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  1. I'll play my PW from 150 on most days
  2. I was unable to record a swing, but I really focused on my eyes today and had my best ball striking round of the year. I guess I didn't understand how much that affected the golf swing. If the weather allows I'll try to have a video up sometime this week
  3. Seems like mostly everyone prefers a higher ball flight. There are advantages to both, I just have always thought my flight was too high. I've started working on 'flighting' shots, but find that it's still too unpredictable for me to use it to my advantage.
  4. I was actually just looking at a PGA tour swing and thought I could have a little more flex in my knees. Unfortunately they just closed the range for the season this week...even though it was 75* today. I'll do some more work and tinkering and post another video.
  5. Hey thanks for the video! I am 6'4 and I understand the idea of getting a little flatter in the backswing. I think one of my problems may be my club length? Right now I'm not frustrated enough to make a complete swing plane change, but if the inconsistency keeps up I may go to a flatter swing.
  6. I haven't been able to practice the drills much but here is a swing from today. After watching back I realize my eyes are still not directly at the ball
  7. I'm sorry for your poor taste in schools! I am looking to get fitted for some irons in the next year or two, will they be able to give me an iron that matches the flight I want?
  8. How do you achieve these trajectories? Do you just swing or is it a conscious effort?
  9. What trajectory do you like to see when you hit shots? Do you prefer a high ball flight that hangs in the air and comes straight down, or do you prefer a low piercing shot? The reason I am asking is because it feels more natural to me to hit towering high shots, but I would like a low, boring ball flight that still flies a good distance. I just wondered the advantages/disadvantages to either, aside from the obvious that high shots generally have less roll.
  10. I'll work on this stuff and try to get some videos up in the next week or two. Thanks again for the help!
  11. I really appreciate the help. I tried the eyes more centered, and placed the ball more forward with the driver with better results. Is there a drill I can do to make sure that my right elbow stays in the correct position? I tried to do this, and it felt a little different so that means its working. I just want to get it more consistent. Also, I still had a couple hooks creeping into my round. Could this be because my weight is hanging back? That seemed to be the feel I was getting but I want to be sure.
  12. Hello everyone! I wanted my first post to be a swing video so here it is.... I've been Playing Golf for: 7 yearsMy current handicap index or average score is: 10.2My typical ball flight is: Some days its a 10 yard draw, some days its straight.The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The straight push and the quick hook. I'm aware of the ball flight laws, and know that my club face relative to path must be square or closed, but I'm stuck on how to fix it. I'm also battling a lot of inconsistency, so I want to have a consistent shot shape.
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