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  1. I'm a geek. Officially a Mobility Consultant. I help enterprises deploy and manage all kinds of smart devices. I get some flexibility to get out and hit the course during the week which is great.
  2. From Dallas as well. Glad to find a fellow golfer here.
  3. This was at Indian Creek GC in Dallas. Hole is a par 3, 226 to the pin. A good drive for me is average 215, so I said what the heck I will hit my Driver. Sun was directly in my eyes so I couldn't track the first shot and couldn't see if I had hit the green or not. Hit a provisional just in case. Drive up to the green looking all over for a ball. As I come around the back of the green, fully expecting to park and walk all over looking or drop, I see it laying there on the green about 45ft from the pin. Of course I couldn't convert the birdie and ended up with par. Still great shot for me!
  4. I started quoting Tin Cup and Caddyshack lines to myself and it helped me playing partners think I'm a goof, but oh scores have improved the more I get out of my head and just let that grooved swing do it's work...