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  1. So this past weekend I played with the two partners of the firm I work for, and one of our clients. The senior partner is 3 handicap and he is incredibly intelligent. He is about 52ish and I am 23, and have a ton of respect for him. Anyway, I am still learning the game (played for 1.5 yrs), but am fairly athletic and have taken some lessons and I usually shoot in the mid 90s. I get up to the first tee and hit the worst drive I have hit in about 6 months, then hit a couple decent hybrid shots and then I did something I haven't done since the first week I started. I shanked an 8 iron (favorit
  2. OH! I get it. I am slow in the mornings. I read it like five times trying to figure it out. Thanks.
  3. I am a 19.1, but I was a beginner (shot b/t 110-120) using SGI then switched to just GI (MX200). I have way more confidence with my current irons because the SGI irons felt like I was swinging a brick. I had no precision, and I am just getting better in general so it isn't all the clubs. I haven't played in probably 2 months, but my swing is way better than it was two months ago I just need to tighten up my short game and I know I will start shooting a lot lower scores. I plan on having my current irons for a long time, I love them.
  4. I sole the putter on the ground and then right before my takeaway I hover the putter for two reasons. 1) So I don't use the ground as a crutch and not make a pure balanced swing, and 2) so I get a good clean takeaway every time without catching a little grass and throwing off my motion.
  5. - be as confident with 4, 5, and 6 iron as I am with my short irons - break 90 for first time (best so far is 91) - shoot below 95 a majority of the time - every swing to be balanced, controlled, and smooth (tough I know, but a goal nonetheless) - become lights-out with my putter
  6. I know very little about the S&T; swing but what I have seen shows keeping the weight on the front side which would suggest that the front heel should not be raised even if it could be. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the S&T; will comment.
  7. I had thought about that since I have confidence now at specific distances I really need to know specific yardages. The courses I play don't always offer the greatest yardage markers and even if there is one I still feel like the variance could be rather high, if I really get dialed in. How critical is it to have a gps or rangefinder, at least for 100yds and in? BTW, I now have really solid numbers for my SW & GW. I need a bigger space for the rest of the bag. Is it good to have 1/2 and 3/4 swing distances on all irons? So far I have: 56* 1/2 52yds 56* 3/4 85yds 56* full 96yds GW 1/2 58yds
  8. I am 6'4", but I learned to have a very flat swing after reading Hogan's book, and also fighting a bad slice when I was just a beginner, a year and a half ago. My one purpose for my swing at that time was to NOT slice... I over did it and developed an extremely flat inside swing. I no longer slice but I had a heck of a time with pushing the ball straight right because my hands got stuck behind me. I then learned to find a happy medium. I am starting to really enjoy having a swing that allows me to hit consistently decent shots. I steepened my swing slightly and I don't start my hands so far in
  9. Couldn't it be possible that the instructor is just trying to break a habit not necessarily suggesting a less than 30* hip turn? The OP may just need to get used to the feeling of slight tension required for a powerful unwinding during the downswing. If the teacher is a PGA pro I would caution questioning his teaching with only a tiny fraction of information. Also, it sounds like you have a relatively flat swing. It is harder to keep the hips from turning too much the flatter the swing is, IMO.
  10. Today I was able to have just enough time to get two distances nailed down. 56* full and 3/4 swings. My smooth full swing with my 56 averaged 96yds, and my 3/4 averaged 85yds. My yard is about 350ft long (2 acres) all mowed and flat so I used a measuring wheel after hitting about 20 shots each time. I am really excited about knowing for sure what to expect, now I think I will be able to play much more strategically once I go through the whole bag like this. Also these are carry yards because my yard is soft right now and every shot either plugged or backed up a few feet. Thanks again for the s
  11. What do you think the clubhead speed is at impact in the video iacas linked? 100mph? Just curious, he seems to have a powerful swing. So IF the clubhead is traveling ~100mph then at impact it looks like it is traveling about 2-2.5ft or so between frames right before impact. I think your math logic is sound.
  12. The 240 fps quality is not that bad looking from the videos I have seen. I would like to see what it looks like capturing a club traveling 85-100 mph though. Would it be possible/better to shoot the swing at 1080p 60fps and then slow it down using software? I have only seen my swing on a cell phone video camera so I am excited to for some quality video of it. Is the TMO guy still doing swing analysis? I have watched all of the posted videos and really enjoy them.
  13. I just bought a Sanyo VPC-FH1a for $405 off amazon. It takes 1080p @ 60fps and also will do 60fps slow mo, 240 fps slow mo, and a ridiculous 600fps slow mo. I can't wait to get it. It is actually a Christmas gift for my wife, but I might borrow it. ;)
  14. That is what I was looking for! That sounds very logical and accurate. I am a numbers guy (accountant) and this actually sounds like a blast. Thanks.
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