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  1. The PGA has it's place in golf. However the instructional part of the PGA course is only 10 percent. The rest is how to run a pro shop, marketing, tournament organization, agronomy, club fitting and repair, golf cart things. In other words how to run a full facility including driving range and pro shop operations. The PGTAA concentrates on instruction only and has a player ability test that is more reasonable and realistic. The curriculum is based on learning how to teach, knowing how to teach, and understanding the faults and cures of individual swings, not a (one swing fits all) idea that the PGA thinks is the whole answer for everyone. If you want to run a golf facility and spend very little time as an instructor ( maybe 10 percent), then the PGA is the way to go. If you want a fast track to becoming a qualified (full time) highly respected instructor that is focused on a life long career, then the PGTAA is the best and most affordable option.