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  1. Damage to Top of My Epic Driver

    If it checks out OK structurally and the ding bugs you, you might want to consider Club Crown. I had some small dings on my G30 and put one of these on and I love the look of it now. (https://www.clubcrownbyvive.com)
  2. Water Hazard Stance

  3. Water Hazard Stance

    If your ball is outside a water hazard but your stance is in the water hazard can you move lose impediments in the hazard?
  4. The ball was found OUTSIDE the hazard after Ian had bullied the official into agreeing that "it was virtually certain" that it was in the hazard. Jordan (and company) found it after the 5 minutes. So, since the official had caved in before they found the ball that trumps empirical evidence that it was in fact not in the hazard? The rule official knew that they found the ball outside the hazard and let him play the LWH rule anyway. That just seems wrong.
  5. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    I realize that with the old rules, a found ball is not "lost". You either had to stroke and distance it, or play it where it lay. We were told this will change and we could use the forth coming rules now. Rule 2 being ... Woods, etc. are treated like lateral water hazards.. Hence, my provisional ball confusion. I'll ping my golf channel director and see what he has to say ... he's pretty good at responding.
  6. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    I played in a Golf Channel AM Tour tournament last weekend and we were told that two of the upcoming changes would be in affect. 1. We could fix spike marks (anything) on greens. I'm all for this personally and it seems pretty easy to interpret. 2. A lost ball (found ball in the woods, etc.) or ball NOT OOB can be treated as a lateral water hazard. So, I've been thinking about this one a little. How do "provisional" balls fit with this. What if you hit a provisional and get to your spot and decide that you'd rather play your provisional? Is that legal? I doubt it. Are provisionals' still allowed if the OOB question is not on the plate. I should have asked these sort of questions when it was brought up, but it caught me off guard quite frankly. What say you ole mavins of the rules?
  7. Provisional ball and water hazard

    Thanks Fourputt, I thought that's how it worked but was just not sure. Is there a specific rule that address's this situation. Ahhh, the google is my friend ... should have done some due diligence before posting, well maybe this will help someone else ... here's what I was looking for: Exception: If it is known or virtually certain that the original ball, that has not been found, has been moved by an outside agency (Rule 18-1), is in an obstruction (Rule 24-3), is in an abnormal ground condition (Rule 25-1) or is in a water hazard (Rule 26-1), the player may proceed under the applicable Rule.
  8. So, you hit your shot and suspect its going to be lost. Anounce and hit provisional ball. You get to the area where the original ball went and discover its a lateral water hazard. At this point, you can abandon the provisional and play normal lateral hazard rules with the original ball? I ask this because if it really is lost (not a lateral hazard) and the ball is found you cannot play the provisional ball. I realize for the found ball case you can use the unplayable ball rule but you cant use the provisional ball. I know that provisional balls are for out of bounds and lost balls, but when you play courses that your not familiar with its sometimes the case that you get to the place where you think the ball is and red stakes pop up.
  9. Another lateral water hazard question

    Yup ... seems clear now that you guys flushed it out ... thanks!
  10. Ok, here's the setup. I'm hitting a ball into an island green and the hazard line on the ground on the front side of the island is red. I hit my shot and I hit some rocks on the island and the ball bounces back into the water but it never actually crosses the red line. Can I drop in front of the line on the island even though my ball didn't make it that far? I realize that I must drop in front of the hazard line and the ball must stay out of the hazard for it to be a legal drop, but is it legal in this case or do I have to use one of the other lateral water hazard options?
  11. Can you rake the bunker?

    Thanks for the reply 6Aces and the highlighting Dormie. Have to admit ... the highlighted part didn't sink in until you pointed it out Dormie.
  12. Can you rake the bunker?

    So, you're in a bunker and you hit your ball into a water yellow water hazard (doh) on the other side of the putting green. You decide to proceed with rule 26-1a and play the ball as closely as possible to the original lie. Well, now the bunker is all messed up and not at all like the "original" ... do you get to rake it and try and recreate the "original" landscape? My gut feel is no.