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  1. Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    Anyone else play Golf Star?
  2. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    So my unscientific, but experiential take on this is - absolutely. I've played the same course on the same day at roughly the same time for the past four weeks - i'm trying like hell to break 80 on this course. I shot an 83, 80, 84 and this past week an 87. Correspondingly, they overseeded this past week and did not mow the greens for the previous two days which resulted in significantly slower greens. While I haven't been tracking GIR's, I will say with confidence that I hit at least as many if not more GIR's when I shot my 87 as when I shot the 80, but struggled all day to putt the ball to the hole and the breaks were different. I just couldn't make the adjustment, which resulted in significantly more putts per round, which of course must mean a slower round.
  3. Help Me Design a Basement Putting Green

    I'm impressed, and a bit inspired @iacas. Thank you for sharing the process and results. While your putting green is outstanding, and your choice of pictures excellent, as a former professional foosball player I question your table selection - please tell me that's not a Harvard . If I may, I recommend the Tornado - http://valley-dynamo.com/product/the/
  4. Which one would you take?

    Bogey free, without a doubt. My thought is that the answer is going to somewhat correspond with your skill level - for me, even if you give me 30 birdies I'm going to screw up enough on the remaining 42 holes to still shoot over par.
  5. I'd like to see the statistics broken down to front seat vs. rear seat passengers. In modern cars you almost have to put your seatbelt on, otherwise the warning sensor 'dings' endlessly - correct?
  6. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 43-37 +8 at Legends Golf Club on Saturday, definitely my best round since moving to Florida. Missed a three footer for par on 18 that would have given me the 79. Last week I shot an 84 on the same course with 7 pars and a birdie, but also 3 doubles and a triple, so I came back because I just knew I could get rid of those blow-up holes. Really pleased with the round. Full disclosure, however, in that I played from the white tees. I hit my 4 hybrid off of every tee except for one, and missed only 2 fairways.
  7. Don't text and drive folks

    I drive 45 minutes each way to work on interstates and see several people ... many people ... every day that just camp in a lane and watch their phone. I know for a fact that I've seen people watching shows, reading books, face timing, etc. There are times that I'll slow down and ride beside them for a ways and it's terrifying how long they go without even glancing up. I don't honk because I fear scaring them into doing something even dumber than what they are already doing. I've thought of taking pictures and writing some type of article about it - but of course taking pictures of them would make me just as guilty.
  8. I'm a shallow person, either would be an improvement over my own, and I don't like Sergio - so I picked Rahm's.
  9. Voted pre-shot. Personally, a comfortable and familiar routine, quieting my mind and focusing on key thoughts is what leads to repeatable muscle memory. But then I get to thinking about other sports - football, basketball, etc., and those professional athletes are hugely successful making amazing shots without any pre-shot routine. It's the fundamentals and perhaps follow-through - which is ... maybe ... more "post-shot. I'll stick with my vote though. While both are important, I'm no professional athlete and the lack of a pre-shot routine would be catastrophic to my game.
  10. I voted Yes I have a non-golfing friend that agreed to play a par 3 course with a group on us. Much drinkage of beer was involved. Dude bounces his tee shot off a tree, lands on the green and rolls into the hole. I play every week and have never had one. F him anyway.
  11. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    I wear a visor specifically because it keeps my head cooler, and also doesn't muss my beautiful locks ... but I have my own etiquette rule of removing my sunglasses before shaking hands. I prefer to look you in the eye when we shake, and would give you the same opportunity.
  12. Because I am most often a single golfer, I end up playing with a lot of senior golfers just because there are a lot of retiree's in my area. This past weekend a really nice gentleman told me how he bought these online, ended up not liking them more than his current set, so called the company to arrange a return. They offered to lower the price to $200, and then $100 dollars when he declined. He still sent them back. While this doesn't necessarily provide an accurate assessment of the club's performance, it does perhaps give an indication of the quality of work and materials used if they are willing to let them go for $100. Alternatively, they are awesome and perhaps the manufacturer just wants to get some out on the market for greater visibility. My guess is the former.
  13. Perhaps you give us too much credit?! How about this - While I do follow the etiquette rule of not standing along the extension of the line of putt, I will almost always try to find the opportunity to assess the line of an opponents putt (when it's similar to my own) prior to them striking it. Given the chance, I'll even squat behind it and give it a good look, and then closely watch the roll from the side. I've never been called out for it, but am I following acceptable etiquette when doing this?
  14. I would have written exactly this. Stay out of my way as I walk around the putt and assess the line, but I could care less if you were three feet directly behind me when I stroke it. Talking and joking around, on the other hand ...
  15. Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    I was driving along Washington Blvd (runs adjacent to the Pentagon) when the plane hit. Basically went right over my car. I promise you this was no conspiracy.

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