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  1. You could also make a reverse pivot...without rhythm !!! or a bad putt...without rhythm...or a bad pitch shot....without rhythm...etc...etc...even a persons heart beat has natural rhythm....if that consistency is interrupted than that must be corrected first or the patient will die....no matter how good the doctor might be !!!!
  2. Hi...it's going to take some time and a total rearrangement of what we have thought, and have been taught.. for years.... to help us understand how the body moves in conjunction with our own individual, natural rhythmic motion, to produce our most efficient, effective and repeatable, golf swing. As a student of the game and a professional caddie for years, I have had the opportunity to see the best players in the world work their magic around a golf course, and witnessed unbelievably bad rounds as well....I'm convinced that the difference between a great and.... not so great round... is rhythm. I'm convinced that a golfer must get in touch with the... unhurried natural gate... that he or she walks or carries themselves off the golf course.... that dictates the tempo that any shot...from driver to putter...must be disciplined to. If anyone that wants to get really consistent at Golf, and I know this sounds simplistic and not much fun....but.... set a metronome to 60 beats a minute and swing back...or to the top.... on the first beat ....then through to the finish... or to the finish or the top of the forward swing....not at the golf ball... on the second beat !!! This means that 1 beat is the top of the back swing....and the 2 beat is the top ...or finish....of the forward swing.! Don't worry if it goes off line in the beginning.....just look at the consistency of the strike....believe me from there you can adjust the club path and ball flight !!!! But without a constant rhythm....there is....never....ever....a real chance for improvement !!!
  3. excellent golf ..... if your at the course that has the clowns and windmills you still have to hit the shots to score that well....that is outstanding golf by any measure...I'm convinced that if someone plays the club they have the most confidence in and has the discipline to stay with that strategy for 18 holes...they will score consistently better.....great round ...keep it up.... super...super...golf !!!!
  4. May I please submit that measuring Pro golfers by wins... only... is missing the mark a bit....it's more about cashing as big a check as you can each week when you play for a living....the wins come if you keep playing well and putting yourself in position to possibly win.....this is a great player we're talking about and I myself would not want to tee it up against Him for a $50 nassau..automatic two down presses... just an opinion.....but that opinion should save me about $ 1500.00 bucks.....very steady .... super talented....go for broke...professional .... golfer !!! Over or under rated i respectfully...submit...depends on the standards we apply....great topic !!!
  5. As someone that had the pleasure of knowing Lee on the golf course at LaCosta as a pro caddy and being with him as we he worked his way around the golf course....i can assure the entire golfing public....if Lee Trevino tells you it's raining...you can get an umbrella....This man has integrity...honesty...commitment...talent...and is a true human being...it doesn't come any better than...Super Mex...God bless you Lee.....and thanks for the memories....
  6. I respectfully suggest that there is not a score + or - until a golfer has finished 18 holes...we all start out with par and we perform each shot....one at a time...as best we can and add it up at the end......it's just the single golfer and the golf course is our only competitor...maybe we shouldn't worry about score during a round....and remember we are not defined by that rounds numbers until we finish the round..... 18 holes.... that's what each golfer is measured by at the end of the day...how well we performed our task against par....hope this helps and congratulations on what appears to be some great rounds of golf...........this might seem easier said than done... but I'm convinced that should be a golfers goal....par or better or worse is the final standard all of us are measured by....
  7. I agree with that....but a 16.5 to a 14.5 in 27yrs across the board is what I'm talking about...not a specific individual index.... I'm sorry if you took that part out of context within the general comment...that's your business...not mine...interesting though that that's is what caught your attention.
  8. Then give me some different numbers......are you saying you know more than the stats gathered by golf Digest ? See this is what happens..someone can't refute facts so they just declare B.S.....because the facts totally eliminate their credentials......again I'm wondering who is suffering with B.S. here.
  9. Golf Digest 2018, itself has admitted that the average 16.5 has only gone down to 14.5 in the last 27 yrs if you think that's a lot then I must respectfully say I'm not really convinced about who is struggling with misconception.here.
  10. I'm convinced that there is a reason handicaps and scoring averages have changed.... very little.......... for decades. I must respectively submit that it is the way that the so called perfect PGA method has hijacked the game of Golf and egotistically refused to take responsibility for their part in it. The history of Golf Champions have varied their methods as to their style and would not even been able to make contact with the golf ball if they had been confined to positions and comparisons to another player. When video came into practice it sent the game of golf back to the stone age. I must respectively say that it's becoming abundantly clear to the golfing public ...that....there is no incentive for a PGA instructor to teach anyone how to play golf.....because...that idea would not be financially rewarding to the instructor.....this complicated endlessly critical examination of every possible tangent of a circle....reduced to a stagnant sterile position... frozen in time... as it is being dynamically performed in a fluid motion.....is not only silly and unrepeatable....but also...killing golf.....tell a kid to take his thumbs and make an circle around him or her self on balance and you'll be amazed how little a golfer needs to know about a professional golf swing...
  11. Let's see if Dustin will average 305yds at 75 yrs old like Mike and then the comparison might convince me that Mike was only.....some what correct....LOL.....Mike Austin was never shacking His head as to what happened on a bad golf shot...he absolutely understood what a ball did... what it did... when it did it.....I'm amazed at today's so called top players when they look like a deer in the headlights .....totally confused about the situation they themselves caused and created...then play the victim ...like it's always something or someone else that caused their demise...Mike always was very careful to explain "just because you know it...doesn't mean you can do it." but....Mike could and did !!!!
  12. That's because in Mike's day there was very little money on tour....he made way!!!! more money staying home hustling mobsters and suckers then the tour players were making....no need to travel....they all came to him !!! If you take a look at Mikes educational degrees and especially the kinesthetics and engineering degrees he holds.. then you can understand why he was ahead of his time in the 50's and why he still is ahead of His time today. The golf teaching industry is just beginning to catch up to what Mike has been teaching for decades. When Hogan wanted to come back from his accident....he took lessons from Mike in L.A. hope this answers you questions...
  13. The PGA has it's place in golf. However the instructional part of the PGA course is only 10 percent. The rest is how to run a pro shop, marketing, tournament organization, agronomy, club fitting and repair, golf cart things. In other words how to run a full facility including driving range and pro shop operations. The PGTAA concentrates on instruction only and has a player ability test that is more reasonable and realistic. The curriculum is based on learning how to teach, knowing how to teach, and understanding the faults and cures of individual swings, not a (one swing fits all) idea that the PGA thinks is the whole answer for everyone. If you want to run a golf facility and spend very little time as an instructor ( maybe 10 percent), then the PGA is the way to go. If you want a fast track to becoming a qualified (full time) highly respected instructor that is focused on a life long career, then the PGTAA is the best and most affordable option.
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