf.com/sit...773&page;=42730 Angeles National - http://www.angelesnational.com/home.html Whatever you do, don't play here... http://www.debellgolf.com/ . You will lose too many golf balls.
  5. Par four - hit tee shot in the street... drove the green... sank the putt.
  6. Anyone gotten a Jaguar test drive mailer recently? Just trying to find out if there is a universal code that can be used to get the free putter with test drive or if I'll actually have to go down there and test drive one of their cars.
  7. When you rejoin you can also give those scores to your handicap chair and they should input them for you.
  8. I don't even use every club at the range. How's it possible (with the exception of nevets88) to do this... I probably average 7 clubs per round and that's it.
  9. I agree 100%. If Tiger isn't playing then there needs to be some excitement around the tournament to generate revenue. Lower scores are an easy way to do that.
  10. In order for the PGA Tour to make money they have to sell air time to the various TV stations out there. In order to sell more time the game needs to be exciting. For the game to be exciting there needs to be one of two things happening... Tiger to be playing or players shooting low scores. The reason we have seen two rounds of 59 and a slew of 60 to 62 rounds is because they are setting up the courses to play easier. Simple fact... money rules.
  11. Anyone out there have the white foot syndrome? I play golf every Saturday and Sunday and have the whitest feet in the world while the rest of me is pretty tan. Anyone use self tanners or something else to get some color back in those old dogs?
  12. If this were the first time it has happened, I would just let it go. Maybe just ask him/her what was up with letting twosomes out during your tee times but don't press him/her for an answer. Just mentioning it is enough to get your point across. You have to remember that the pro is there to generate money regardless of any signed agreement so you aren't going to get much sympathy from them.
  13. I just throw it in whatever pocket I happen to open if I'm walking that day. If I'm riding I'll just throw it in the cart. I would laugh so hard if I ever saw anyone wearing one!
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