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  1. Hip rotation and posture, I was hoping you would see some improvement in posture compared to previously? Where I was hunched up in a c shape, I'm trying to get closer to the ball too
  2. Hi All, does anyone have any other good drills to get my hip rotation sorted, struggling. Also my flexibility isn't too great.
  3. Thanks Marty and mvmac I will try this out on the practice ground and see how I get on, expect another Video soon.
  4. Thank you I will try that So my hips should go left on the backswing, and I'm moving them right is that correct? ?
  5. Thanks Marty some kind words!
  6. Does anyone have any other feedback thanks.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I will try that out.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 1.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 25 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: topping the ball/hook Videos:
  9. I get the jitters mainly using the driver, and it shows. More calm with my iron play, really trying to develop my game psychology now.
  10. Bang on with my situation! Only way i will meet people generally is by playing a single, and then joining up during the round..
  11. not quite on topic, but the car park on my course is right by the first, I don't even like driving past out of courtesy when people are on the tee. I always stop, even when walking past I stop too..
  12. Some great response and feedback for both sides, which just goes to show what a minefield this is. I'm sure the more experience I gain and as I grow in confidence, then my own attitude will probably change.. as yet not sure what direction.
  13. I don't like to play as a single, but as I am new to the club it's rare I get to play with other members, none of my friends play golf.. so I am in a difficult situation. To play golf I have to go solo, I have played a few times with other members. In fact I would have been happy to make a three ball with the guys in front, but the body language and look of their faces showed I wasn't welcome, the fact they completely ignored me all game made me uncomfortable. Hence why I wasn't sure if I should have approached them about playing thru' For that matter I was quite glad when another solo me
  14. Thanks for all the insights and feedback! Part of my frustrations are that at the range I hit it so much better, and think I am getting there, then when it comes to the course it's back to square one. I can't feel the difference between a good and bad shot at the moment too, but I can see the difference! Thanks - will have a read
  15. Yep sounds like me, I can hit my irons but any of the woods on the course and it goes into meltdown, on the range I hit a few good strikes but its too easy to get in a rythmn there for me and get overly confident.
  16. Thats what i thought about doing, just teeing off whilst they were looking then just walked up and played again.. they actually ended up going backwards on more than one occasion, by hitting a few trees. Which I've done myself, but that's just to show how their day was going. I know the aspect of me being on my own has no standing, and thats why I didn't ask if I could to be honest, I was waiting on them to just do the honourable thing, as I was clearly quicker, not because I was rushing, but because I was hitting it longer and better, despite only using my irons. They obviously were either
  17. Yea appreciate that, so just need to keep on practicing I suppose...
  18. Yep they were aerated thanks for the insight!
  19. I definitely need to get the experience and confidence with it, to save a few shots!
  20. Defo had an attitude thats for sure, I was agitated the most after one turned his back to me knowing I was there at the tee too.
  21. I played so much better without the driver, I don't actually feel I need it, it would probably help me drop a few shots at some stage of my game.. need the confidence to pull it out the bag now.
  22. Sounds like me Davie! I hit more of the fairways next to the one I was playing than the one I was! Well, I actually retired them after the third!
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