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  1. Just back from two full buckets at the range. I decided to pick back up on an overall swing philosophy I have tried before but did not give it a true test. I'm sure some of you have or have seen Shawn Clement's DVD's. I took them out recently as I was searching for anything to shake things up to purge the over the top demon that possesses me. Last looked at them six or seven years ago. I am a fast paced person which ain't so good for my game (think quick from the top). I really like the idea of a more gravity based swing, keeps my rhythm much smoother. I tried beginning the take away with my shoulders/chest and once I hit the top, pausing for the momentum shift and letting the left side lead the charge on the down swing. My practice swings felt great, real swing not so much. I stood there thinking, "what is the difference between my practice swing and my real swing"?. Compared for a while and finally noticed as soon as I addressed the ball my grip got a bit more tight. Not a lot but I could feel my forearm muscles tense just a bit, they didn't in my practice swing. So for a bucket and a half I hit with a very relaxed grip and gravity swing. As soon as I let my arms dictate any part of the downswing, it was a bad outcome. Got to say it felt very good. Loved the ball flight and a bonus is my body felt like I hit maybe a half bucket. I'm thinking Tom Watson when I try to get a visual of a pro that has that type swing. Surely this swing thought number 838 with be the major change I need to drop a few strokes! That's crazy alfriday, we posted about the same time about the instructor!
  2. I'm 58, been playing since I was 38. Like a lot of us, I was a good weekend athlete, played all the usual sports in my youth. Golf was just the next one in line as I got too old for city league basketball, softball and flag football. Took five years for me to realize this ain't like the other sports. I wasn't used being the least talented in any group, now it was the norm. I'm over it now, but it was beyond frustrating in the early years. I had one major flaw I could not shake and still can't to this day. After a year or so I got past the goal of breaking 100, then a couple more years breaking 90. Now I'm the typical 13-15 handicap. For the last ten years I've spent more time on YouTube, lessons with instructors and just experimenting on my own to rid myself of the horrible affliction of "coming over the top" than you can imagine. For those not cursed with this disorder, you can't appreciate a well struck ball flying straight as an arrow landing flag high but twenty yards left. I know all the so called "fixes" because I have tried them all. Some more than others. I have them written down and came up with twelve coming from respected instructors. At what point do you just say screw it, that is just the way it is. My current fix that has served me the best is leading my downswing with a very strong left side (knee/hip) lateral move. Cures it 37% of the time. Am I really destined to live with this for the remaining time I have left to play? Fixes that did not work or worked very little: 1) Reverse 8 - Jim Furyk 2) Hit ball to right field 3) Swing to spot in front/right of ball 4) Hit back/inside of ball 5) Point handle to right field on downswing 6) Hit a draw - which I cannot do 7) Keep wrist flat 8) Pause at the top, let club head drop 9) Right elbow tuck 10) Just swing to the target 11) Play ball further back in stance 12) Lead downswing with strong lateral knee/hip - current partial cure. Any advice or sympathy appreciated.
  3. Mine Gps Golf Guru is about 10 years old I think. Understand the company (from Austin, TX?) has been out of the GPS business for quite a few years. Mine still works just fine. Keep thinking whatever satellite agreement they have will expire one day. Anyone else have one?