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  1. Thanks! I'll go practice that today.
  2. So I should rotate my hips faster through impact?
  3. By the way, my misses are usually a huge push or a huge pull hook. Is it something to do with my hips not sliding? I am extremely confused right now.
  4. I hurt my back a couple of months ago and stopped golf for a while. When I returned, I found that my swing looks terrible now. I'm pretty happy with my backswing and downswing, but there is something wrong with the swing after impact, but I don't know exactly what. Tips are appreciated.
  5. ^ HAHA, sorry bout that 0_0. And when i say closer to the heel, i am talking tiny lengths, not very noticeable at all. I don't know if this is true, but it is working for me. Also, i may have been doing this because mp 52's are not completely players irons, so they kind of "mute" the "pure" feeling. All i know is that i got instant results by setting the ball a little closer to the heel.
  6. Hey guys, Ive been playing forged irons for about 3 years now. Last weekend however, a guy told me that forged iron sweet spots are actually not in the center. =0 He said the sweet spot is a half inch closer to the heel, and when i started hitting the ball in that spot, i instantly gained 5-10 yards on every iron. I am wondering whether this is common information, because ive been 5-10 yards shorter than i could have been for all these years. Just letting you guys know. =) P.S. Try the Penta TP's. Probably greatest ball right now.
  7. Ha ha, ya i don't like the black, it feels nice, but it just doesn't spin enough to hold the faster greens for me. My ball flight is somewhat low, so I need a spinnier ball to make it sit. Also, i haven't tried the prov1x's, maybe ill give those a shot too. (Penta users seem really happy with the ball. )
  8. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions guys! So the balls that i will have to try out are: Callaway i(z) Penta Tp Srixon Z Star Im kinda biased against bridgestones, I dont know why =).
  9. @Leezer Oh, well how is the distance of the Pentas compared to pro V1's? Cause as long as its a little longer than pro v's its good enough for me. i dont really want just distance, I want a good combination. Ill have to give those a try though, everyone says they feel as amazing as you said. @ Mike, lets see if we can find something! =)
  10. Thanks, I'll be sure to try it out! Has anyone hit the Taylormade Pentas yet? I have been meaning to hit them, but they are always sold out. =(
  11. I am currently in search of a new ball to replace the Pro v1's i was playing before. I loved the spin on them, but I felt like I was losing distance. I just recently tried the Taylormade black tp's but i don't think they spin enough on my irons. I also tried the Nike one tours but i definitely lost tons of yardage on them. I also tried bridgestone rx and b330, but i didn't like them, they felt weird to me. (Swing speed is around 95-100, driver goes about 260-270). Essentially, I'm looking for the best possible combination between spin and distance. I cant really afford to lose much yardage, b
  12. Hey guys! thanks for all the replies, I do have a somewhat weak grip, i recently switched from a slightly stronger one to gain more control. I will try to get a front swing video. Also i was wondering, during my downswing, do i kind of drop my shoulders too much? Oh yeah, my typical misses are left, and sometimes they hook. Anyone know any good drills to help shorten the back swing?
  13. Hey guys, I haven't had a lesson in quite a while, so I was just hoping that someone could make sure no swing-wrecking habits are creeping back into my swing. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank You
  14. lol, i dont know what i was thinking when i bought these irons. I only remember thinking how sleek and shiny they were, hehe =P
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