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  1. I can appreciate the need for more conservatives in Komierado but after 30+ years (native born) here and after enduring the wave of worthless people moving in, hiking up rent, property values and flooding the Job market I'm simply done here. I grew up in wasteminster and now live in Saudi Aurora and work in Lakewood, I can't stand the worthless, self entitled, dirty and lazy people that have moved into the state, it's just not home anymore The flood of people won't stop till a more desirable state legalizes weed and then the housing and job bubble that has present itself will pop. I'm sure t
  2. Hi all!Just getting back into the swing after 3 years and two broken arms later. I just swung a club for the first time about four weeks ago and have been hitting the range at least 3+ times a week since, God I love this game! I broke my arms just when I was starting to play regularly (not well but better than I'am now ), so I'm basically starting from scratch. To be perfectly honest I think that it's better this way because I don't remember any bad habits I had lol. A bit more about me is I work in IT, I'm a credentialed pistol instructor getting back into teaching again and I sit on staff f
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