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  1. I get that it is true that the ball is hit at different points in the "C" depending upon the club. What I'm wondering is, what creates the higher "C" with a wood or driver that allows the club to clear the ground at the bottom? If the swings were absolutely identical, after all, the bottom of the C would catch turf every time. Obviously that isn't true, and there must be some physical reason for it. Is it the greater axis tilt? Something else?
  2. Sorry for all the questions! I hope that as I get better I can contribute more and ask less. My understanding that a proper swing with an iron will come down on the ball, while I proper swing off the tee with a driver or woods will come "up" on the ball (or at least will come down on the ball at a much lower rate). Is the placement of the ball at setup the only thing that creates this difference? Or is there something in the swing itself that should be different? A related question is this: if a "driver swing" and an "iron swing" are basically the same except that the ball is further forward
  3. Nice. I'll try it when I go to the range, hopefully tomorrow.
  4. Thanks everyone. This is becoming a very expensive hobby.
  5. If taking the occasional divot with my driver is causing this, then I'm going to break a club a month for the rest of the time I play this game.
  6. This definitely isn't anger related. I was actually pretty happy with how the range session was going, all things considered. And then THWACK.
  7. I've been playing for about three months now, and in that time I've managed to break three clubs, all 3 woods. The first was a new TaylorMade club that broke about five days after I purchased it. The clubhead went flying onto the driving range and I never got it back, so that was about $200 wasted. I bought a refurbished Ping next. That club broke in the middle of a class on driving, but I at least got the clubhead back on that one, and Ping was nice enough to send a replacement shaft. Now this morning I've broken that replacement shaft. Is there something about my swing that could cause
  8. Snuck in six holes this morning. Things aren't all bad. Started off with an honest double bogey, double bogey, bogey, triple bogey, which for me is great. Usually ball striking is my main problem, but for the first few holes it was short game and putting, which is fine. I actually overhit three greens in the first five holes, which never happens for me and says I'm getting more distance on my irons in real game conditions. Was going to play nine but things started to fall apart on me and I decided to quit while I still felt good about things. This is the first time I've gone out and felt li
  9. I just took up golf about two months ago. Unfortunately, I find that I'm drowning in information. It seems like I do absolutely everything wrong, and "fixing" one thing only creates three or four more problems. If I go to the driving range and hit 50 balls, I'll make solid contact with maybe 10 of them. I'm reasonably young (29) and have played sports all my life but I can't only hit my 3 wood past 160 yards or so. My five iron goes only a little less. All this is very discouraging. I've started taking lessons but, again, the info I get there seems to contradict what I see elsewhere. Fo
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