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  1. Eric C

    Joe LaCava (Tiger's Caddie) Pays Heckler to Leave

    Should have never, ever done it. Same reason you don't pay the kidnapper or terrorist. Come back to haunt golf, it will. I go back to what I said in the 'rude fans' thread - publish a code of conduct attendees agree to by virtue of purchasing their ticket, and then enforce it. Some people will get kicked out of tourneys and be butt hurt about it, but if the PGA Tour doesn't take the necessary steps to restore some decorum to the game now then it will never happen.
  2. Eric C

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    Play your handicap, not the ego. Think of winning your flight this year as practice for winning the championship flight, and most improved golfer, next year.
  3. Eric C

    "Rules" other players have told you

    Poorly. Granted, the guy I was playing with (and did not know) was an absolutely horrible golfer and had no business playing a second ball off the tee ... much less a third, but we weren't holding anyone up and it was, as you said, allowable within the rules. However, for the marshal to not know a basic rule of golf and to come bitch at us about it sort of set me off. In my own passive/aggressive way, I pulled out my rule book ala @DaveP043 and educated him at length about Rule 27-2.
  4. Eric C

    "Rules" other players have told you

    I had a marshal come up to us with the two provisional balls my partner had just hit in his hand. Apparently, you are only allowed to hit a single ball off the tee box.
  5. Eric C

    Your First Car

    First car I actually bought for myself was a '76 MGB, candy apple red that I bought from a shiester outside the gate of MCB Camp Lejeune in 1985. Loved that car, despite the fact that it took most of my pay to keep her running. Even had to get a part for the carburetor manufactured once. I do have to say, however, that the chicks dug the MGB.
  6. Eric C

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    These announcers are the worst. Snoozeville. I'm falling asleep sitting here at my desk! Never thought I'd find myself wanting to hear a stupid story from Faldo, and I'd even take Johnny Miller over these two cadavers. They add absolutely zero to the broadcast.
  7. Eric C

    Cheating in tournament

    My men's club includes a former very senior member of the armed services, super nice guy. I watched him do this same trick the first time I played with him. Couldn't believe it the first time I noticed it, but he did it every time he marked his ball. As former military myself, I found it horrifying and was embarrassed for him.
  8. Eric C

    Drone as Course Ranger

    This is a dumb idea. It takes a single marshal/ranger to roam the course and enforce the rules, and it takes a single person to fly the drone - where's the efficiency? Then, as @nevets88 mentioned, you still need to send someone out on the course when something goes awry. Of course, in my experience the rangers do little to enforce the rules and spend more time looking for golf balls ... but perhaps that's just the cheap-ass courses I play on ...
  9. Eric C


    I work from home sometimes, and am many times more productive there than in the office. I mostly do it when I have to pound something out like a budget or project plan. The keys for me are: My wife leaves me alone to do my work because she respects that this is how we pay our bills. If she did interrupt me a lot, I'd just find a gentle way to let her know that I need to focus. She's cool though, she gets it. I have a dedicated space with all of the technology set out so I don't have to jack around setting up monitors and crap each time. I have the same setup as in the office, and I basically plug my laptop and headset in and go. I stay as available as I would be in the office, I answer the phone immediately and I am sensitive to the need to communicate as effectively as possible with the people I work with. I have a door to this space. I take breaks and enjoy the time at home, and feed my wife and dogs some attention - it's good for both of us. If I take time out to run personal errands or have a two hour lunch I don't sweat it because I know I'm getting much more done than I would in the office. I wouldn't want to work from home all of the time, because I enjoy the company of my co-workers and the act of "going to work", but it's definitely a nice change of pace occasionally.
  10. I'd bet money that the kid didn't know what his dad meant, and there's a really good chance the father didn't either. It's like telling someone "keep your head down". Nonsensical advice. FWIW, the variation I always used to hear is "hammer the nail" and generally I think it refers to hitting down on the ball as opposed to sweeping it.
  11. Eric C

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I agree with both of these sentiments, but I'll still watch if for no other reason than to hear Phil talk shit ... plus they're two of my favorite players.
  12. Eric C

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Rejected and dejected. Yet again.
  13. I'm with you @Vinsk. Something about the guy just annoys the crap out of me ... I'm sure it's in part the announcers fault, but I'm tired of hearing about what a whiz-kid he is, and how he plays "a different game of golf", blah, blah, blah. He comes across arrogant as hell anytime I hear him speak, and frankly the cap bothers me. FWIW, I completely recognize how petty and shallow my opinions here are.
  14. Eric C

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Green-side chipping. Anything closer than 20 yards and I'm a mess. A big part of that is mental because I'm much better on the range / practicing. I lose way too many strokes this way.
  15. Eric C

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Got a new putter for my troubles - TM Ardmore 2. Love it! e

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