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  1. Eric C

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Got a new putter for my troubles - TM Ardmore 2. Love it! e
  2. Eric C

    Chicken Wings?

    Weirdly, Anthony's delivery pizza near where I live in podunk Groveland, Florida makes some of the best wings I've ever had that I didn't make myself. They have a great smokey flavor that really doesn't need any sauce. That said, and with no ego whatsoever (ok, maybe a small amount), I make the best wings that I've ever had. Further, anyone that has ever had my wings will tell you the same. There is no comparison. I use a secret ingredient that was passed on to me by a friend many years ago, I won't give it away, but it makes all the difference. I'll give this much away though, and say that any sauce for wings requires butter and honey to blend the ingredients and slow cooking them on the grill or smoker produces a much better flavor than deep frying or baking. My wings are also hotter than shit, and will probably give you the shits, but are so flavorable that you won't be able to stop eating them.
  3. Eric C

    Check It Out -- PDF of PGA Tour's 2017-18 Player Handbook

    This is fascinating, only part way through but a couple of things ... They get a money clip? WTH? "In addition, a player will receive a personal money clip. However, the money clip will not be recognized as a credential at PGA TOUR cosponsored events. If lost, a replacement money clip is available at a cost of $100." Please, please let a caddies wear a skort - "All caddies are required to wear solid-colored khaki-style long pants, which touch the top of the shoe, or solid-colored, knee-length tailored shorts or skorts, and a collared shirt while on club property."
  4. Eric C

    Music on the Course - When did this become a thing?

    I don't mind music on the course at all, though I'll rarely play it myself. Like @phillyk, I can tune it out when making my stroke. I also was surprised and found it interesting that it's contrary to the ROG - thanks @DaveP043. That said, clearly there's a market - have a look at this ridiculouness - The Puma one less so, but included only because it's marketed specifically to the golf segment: Sound Caddy Puma Golf
  5. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    I had been wanting to see The Red Sparrow since recently reading the book. It's a three part series by author Jason Matthews, I'm about half-way through the third book. A really good old time spy story based in modern times, written by a 33-year veteran of the CIA, with a sexy/hot main character named Dominika. Even the name exudes sex, and there's definitely some sex in both the book and the movie. She's a powerfully strong character with her own set of flaws and her own agenda matched up with her "handler", Nate Nash. Of course I made a mistake watching the movie after reading the book, and the movie completely failed to capture the essence of the story and left huge gaping holes in the plot. It completely left out huge components that make the story, well ... the story. My wife watched it with me, and without having read the book was completely lost and didn't like it at all. "Boring and full of holes", she said. A disappointing bogey, but well acted by Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton. Read the book if you like spy thrillers, well worth it ... and, weirdly, some good recipes if you like to cook. Watched Black Panther over the weekend, and would give it a Par. I know a lot of people really liked the movie a lot, and I guess I can understand why - lots of good action, well acted, and excellent special effects. I was just put off by the racial injustice bent of the story - found it unnecessary. Color me overly sensitive in these polarizing times. Still, you can never be sad when you get a par - it's a good score.
  6. Eric C

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    I lived there from '93 - '99, and had some great times at the tournament - it was indeed THE place to be. I went several years in a row, but don't remember actually watching any golf ... for my friends and I, it was all about hot chicks and the party in the tents. Good times!
  7. Eric C

    Denver area golf advice

    This thread is making me miss Denver! I moved to Florida about a year ago, and while I can't complain about the golf here I definitely miss Colorado and the extra 15 yards off the tee! Colorado also has 300 days of sun a year and I played year round, so pay no attention to @BuckeyeNut for he knows not of what he speaks. Like @DeadMan, I grew up playing Applewood but wouldn't recommend it for an out-of-towner. Fossil Trace is fun and always in great shape, but a bit gimmicky for my tastes. Arrowhead is over priced, but has amazing views and you'll see some wildlife for sure. I remember playing there as a kid when all they had for a clubhouse was a trailer. Fox Hollow is an excellent choice, and reasonably priced. Always well taken care of, fun elevation changes, and challenging without being ridiculous. Highly recommend it. West Woods is a fun course and well maintained, but as other's have mentioned it's not particularly special. My father was a member and I've played there quite a bit. Very reasonably priced. CommonGround is, in my opinion, the best tract in the Denver area. It hosts a lot of amateur events, and is really well set up. The greens are tough though! Someone else mentioned that it was expensive, but my recollection is that it was in the $60 range on the weekend which isn't that bad for what you get there. Kennedy GC, which I haven't seen mentioned so far, was my home course and go-to favorite. It's a city course, but has it's own water so it doesn't dry out during the dry summer months. Wellshire, which is nearby and also a city course, is fun but suffers during the summer heat. As a kid I killed a goose there on the 14th hole with my drive, then took out the windshield of a pink Cadillac that was driving by on the 16th - same round. I would not recommend Plum Creek as it has changed ownership several times and is not particularly well maintained. Just outside of Denver in Castle Rock you really need to play Red Hawk Ridge, The Club at Pradera, and most importantly The Ridge at Castle Pines. These three are all $100ish fees on the weekend, but top notch courses.
  8. Eric C

    Poor Lucas Glover

    So sad. I hope he realizes what his potential could be with a partner who was actually supportive. Her eyes in the booking photo make me think there's more to it than booze, but I'm no expert. What really struck me was the resemblance to another absolutely obnoxious person ...
  9. Eric C

    SCOTUS - States free to legalize sports betting

    I'm curious if this will bring back online poker, seems like this could effect that ban but I haven't heard any reference to it. I used to really enjoy playing Hold 'em on Full Tilt. Anyone know?
  10. Eric C

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    Wife and I are watching this. As a huge fan of the original as a kid I enjoy the parallels, but am equally frustrated by some of the ridiculousness. Without giving anything away, in what world would Parker Posey's character Dr. Smith not have been called out for all of the obvious crap she pulls. The mom is also pretty annoying. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the first season and they have limited time to set up all of the relevant characters ... Still fun to watch, and agree with the par rating. I have high hopes for the next season.
  11. Eric C

    2019 Masters Lottery

    I select the max tickets allowed for each day in hopes of increasing my odds, but am a bit weirded out by @nevets88's picture above where he didn't select any of the tourney days. I've read and re-read the instructions and am pretty sure that's ok.
  12. Eric C

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    Technically I have to say yes. I had good friends that lived on the 17th hole of a local course and on a few occasions we'd go out late at night after a few beers and huck a few balls into the green while drinking a few more beers. We were responsible enough - didn't make a bunch of noise, picked up our trash and repaired any divots. I didn't see anything wrong with it and would do it again, though of course it was trespassing.
  13. Eric C

    What Would You Do?

    Generally, given that your insurance company denied the claim, if the the golf courses insurance company wishes to pursue the claim it goes to a third party arbitrator who will investigate and make an independent/impartial decision. No need, IMO, to hire an attorney in this situation.
  14. Eric C

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Owch, that's just bad! The trailer is childish and not something that the average viewer would relate to ... i mean seriously, stop with the pop-up tweets and emojis! Barf. The slogan itself is boring, fails to evoke emotion, and is definitely a step back.

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