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  1. I just had ATT Gigapower service installed at my house and good grief is it fast...If you can get it I wouldn't hesitate, especially if you already have ATT Uverse...pix below, speed diferences are due to the older/newer radios in my devices. iPhone 7 Speed Macbook
  2. Shot an 85 at a course out in East Texas near where I grew up, Pine Dunes Reaort - Frankston. I love playing courses like this that are cut into the natural landscape. And the sandy soil is a lot easier on your clubs than the Dallas black clay. But the best part on a very wet and rainy day, was getting to see the wildlife. The White Tails were all over the course as I finished my round. And then to find out about the passing of Mr Palmer, I'm glad I didn't give up on finding a place to play today.
  3. RIP
  4. Agreed on the customer service. I've sent them a few emails around various issues and they have been responsive to all. Makes me feel good about the purchase. Now if I could just remember to TAG EVERY SHOT! This is the second round with new irons, and after several hours of Full Swing focus...I can definitely see the improvement. I had a real chance of breaking 80 today, but for the putting issues throughout the round, especially on the first hole. I know there's been some discussion around the validity of the strokes gained measurement in GG but today I would say it's spot on. I think it's time to contact the Aimpoint guys and maybe look at a new putter.
  5. I think would be a huge mistake on the part of the PGA. You are already struggling with downward trend in golf popularity, so you don't have any leverage to make a deal right now. If you wait until the 2018 cycle that trend may be heading in a positive direction which would give you the necessary leverage to maximize revenue on the TV deals. I don't see a scenario where moving to ESPN or Fox is beneficial given the competition with the other sports they broadcast. I'm guessing that Fox possibly approached them about televising more events post-NASCAR broadcasting based on the success broadcasting the US Open. If true who do you let go? NBC already owns the Golf Channel, your single best place to showcase the sport. CBS has exclusive rights to the Masters, I think they would be harder to walk away from here.
  6. Has anyone changed their irons or another club while using GG? I simply pulled the tags from old and put into the new, then updated my golf bag...but I'd really like to separate the data pre and post new irons in this case. I guess that I could use the Last Round or Last 5 Rounds and other options to show data for new irons, and vice versa for the old. I may be solving my own problem as I type this out, apologies for rambling...but I'm curious how others have handled a club change while using GG.
  7. This is cool because I just look at the comparison v scratch, but looking at the 10 HC makes me feel a bit better about my game. All Rounds (12) Last Round
  8. I don't have any hard date, but my experience is it depends on the course. In my area, Dallas, there are quite a few public courses to play. The better the course the better the hole cut, and more ragged for cheaper courses that aren't managed as closely.
  9. I think I just tagged my putter to record a stroke. Last weekend I had a weird one too, but it was a great shot. I holed out my wedge from ~25yds, so I was done with the hole. Nice birdie on a par 5! GG seemed confused until about 2 holes later, so ultimately self corrected. I think tagging the Driver for the tee shots kicked it back into gear.
  10. has him at ~$720m - even with that, he wouldn't spend his own money outright if he's a smart investor. He'd likely put together an acquisition group, and they would finance all or a portion of the purchase.
  11. Well my go to store is closing and the golftec I used for lessons as well. Got the letter below late last night. Also, just got notice that there is a 30% off all merchandise for stores that will close. Excludes Ping/Titleist. GolfTEC Client Notification – Important Message (Plano) 900 N. Central Expressway Plano, TX 75074 (972) 398-8000 September 15th, 2016 First, I wanted to take this moment to say a large “THANK YOU” for being a loyal client of ours. Your passion for improvement and commitment to GolfTEC is what truly propels our business, and I don’t get enough opportunities to personally thank you for this. Second, as you may have seen today in the press, Golfsmith International has filed for bankruptcy with the intent to emerge alongside a planned restructuring of their business which includes closure of several of their stores. This includes the Golfsmith store in Plano where you most recently have taken a lesson from GolfTEC. What You Need To Know: While Golfsmith is, and will continue to be, a great partner with GolfTEC, we are a completely separate and independent golf instruction business, and simply lease co-located space in some locations. The Golfsmith-Plano location will be closing effective late October, 2016. You can continue taking lessons at that location until late October, 2016. We are pleased to inform you we have several GolfTEC Improvement Centers in your area: GolfTEC-West Plano, within 10 minutes (7.9 miles) of GolfTEC-Plano. GolfTEC-North Dallas, within 14 minutes (12.7 miles) of GolfTEC-Plano. GolfTEC-Park Cities, within 15 minutes (14.7 miles) of GolfTEC-Plano. Everything will remain exactly the same, including your Coach, current lesson plan and account & login information. Given we are as dedicated to you as you are to your golf game, your first lesson at the new location will be free of charge. GolfTEC has just finished a record year within our 21-year history! We’re a strong, healthy company excited to continue our mission of helping people play better golf. We sincerely appreciate your understanding surrounding the coming transition with Golfsmith, and proudly look forward to continue helping you reach your specific goals of playing better golf. In the meantime, as always, we are here to make sure you receive the best possible golf improvement experience possible. Your Coach will remain permanently employed with GolfTEC and we will be in touch in the next several weeks on the timing of their transfer. You can also call any of the GolfTEC locations above for questions you may have. Best regards, Joe AssellPresident & CEO, Co-FounderGolfTEC
  12. I have to concur with going all cash crowd here. Once I did that I never looked back. I have more than enough, now that I'm not in a constant cycle of having to pay off accumulating more than I can really afford. I learned this lesson the hard way unfortunately, but life can be a great teacher of the disciplines needed to be successful. FWIW - I went through the Total Money Makeover program that Dave Ramsey teaches. He's got books, website, etc. to help get you started. I like it because the concepts are very simple to follow, especially for the money/financially challenged like myself.
  13. Oh Kylie, she's got it all...pretty, sings and from what i've seen on talk shows is very nice person...if she played golf then she'd be perfect! Ahhhh! A boy can dream...
  14. This time last year I had the golf bug in full force and had to travel to Miami/Ft Lauderdale area for work. I flew my clubs with me on SW for free, stayed the weekend and played whatever I could find via GolfNow. I found some killer deals and some days could get in 36 holes. The only thing I hate about Florida courses is the damned St Augustine they use for the rough. It will grab your club and won't let go!
  15. Wow! I Suck at Golf! I know that's no news flash, but I've had at most ONE birdie per any round. Well I will just keep on working at my full swing and see if I can budget the Aimpoint class. Get closer to the hole and make more puts from 15' and closer! That should do it! :)