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  1. Ok..tried the A swing again...hit an 81. Not too bad at all!...my irons ALL are going ten to fifteen yards further (think this is because it's so much easier to use my torso to swing rather than my arms with this..also...with keeping both arms straight thru the first part of the take away, it torques my body alot more..but not in an uncomfortable way!.. Notice that my driver and fairway woods are not so easy...if I connect, GREAT!...but, tend to top the ball alot with those clubs and this swing...little tweaking needed.
  2. HI guys...as my title shows..started golfing 3.5 years ago..i'm 57. Tore a shoulder tendon four years ago playing basketball..as an aging athlete..this really bothered me! Do not have the money to have it repaired..so, just living with it..tho it's not nearly as bad as it was the first couple years. Anyway..brother in law wanted to hit some balls one day. I had played about ten rounds of golf my whole life..and I was an athlete..and the swing of a club didn't seem to bother my shoulder..so, I said OK!...well, don't quite know how it happened..but, when I couldn't hit that ball to save my life..it became a challenge...and I became obsessed. Sooo...I played golf every chance..got up before daylight..hit the range...went to work..got off work and hit the range...three times a week or more...little by little..started learning the hard way (with no lessons and watching alot of you tube)...so, went from the plus 100s (didn't see a reason to keep scores over that)...and am now hovering around 84. So..that's my story..hope to learn more as I read people's posts!...and, to tell the truth..I hope I never lose the obsession!
  3. yeah..sounds like it could be confusing!!..when I say into the slot..for myself..it is referring to almost anything that is not over the top..which for almost three years was my nemisis...my first year, I would aim 45 degrees left to come close to hitting my target..little (and i MEAN LITTLE) i began to 'feel' it..but, it took a LONG time..and I'm STILL not there, to actually drop my club into that slot...my brain ALWAYS wants me to swing my shoulders first!..I always want to 'HIT THAT BALL'...but, it's coming...and i feel it coming more! Well, the A swing SEEMS to help me in this way...it's subtle ...but, for some reason..if I can start my hips first...and keep my arms 'connected'...the club drops in!..and I hit a really good ball. Today was a little disappointing..did not do as welll..but, did OK. Hit quite a few hooks...but, my lower back was sore...so, i'm not totally bummed out. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to pick up this sport!...ANYWAY...I'm going to work on the A swing...and probably will work on it with a little of my own translation....I think it will help...but I don't know for sure! thanks for replying! This is my first day on this or any golf forum..so, looking forward to some good conversations.
  4. I've posted a couple times today...I did not get the book, I just watched three you tube videos on the subject (me and my golf is the best one on this)...here is my findings....first of all..i know that sometimes changing your swing can improve your game for a very very short while...then, bang..it's gone! OH..about me..started golfing 3,5 years ago..I'm 57. Torn shoulder muscle necessitated me changing my sports from basket ball and tennis to golf...BIG CHANGE..but a great one! OK..back to the subject. Went out a week ago..hit a bucket with this swing..liked the feel..better contact..and seeming better distance. Hit 18 holes by myself...hit a 78!!...wow...longer irons and more accurate..and seemingly easier on my back! OK...fluke?...don't know yet!~ Went out again yesterday..his a bucket...played with 3 strangers (always pressure when playing with others you don't know)..hit an 81!!..OK...GREAT! Fluke?..I don't know! BUT, NO DUFFS..and the only thing i'm having to go back to my old swing is my driver. bacuse now, instead of a slice, i'm hitting a hook!...BUT..if I keep the arms straight (close to chest) in my backswing with my driver...but try to get on plane rather than stand the club up..I'm hitting with more power!... Ok..that's my findings..obviuosly have a lot more work to do to figure is this is real or not!..going out today to play with a group of guys. I almost always hit around 85 when I play with these guys...so..I'll post on here later when I know. brofun!
  5. I went to the range..tried it...seems easier...more power in my swing..greater striking on irons..tho, I did hook alot..but, i've never been able to draw the ball...but, now I can!...usually hit 85...hit a 78 and an 81 the last three days. Going out today to play with a group of guys...will see!
  6. Hi..new to this forum...been golfing for 3.5 years. Took two lessons. The rest youtube and practice. I worked HARD to become a decent golfer...i'm around a 15 handicap. Saw the 'a swing' on youtube about a week ago...decided to try it (almost chose not too)...hit a bucket, and 18 holes..hit a 78. Was it a fluke?..could be..but, I noticed I hit my drives stronger (a little off on aim)...his my irons GREAT!...except they all went ten to fifteen yards further...NOT GOOD! (but I'm great in the short game, so that always helps me)...so...decided to try it again..hit a bucket yesterday..and played another 18 holes with three other guys (strangers)..hit an 81. My iron work with this swing is much better..NO DUFFS! Here is my theory..I believe that holding the arms in the begining of the back swing really coils my torso...(more than the onplane swing does)..then, when I bring the club up steeply..it has literally nowhere to go but behind when I begin my pivot..I pivot...the club handle moves with the pivot..the club head falls behind and into the slot! NOT POSTIVE about this yet..but, playing today with a group. will let you know what I think. I'm 57 years old.. aging athelete...took up golf when I tore a shoulder tendon playing basketball four years ago. Glad to be on here...I"m NOT a shill for ledbetter...I'm just a carpenter who loves playing with round things!