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  1. Puzzle Solving Thread

    7:23. My technique has improved. Maybe if I practiced my swing as much ....
  2. I bought a nice Ogio stand bag about 4 years ago, 14 way divider. I'm not a fan of my clubs banging against each other. After about 2 years the nylon sleeves that the clubs go through started tearing, I assume the friction of the clubs going in and out gradually degraded the material. So now the problem is that the material bunches up and tangles at the bottom of the bag, sometimes making it difficult to put the club back in. Also, sometimes when you pull the club out the whole nylon sleeve comes with it. I just haven't gotten around to replacing it, but I'm looking for something more durable.
  3. Puzzle Solving Thread

    I've done this same puzzle probably 50 times now (stress relief at work), and this is the fastest I've been able to manage. Anyway, it's gotta be time for a new puzzle ... @Zeph was the last winner with 3:34. No idea how you can even move all the pieces in that short a period of time.
  4. 2018 Honda Classic

    Duh ... he totally makes the cut! In fact, I'll go so far as to say he finishes top 10.
  5. The Films and Movies Thread

    That was a good watch, @iacas Watched American Made last night. I generally really like a good Tom Cruise movie, but this wasn't one of them. Pretty boring and slow. I'll give it a par.
  6. I did get out to Dubsdread on Saturday, and gotta say that it remains a personal favorite. I do agree the fairways are generally tight, but they are well maintained, as are the greens, and the course offers a forgivable challenge. I played with two really nice guys from out of town here on a golf trip, and we had a great time. At the restaurant I prefer burgers over bugers, but that's just me ...
  7. If I could find a way to mute only Nick Faldo, I'd pay good money for it.
  8. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to play it, and will look to give it a go when the Winter rates are gone.
  9. The Films and Movies Thread

    The wife and I watched Suicide Squad over the weekend. Morgot Robbie was fun (and hot) to watch as Harley Quinn, and Will Smith moderately amusing as Deadshot. Jared Leto was great as The Joker, but his character was so inconsequential and somewhat out of place that I kept wishing he played that role in one of the batman films instead. Generally a really bad movie with a dumb plot line and poorly directed action scenes. It was like walking away knowing you made a good bogey.
  10. Not the first person that has disagreed with me on this course! I get that it's no Celebration, but I like a good muni and when I moved to Orlando last year it was by far in the best shape compared to others I played. But I was a local rookie then, and I've since learned where to play. It's also a bit of a hike for me now, so I haven't been back in about 6 months, but now I'm thinking I might play it this weekend just to spite you.
  11. Puzzle Solving Thread

    I did last week's puzzle several times and never really seemed to get much better at it. 8:22 for this one. Seemed easier than others.
  12. Puzzle Solving Thread

    14:52. I struggled. Great picture!
  13. I'll second Celebration, it's a great track and in excellent shape. Also, I recently played Panther Lake for the first time and ended up enjoying Crooked Cat more. Interested in your thoughts after you play it. Dubsdread is another fun course, located near downtown Orlando. One of my favorites, always in great shape and has a great restaurant! I also like Stoneybrook West, but neither are "resort style". Probably my favorite resort course here has been Grand Cypress. I've played the "New" course twice now, but it's a links course modeled after the Old Course. They have three others that I hear are also amazing, and the customer service and amenities are top notch. Enjoy your trip, the weather is perfect right now!
  14. 2018 Bing Crosby (Pebble Beach) Discussion

    Most painful tourney of the year to watch. I'll catch some action on Sunday when I can avoid the celebs.
  15. 3 Wood Usage

    I think it depends on what your goals are, and your availability to get to a range to effectively work on it. If you're a playing pro, regularly play local tournaments, or even in a competitive men's league at your local club they you should probably put the effort in to figure it out. If you're out there having fun and just want to play good, consistent golf then by all means give it a rest. Other's here will tell you to get lessons, practice more, and identify and resolve the mechanical or mental piece that is holding you back. That's almost certainly the correct answer. I took all "woods" out of my bag for an entire season and hit nothing but a 4 hybrid off the tee. I've more recently introduced a 3W back in to the mix, and I'm smoking it.

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