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  1. I'm partial to Lauren...she could yell at me all she wants!
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I was hoping that as I approach the tender young age of 47 that I wasn't falling into the 'that music is too loud' syndrome. :)
  3. FWIW I don't take practice swings anymore, except to help warm up or if something feels off after the last shot. Does it help? I think so, but I certainly still hit some thin or fat occasionally. It was a lot of wasted energy for me that I thought was better spent focusing on hitting the ball.
  4. Picked up a setup of Ping S55s that have the GolfPride MCC Plus 4 Midsize and really like them. Firm but grippy. I have a set of Lamkin Wrap-Tech midsize from the Golfsmith closing near me, and had planned to use those. I liked the GP so much I haven't wanted to change. I do love the Lamkin on my wedges though. Really nice feel and tacky.
  5. Had a great lesson with a local Aimpoint instructor today. His approach followed everything discussed in this thread which helped me feel confident about my decision to work with him. We worked first on tempo, so I get what @iacas was talking about above. We talked about as rhythm or timing, and I like thinking about it as rhythm since I have a bit of a music background. Next we worked on trusting my judgement of spatial distance, similar to throwing a ball. I found that really helpful since I've thrown thousands of baseballs with my son. The key was you don't think about how far to throw the ball a given distance, you just do it. Same with putting even though there are other factors involved. Spatial distance drill - hit one ball short and one long on purpose, then hit one the distance you judge to the hole. 2nd distance drill - hit four balls with varying backstroke lengths - short, medium, longer, longest (good one for getting green speed before a round) Next we worked on reading slope to gauge the break. I finally get what people said about looking a little silly using your feet to feel the slope. It was cool engaging other senses to get an accurate read of the slope. Can't trust your eyes! And finally I took it to the course late today and dropped 4 strokes, from my strokes gained measure in GG. An 81 versus the 85 I shot yesterday. Pretty cool. Much more work to be done, but I'll definitely be going back.
  6. Stoked for my first Aimpoint lesson tomorrow. Big thanks @iacas for the comments!
  7. Thanks for this and I get it. I was recently told that I'm a real thinker when it comes to the swing, trying to understand what I'm doing and why it will work. I'd be the guy asking 20 questions when I only need to focus on one thing. As an IT guy in the business world this really comes natural to me, because we have to question and validate everything, so I come by it honestly. It's what makes me good at my job, but it doesn't really help me with golf. I think the only swing thought I want when I'm playing now is 'dollar bills'. Just trust all that practice and let the swing do the work.
  8. Well until recently I had only owned one set of irons, some knock off Ping Eye clubs I found used. They weren't horrible, shot an 83 using them once. But after a long hiatus of around a decade, I decided it was time to get fitted for some proper clubs. I did a Golfmsith fitting, which really is just hitting clubs until you find something that feels good. Ended up with a set of TM Speedblades HL which I've used for around the last year+. As my game and swing improved I thought it might be time for something different. I found a set of used Ping S55s with a stiffer shaft (KBS Tour 90) and I've really enjoyed them. They are harder to hit, but my misses are never anything a GI iron was ever going to really help.
  9. @iacas Do you find any particular putting grip style promotes the pendulum action better than another? I've always used my full swing stroke grip but more neutral, with right index finger pointing down the side of the shaft. Lately while experimenting I've separated my hands, left hand high, right hand low at the bottom of the grip, with mixed results. My biggest issue has always been longer putts of 30+ feet and getting them somewhere in the mythical 3 foot circle. I typically leave these well short which as I read this thread may be simply because my backstroke is not long enough.
  10. Thought this was pretty cool - Obviously that screen wasn't designed for the 150+ ball speed he generates. He's making a run at the PGA Tour this year and has dropped the WLD competitions. It will be interesting to see how he does.
  11. Get your kleenex ready...Jim Nance and Jack will make you weepy. Congrats on the great round!
  12. Thanks @hdanak because I didn't think about that one... Has anyone had trouble getting their tags into the Super Stroke putting grips? I changed mine yesterday and can't that sucker to go in. Thought about making the hole a bit wider but wondered if anyone had another option.
  13. I just had ATT Gigapower service installed at my house and good grief is it fast...If you can get it I wouldn't hesitate, especially if you already have ATT Uverse...pix below, speed diferences are due to the older/newer radios in my devices. iPhone 7 Speed Macbook
  14. Shot an 85 at a course out in East Texas near where I grew up, Pine Dunes Reaort - Frankston. I love playing courses like this that are cut into the natural landscape. And the sandy soil is a lot easier on your clubs than the Dallas black clay. But the best part on a very wet and rainy day, was getting to see the wildlife. The White Tails were all over the course as I finished my round. And then to find out about the passing of Mr Palmer, I'm glad I didn't give up on finding a place to play today.
  15. RIP