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  1. Depends on whom I am playing with. With regular golf buddies I'm either keeping my mouth shut or making fun of you. If you're someone I don't know then I don't say a word. If you congratulate me on a poor shot I just ignore you. I play with guys that will retort with a "no it wasn't" or whatever ... they know far better than I do how good their shot was, and I find it's best to say nothing at all about fellow player's shots unless it really was a great shot.
  2. I saw this hawk on Saturday, cool cat. This gator is from about a year ago, and no - that's not my ball next to him.
  3. Eric C

    Pace Problem

    I played TPC Sawgrass earlier this year, and they strictly enforce pace of play. Several signs that you couldn't miss, the starter reminds you, and your caddie encourages your group. Somewhere around the middle of the round we had to wait a few times for the group in front, and low and behold a marshal in his cart shows up and chats with us for a few minutes while we wait, telling us that he'll talk to the group ahead and "take care of it". Having been told the same before, I wasn't placing any bets. Two holes later he drives past and waves, picks up the group in front of us and moves them
  4. Just outside of my distance limit for weekend golf, but thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like a great course!
  5. Shot Caller - Stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (of GOT Jaime Lannister fame) as Jacob/Money who is a former stock broker who ends up doing hard time for DUI manslaughter when he kills his best friend in a car crash. This is a gritty thriller that nicely captures all of the reasons that I would never make it in prison - on his first night in prison he sees another new guy get gang raped and decides he'll do whatever it takes to stay alive. And he does. Really well done movie that flashes between the past, present and future in a way that really helps tell the story. My wife and I both got a bit
  6. I don't know that that is accurate, and it definitely depends on the state. In Colorado and California, for example, medical marijuana is exactly the same as the recreational strains available in dispensaries. The difference is the level of taxation. I did find one article that stated that 14 states limit THC potency, but after researching state-by-state wasn't able to pin that down. I don't disagree that it's possible, but will argue the efficacy of doing so. But to your point - Florida is considering legislation to limit the potency to 10% THC because levels above that "can induce psych
  7. Having played many, many rounds while under the influence of marijuana I can personally attest to it not being performance enhancing. Against the rules? Perhaps. But not performance enhancing. Quite the opposite. Everyone reacts differently to being high, and while it may well reduce stress it also certainly reduces one's ability to focus. Golf requires focus. I'd get high and kick ass for about two holes, then be all over the place. I haven't used marijuana since moving to Florida because it's not legal here, and I don't have a qualifying medicinal reason to get a prescription. I c
  8. Heck, I will occasionally do this when playing with my wife. I always feel like an ass when it happens, but she's a good soul and cuts me a break.
  9. On Saturday I played a course I'd never played and shot an 83 after starting the round bogey, double, double. Kept my head in it, and managed a real nice 2 over 39 on the back. Best round by far that I've had in awhile.
  10. DeChambeau goes on profane rant about 'haters' With slow play questions following him from New Jersey to Illinois, Bryson DeChambeau had a colorful reply to those still hounding him about a putt he hit a week ago.
  11. They are definitely sexy as hell! At the end of the day you still have to have a swing - it's the Indian much, much more than the arrow.
  12. I use a product called Snow-Cap to take rust stains from well water off of my driveway and the side of the house. Bet it, or a similar rust stain removal product would do the trick in about a second.
  13. I use one. I had two up until I replaced my irons a few months ago and decided to go with the 4I instead because my carry is more consistent with an iron as opposed to a hybrid. It also allowed my to gap my wedges better.
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