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  1. Namaste!

    There are 4 golf courses over here. Two 18 hole courses and two 9 hole courses. One of the nine hole courses, called Island Grounds, sits next to the Marina Beach. It's a links course, so there's a lot of wind, sometimes touching 30-40 miles per hour. It plays like a typical British links course. Very challenging and unfriendly for a short-hitter. The other three namely Cosmopolitan-TNGF Club, Madras Race Club and the Army Golf Course are inland but still get a fair amount of wind although not as much as the Island Grounds course.
  2. Namaste!

    Hi all! Greetings from Chennai , India. I'm a 24 year old weekend golfer, carrying an 8 handicap. This site seems to be interesting. Cheers!
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a stock broker.