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  1. Fatting the ball with irons?

    Yesterday at the range I took close attention to where my divots were in relation to the ball and they were definitely in front of the ball. Also, I'm hitting my 7 irons at least 180 yards on a solid strike, but in taking pretty large divots everytime I do so.
  2. Weight distribution

    You won't be able to see his weight shift until the moment right before he begins his take back. But I will try out how an equal weight distribution will feel today at the range. I think I put too much weight on my toes.
  3. Weight distribution

    I've been browsing around and looking at many professional golfers on youtube. I came across one of Justin Rose's videos and I fell in love with his simple, smooth swing. I was watching a swing analysis of Justin Rose and during this video he talked about how Rose would lean back slightly into his heel before beginning his take back I was wondering if it would be a good thing for me to consider putting into my swing. I have a rather long neck and I feel like I gain a lot more stability when slightly leaning back as Justin Rose did. Any thoughts?
  4. Fatting the ball with irons?

    I guess I'm just going to have to practice this more at the range... or maybe ill get over making divots all over my range.
  5. Fatting the ball with irons?

    I just don't see how they can hit it off the deck with an iron without making a divot. If they are hitting down on the ball, how do you manage to pick the club back up before it touches the floor. They just seem like they hit it so much cleaner.
  6. Hi, I've been going to range a lot more often lately and focusing on my irons a lot. Every time I hit with my irons, I make a decently sized divot (3-5 inches). I feel like I'm doing something wrong. My ball flight does not seem that bad, but I just feel like I shouldn't be hitting the ground so much. I understand that you are supposed to first hit the ball then the ground, but I think I hit too much grass up every time. When I see some pro's play, they are able to hit their iron's off the fairway without even making a divot and still making their ball fly high in the air. I've been trying to figure it out but I just can't seem to solve it. Hopefully someone can explain this to me! Thank you for your time and help!