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  1. The XR pro hybrid, imho, has a very small head. Looking at the hybrid hibore I have.. i'd say it is more of a shortened 5 wood. It does not have the same ball flight, but it goes much further than an iron.
  2. I did that. That is why the s300 shaft was way too heavy for me. So I went ahead with the Tour V-90 stiff.. and I do notice the lighter shaft. So I am currently looking to upgrade my Callaway X-tour x-stiff 15 degree for something more playable. I tried the XR pro but it felt a little too heavy with the Project 6.0 Stiff (75 gr)
  3. I currently play a Cleveland Hybrid Hibore stiff from late 2006, early 2007. Do you guys recommend to upgrade this club to a 2015 model? I just went from X20 tour iron set with S300 to a XR pro with KBS Tour V-90 Stiff shaft.. But i don't want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading rather becuase I will benefit from doing so... I am open for suggestion guys!
  4. The current shat on the clubs I want to buy is the KBS TOUR v-90 which I think it is very different from my DG S300.
  5. Guys, I Need advice. I am currently playing X20 tours with s300 shafts. I am looking to migrate to XR pro but now KBS shafts are on most callaway sets! What KBS shaft is comparable to my S300?! I was looking at the Tour Tapered-c or project X 5.5! but not sure! Your input is much appreciated, thanks!
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