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  1. So I just messaged a guy on craigslist about a titleist 913D2 driver with an Oban shaft in it (which I looked up, and new it was $300), a titleist 910f wood, and a ping bag. I was texting him and asked if he would do $60 for the driver (I was lowballing a little there, tight on cash), and he said no. I said sorry I'll probably look around a little more. He then proceeds to call me and says he'd do $90 for the driver, the bag (which is in decent condition) and the fairway wood. The guy sounds like an absolute brick, and I'm thinking that he maybe just needs money now. Does this sound like it may be some sort of scam or something? I'm a little hesitant to drop $90 just in case the driver and fairway wood are fake. What do you all think?
  2. Just in case anyone is interested, I got fitted for some PING i irons today!! Approximately 10 days until they come in.. can't wait Also, I hit like absolute poo today.. could that have possibly messed with my fitting? I'm 6'1", got fitted for x-stiff, Ping AWT 2.0 shafts, 3* upright. I was shocked by the upright, but it on the board with the tape on the ground I was bouncing off the toe first every time.
  3. The biggest thing for you is to keep golfing!! I am newer to golfing as well, coming from a baseball background. I absolutely sucked right away. I just continued to play and watched youtube instructional videos! Biggest thing that helped me with my own swing (which is still a tremendous work in progress) is hitting down on the ball with irons and taking a divot *after* the impact of the ball. Some great youtubers I'd highly recommend watching are meandmygolf, rick shiels pga, and mark crossfield. Don't get discouraged! As you continue to just hit balls, you'll naturally get better to the point where some of the fine tuning tips a lot of the golf wizards on here give will be more applicable and make more sense. Best of luck and happy golfing!
  4. So I just found a guy on Craigslist selling 714 Ap2's standard length, lie, etc. with upgraded stiff shafts (I typically swing somewhere in between stiff or x-stiff). His son is 5'9" so everything is standard, but I'm 6'1" so a standard club probably wouldn't be perfect for me. The thing is that he's selling the irons to me for $350 3-P because he has empathy on me for being a college student (the irons are his son's who plays college golf, so the irons will have a couple seasons of wear). Any input as far as if I should do this instead of going with the fitted Ping i irons for $750 4-P?
  5. So is the general consensus that even at my skill level it is still worth getting fitted for irons?
  6. Anybody else have any opinions or insight on this?
  7. Is it likely that if I get fitted now, after having only a few years of playing golf, and about 1 year seriously that my swing will still change enough that the clubs that are fitted to me now won't be a few years down the road? Or is a fitting primarily based around your leverages and limb length/height?
  8. Thanks! Well look up a pic of Adams a3os if you don't know what they look like. They're the fattest iron I've ever seen and I only have 6-p. I would say I feel that it's mostly that I want new irons to improve my game as well as the fact that it will likely make golf even more fun playing with irons that are new to me.
  9. Well I don't exactly know how "grooved" my swing is. I would think that a good HCP and a well grooved consistent swing would go hand in hand, because being good at golf seems to lie in consistency. I do mishit often. I shank, I hit balls thin and fat from times, my swing is a work in progress (and I anticipate it always will be). I recently have been working on better weight transfer and also have been working on shallowing out my swing as it's a bit too steep now. I'm sure my swing will change over the years as I'm 21 right now and new to golf (coming from baseball) so would getting fitted for clubs be an exercise in futility?
  10. Good to know. Thanks all. Is it important at my stage of golf to be fitted for irons? If so, I think that dropping cash on these Ping irons is my best course of action (correct me if wrong). But, if it's not that important for a mid handicapper, I'll probably just wait till the middle of winter here in Minnesota to buy some used irons for cheap off Craigslist. Thoughts?
  11. Well I'm a college student so of course I don't have a lot of extra cash floating around, but I really do love golf. I guess I could do better at rephrasing my concerns/thoughts. 1) It's September. Will Ping irons get cheaper during the offseason/a new model come out and drive the Ping i series (for those who asked, it's the new 2016 model. Just i, no numbers, as in the ping g or ping g max) downwards? 2) Is it really that important to get fitted for clubs? I'm 6'1" and hit my 7 consistently 190 sometimes 200 or 180 depending on how well I'm striking the ball that day. I swing an x-stiff shaft or stiff shaft. I can find some Titleist Ap2's for example which I really like and I hit well at 2nd swing for much cheaper on craigslist (because they're used) but they won't of course be fitted to me, and it doesn't seem worth it to buy clubs used and then pay the fat premium at golf smith or golf galaxy to get clubs fitted to you that weren't bought there. Also, thank you all so much for your replies! In response to StefanUrkel, that's hurtful, but it is true. I'm not the guy who thinks he has to buy the most expensive and top of the line club to play golf well. I just hit them well, I think they're gorgeous, and I'm currently hitting Adams A3OS irons from the stone age that make me puke in my mouth a little every time I look down on them. I said 3-9 because I love Titleist vokey wedges and can find those for really cheap on craigslist (~30 for Sm5's in good condition). I absolutely can't hit my 3f wood and I've hit my buddy's titleist 2 driving iron and my Dad's Wilson (not sure edition but they're about as skinny as a blade gets) 3i well. So, I'd rather buy an iron that feels better and I'm confident with. I've found with my swing confidence is so huge. I seem to hit a thinner iron better just because I can't bear the sight of the really chunky irons.
  12. So I have a connection to a Ping golf pro here in Minnesota and I hit some ping I series irons and LOVED them. I think they're typically around 120 a club, and he'll sell them to me for 100 a club. So, 3-9 would end up being around $740 when taxes are finished. This would include a custom fitting. Is this a good enough deal I need to jump on it? I don't have a lot of money that I want to blow on clubs, but I really would like to get something nice. I have been looking on craigslist without much success, and then if I do so the clubs won't be fitted to me. What should I do? Is it worth biting the bullet and purchasing an expensive (for me) set of custom clubs? Or would I be better off with some used clubs that aren't fitted. I've been seriously golfing for around a year and my handicap has dropped from 35+ to 12-18 range. Thanks for the replies, Sam
  13. I went to Austad's golf today and swung some irons as I'm in the market to get some. My WtF said I should be swinging +1/2 and my clubhead speed said I should swing either stiff or x-stiff. I've been looking all over craigslist and ebay for a set of Ap1's or Ping G's that are affordable. How important is it to get clubs that fit perfectly? I'm just wondering if I need to look for some shafts that are 1/2 longer than standard, or if I would just adapt and see no difference. One thing I did notice was that my clubhead speed seemed to be significantly higher with the 1/2 longer Ping G's versus the Standard length AP1's. Also, I found a set of Ping G's that are 1/2 longer than standard, but the lie angle is 3 degrees upright. Will this different lie angle affect my play? I realize there's a lot of hypotheticals and that it's preference, but what would you advise? Thanks!
  14. Does anyone have any input on this, or big things that could be contributing to my plight?
  15. As requested, here's my grip. I interlock and can typically see (on my left hand) my index knuckle, middle finger knuckle, and occasionally ring finger. That "V" from my index and thumb points towards my left shoulder. On my right hand the "V" points towards my chest/right shoulder. Usually I can only see my index finger knuckle and sometimes middle finger knuckle. Just went out golfing today, and it was more of the same. I push and slice my driver, and push my irons. :( What does this mean? Haha. I'm not sure which rotation you're referring to. Also, here's a screenshot from one of the videos. To me (uneducated towards golf) it looks like maybe my hands are too fast and the club head is lagging behind. Looks to me like the club face is open which is why I'm pushing everything. Yes/No?
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