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  1. Hunting Scratch Golf Show - an aussie who's been good and scored some good interviews. He just did one with Gueurin Rife on the Evnroll putters which had a lot of good information.
  2. Interesting, never really made any golf goals but you guys have inspired me! Thanks for your help and wisdom in 2016! Handicap - current 13 on GG, so would like to establish a GHIN number, and shoot for 9 Tournament - never played in one, and would like to give it a go. Lots of options here in DFW and Texas. Courses - I'd like to play one of my bucket list courses. Pebble Beach most likely. Game - Consistency is my biggest desire. Place the ball where I want when I want with confidence. I'd like to learn to be able to consistently shape shots in specific situations. This wi
  3. FINALLY!!!!! (fully disclosure, i played solo so I know it technically doesn't count) Shot a +4 76 at Watters Creek here In Plano, TX. Played from the men's tees (whites). Rating from that tee box is 70.0/126. So I guess adjusted would be +6? Not sure how that works. How i did it... GIR/nGIR - 14/18...best ever for me by a long shot Putts - 36..2 - 1 putts, 14 - 2 putts, 2 - 3 putts. Not my best day putting, but I wasn't wasting strokes trying to get on the green. Fairways - I drove the ball well, but didn't hit a lot of fairways. My misses driving in the last month ha
  4. My Arccos 360 just got delivered so you won't be alone for long. I'm looking forward to not having to tag every shot...wasn't a fan of the GG process, so I'm hopeful this is a better experience. My only complaint right now is the putter tag. It doesn't really fit the oversized grips, couldn't get it to go in all the way. I had the same issue with GG tags on putters.
  5. many dream foursomes... Texas Based - Spieth, W, Trevino All PGA - Stenson, Mickelson, Bubba LPGA/Women who golf - Lexi, Paige Spiranac, Blair O'Neal Since it's our Fantasy list and all :)
  6. Wow! I think I've played more rounds this past year, than prior to getting back into the game. I'm going to be at ~60+ for 2016, if the weather cooperates.
  7. I am right there with you man and glad to see this thread get started. I've started making notes around what is holding me back so I can focus on those parts of my game: Driving - so much better and having a driver fit for my game has made a tremendous improvement Irons/Approach - a work in progress to better ball striking. My key focus here has been aiming properly. I was aiming to far right of target. Short game - lots of work needed here. I've been focused almost exclusively on Full Swing, so now need to spend much more time to get better. Putting - has been a focus of m
  8. That is right and I have to say the Forged irons felt amazing. Solid and smooth off the club. I personally didn't like the feel of the Hot Metal version of the irons.
  9. About what I expected since I have only, until recently, managed to have more than 1 birdie per round: GIR - 44%; Birdies - 3% = 6.8% I did recently break the 1 bird per round mark with 2, then a whopping 3 last Friday! Unfortunately that 3 birdie round didn't make it into GG because of technical issues. Sucks too because it was one of the best putting/ball striking days I've had this season.
  10. Yes this! I did a fitting with Mizuno at a local Golftec and the most I was going to be charged, with a free wedge was $1300 for 4-PW, AW. Same irons as mentioned above. This included the grips I wanted, and the lie adjustments needed. Sounds like the point is you definitely can get what you want without having to break the bank.
  11. Not sure if others are having this issue but I'm missing Club Performance data for the last few rounds of GG. I contacted support and it's a known issue they are working to resolve.
  12. Thanks man. Got to play 36 holes for my birthday! It was a great day!
  13. I'm partial to Lauren...she could yell at me all she wants! http://www.golfchannel.com/media/morning-drive-get-know-lauren-thompson/
  14. Thanks for the confirmation. I was hoping that as I approach the tender young age of 47 that I wasn't falling into the 'that music is too loud' syndrome. :)
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