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  1. After doing a little online research it seems that I was wrong on the driver length, I believe it is 45.00" What I mean by solid is that I am quite sure of the carry figures I have listed for most of these clubs. While there is definitely some variation, for the most part when hitting a club the right way (which doesn't always happen) it should go about that far. So the reason I am not a better handicap is because of a few things, namely accuracy, putting, and consistency with hitting shots. At this time I can hit a driver 250, but do I do it a majority of the time? Probably not, so that is w
  2. Yeah the 47 just so happens to be the lowest loft they offer for the tour s wedge, preferably I could get it bent to 48, that is really the ideal loft. Other then the 47 wedge I have hit all of these, some more then others. Thinking this will be a good setup for a guy like me who plays pretty consistently in the summer months, but doesn't need to blow a bunch of money on super high end and new equipment. Most of these clubs are at least a few years old which is something I kind of like, it keeps the cost down compared to new clubs. The carry distances I have are relatively solid, but I'm wond
  3. I am new here to the forum, and just mapped out my idea of what I want to do with my clubs. Golf Club Make Model Loft Length Carry (yards) Range (yards) Driver Tec + Matrix 10.5° 42.50” 250 250+ 3 Wood PING i3 14.0° 43.00” 225 225-250 3 Hybrid TaylorMadeJetSpeed 19.0° 40.00” 210 200-220 4 Iron
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