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  1. well thanks all of you that replied the thread,actually my first target is i can swing correctly and little bit forgetting the distance and when my golf is good,my target is to gain the distance and speed,yes my hips not turn on because when i start the golf and i got a sick for a month and also teach by lot of pros that makes me got overload information
  2. actually I'm 22 years old because my hips sometimes not turn on
  3. hello my name is bima I'm from indonesia nice to meet you all and i just start to play golf 2 moths and half with my pro teacher i hope this forum make my knowledge about golf is more further thanks
  4. hello im a new member here in this forum i want to ask you question,i just learn golf about 2 and half a month everyday in driving range with my pro teacher and this is my average diastase for each club driver:200 metrewood 3 150-180 metrerescue 4 150 metrerescue 5 130 metrerescue 6 120 metreiron5/6 110 meter-120 metreiron 7 115 metreiron 8 dan 9 105 metresw 85 metreA 95 metrepitching 105 metre and i have a problem 1.is my distance is usually normal for average player,distance each club 2.i got my swing feeling but why sometimes i got chicken wing and my shot not era;;y straight but little bit
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