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  1. I started playing again 4 or 5 years ago after an 8 year hiatus. Like you, I showed up with a GBB. The first club I replaced was the driver, and I have no regrets for that. I'm onto my second driver now and I can't tell you the last time I popped a ball up with my Ping G30, just doesn't happen. In addition, off center hits just don't punish you as bad. I'd seriously consider getting some of the newer technology if I were you ... imho.
  2. I played in the Golf Channel end of year tournament here 2 years ago. We played Copperhead, Island, North (and Fox Hollow off the Innisbrook facility). I liked Copperhead the best. It seemed like the course that was tough but fair. Was cool playing the "snake pit." I don't think it's as snaky as it reputation implies though. Seems like the Island was my least favorite, really narrow and if you missed the fairway those scrubby trees kinda sucked up your ball. Had a blast though and really enjoyed the experience (even though it was some of my crappiest golf for the season). Hope you have a great time too.
  3. Yeah, was just looking at that, so if you win the "walk up lotto" or something in that vain, then it sounds like a really good deal. I'm guessing compared to "courses of similar esteem in the US" doing the "stay at our hotel to play" is pretty reasonable too? Wow ... three rounds of golf for L130 ($177) . https://www.standrews.com/play/courses/old-course/booking-the-old-course/winter-package-2018. Am I reading this right.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what might one expect to pay for a round of golf here?
  5. The couple of times I played there with the Golf Channel it didn't seem to be overwhelmed with other golfers. Like you, I'm a bit skeptical that private membership will be able to sustain it.
  6. Wish I could get motivated to do this, I've found these two sights that don't require a lot of special equipment: https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2017/08/golf-workout?slide=6 https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2017/08/golf-flexibility Edit: ahhh, just noticed this is old and Chris probably doesn't care, oh well, maybe it will help someone else.
  7. If Tiger and Patrick Reed get paired together on the final day will they both where red and black?
  8. Sundays headline ... TIGER COMES IN THIRD, on a side note, Charlie Hoffman won
  9. Personally I hope he does well. But, given that he hasn't played competitively in a while, I think the odds are against him, and this would apply to ANYONE in a similar situation. My hope is that he is able to play without injury going forward and that he sticks with it because there's going to be a lot of second guessing why he's not winning every week and is he washed up. If he sticks with it, I don't think he'll continue to dominate the way he used to, but my bet is he'll get back to being competitive again.
  10. Now that you've had this thing for a while do you still like it? Does it seem to be accurate?
  11. Pardner

    No Yardage Markers

    Love my "Golf Buddy." Just push a button and the Golf Buddy tells me (using voice) the center of the green or hold the same button and it tells me front and back. I don't have to struggle looking at some display that I can't see anyway with my poor reading eyesight. I have a Bushnell laser rangefinder too but I typically just want to know where's the middle of the green is at. Occasionally I'll use both the golf buddy and rangefinder to verify if the pin is front, back, etc. Golf Buddy's are relatively inexpensive too, usually around $100. As far as blind shots go, the golf buddy may not be a lot of help for that, and a better GPS that has mapping will be a lot better for that, but I personally don't usually miss not having those sort of capabilities. On rare occasion I'll use my 18 Birdies phone app for course layout with GPS, but it's usually just too much trouble.
  12. Well, your index is a lot better than mine and I won't tell you what's wrong with your swing, because you're obviously doing a lot of stuff right, but I can tell you what causes me to do a "snap hook". When I try and "swing hard" (as opposed to fast, still trying to square the subtle difference in my thinking concerning the difference) I get up on my toes. This causes my club head to close and I typically pull it too. The tip toe stuff seems to work for Justin Thomas and Lexi Thompson, but I suspect that's their typical shot and it's their standard swing as opposed to what I try and do when I try and hit it hard without making a conscious effort to keep my left foot flat.
  13. https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/1214373
  14. Initial cut at the schedule is posted. Seem to be more one day single player tournaments on the weekend in 2018 than this year. Is it too early to get excited about next season ... I hate winter!
  15. I've won a few tournaments, my recent win I was really happy to take the trophy for as a GolfWeek regional finals 2 day tournament where I won the C flight (14 to 19 handicap) in a playoff. Made an eagle in a CGA tournament this summer which was the only highlight for that round. And, sadly, I'm still trying to break 80 but break 90 regularly ... it's gonna happen next year!
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