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  1. ncarlsongolf

    2017 Sony Open

    I think he will fare OK. He is going to struggle putting there because everyone struggles to putt well there. The greens are tough to read (grain, mostly). I hope he does go side saddle and get people talking!
  2. ncarlsongolf

    Caddies Become Announcers at Next PGA Tour Stop

    I would pay to watch Bones and Stevie call some golf. That would be awesome to get those two in a room together and let them call some golf.
  3. ncarlsongolf

    Fizzy Golf Balls

    Its the sound of pure magic taking place between the ball and the club.
  4. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    Ok I will continue here, there is much written at length on this topic. Different putter styles "tend" to fit better for certain strokes. I have included this... There are three generalized styles of putting stroke. Straight back, straight through: The putter moves in a straight line away from the ball and straight through the ball. Minimum Arc: There’s a slight arc to the path of the putter head with minimal face rotation. Lots of arc and face rotation: The putter head moves with a noticeable arc and plenty of face rotation. Golfers who have an arc to their stroke with more face rotation usually prefer or fit into toe-weighted or heel-shafted putters. This gives them more control over face angle at impact. Golfers with less arc and face rotation generally fit into a plumber’s neck model putter. These putters generally suit strokes with minimal arc and face rotation. Golfers who like the feel of a “straight-back, straight-through” stroke tend to favor a face-balanced putter. This is a generalized comment, because sometimes different putters feel and perform better to these golfers. Ultimately, the putter should feel comfortable and very natural throughout the stroke. It should also feel very easy to line up to the target. So you are telling me that all of these findings are just wrong? Or that it doesn't matter very much? I agree alignment matter and lining up is maybe the most important. However, if you have the wrong putter for your stroke you are never going to feel very confident with your putter. I don't see how you can just say no to that. Anyone else have thoughts?
  5. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    Id certainly like to hear your thoughts further on this because I am not saying your wrong, I have just never heard the argument the other way. I am under the assumptions and thought that it is very proven. But would like to talk outside of this more.
  6. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    I don't have specific examples, but I know Stan Utley goes into this in The Art of Putting. I don't know that I would call that circumstantial. Certainly his book is his opinion and whats written are certainly his beliefs, but I will take his opinion as it holds some water in my book.
  7. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    I am sorry I disagree. A toe weighted putter is going to allow a stroke that opens and closes to swing more freely. Its been proven that players like Tiger and Phil who have those type of strokes use those putters because they are designed for their strokes. Would they still be good players and good putters with a mallet sure, but they wouldn't be using equipment best suited for them. It would be like a player that uses 2 degree flat clubs buying something off the rack. Sure, they will hit some good shots but they wouldn't reach their full potential without the clubs made to enhance their game. I do agree there is more to putting and picking a putter but picking something face balanced or toe weighted certainly matters and is not outdated old crutch.
  8. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    The weighting of the different putters does lend itself to different strokes though.
  9. ncarlsongolf

    Switching from a mallet putter to a blade...

    I think finding the right putter is all about feel and different styles lend themselves to different strokes. If you see putts start going in you will know that you are lined up. Start with a couple alignment drills, with alignment sticks. https://brianpenn.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/fabulous-putting-drill/ But if you are used to seeing one type of putter it is going to be a while before you adjust to knowing you are aimed correctly. Secondly, check if your stroke is more of an arc (Which lends itself to blades) or more straight back and straight through (which lends itself to mallets) and that should help you feel more comfortable with the putter you have selected.
  10. ncarlsongolf

    Why won't they take steps to improve?

    I think this happens for a couple of reasons. Without knowing the person I would say it is either because they are. A) Too scared and stuck in their patterns to change. Its a mental thing, but people can be very worried about never fully changing ruining what game they think they have B) They are fully OK with just enjoying the game at the mediocre level they are at. They don't but a lot of new equipment and don't strive to get any better they enjoy the camaraderie and fun the game provides for them. Either way, getting lessons is not something that can be forced upon someone and neither can advice. If something is not wanting to hear your advice you should take notice and stop offering up all the tips that you know can improve them. Wait for him to come ask your opinion on something.
  11. ncarlsongolf

    Excuses Given to You When Suggesting Pairing Up

    I always hear business meetings happening and the refuse to let a single join up, I guess so they do not hear sensitive information. I think that is silly but I hear that most often.
  12. ncarlsongolf

    What does dynamic mean

    Dynamic always meant Fluid to me. Swing looking jerky or forced, be more dynamic. It does have multiple definitions when it is applied to the golf swing.
  13. ncarlsongolf

    Anybody carry two drivers?

    I personally think it is wasting 7% of your bag. Having a driver and 3W is a great thing to have for differing length shots. But having two drivers is not a useful thing in my opinion. If you have one that draws most of the time line up down the right side of the fairway and hit it. You would be putting a club in your bag for maybe 2-3 shots per round. That doesn't make much sense to me I would always rather have another scoring club in my bag.
  14. The parody throughout golf is so much better than it had been for a long time. I am very happy about the state of the game!
  15. ncarlsongolf

    ESPN Sport Science: Jordan Spieth's Putting

    This is very interesting to read. I appreciate the posting!

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