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  1. I will take him over Faldo any day. Still, it annoys me when they bring in these guys for the big events ... there's no value add here. I can't imagine the 'Joe Buck' name brings viewers into a golf event who wouldn't otherwise already be watching. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  2. His hat is horrible. I predict that will be his downfall today.
  3. I played both Bayside and Wild Horse on a guys golf trip several years back. As I recall, Bayside was two very different nines, but a lot of fun and the staff were a hoot. We sat in the clubhouse after the round drinking way too much tequila with them. Wild Horse is magical, you will not be disappointed. Definitely in my personal top 5 courses all time. It's literally in the middle of nowhere, funded by the local farming community and cut in amongst the corn fields. We were first off that day and I remember the beauty of the steam rising off the fairways ... it was a perfect morning. The greens are amazing, and at the time the fastest and most true rolling that I had ever played. Have fun!
  4. Thank you. Golf was our common bind in a sometimes difficult relationship, and I do miss spending that time with him. FWIW, I absolutely went through the entire fitting process, tried a variety of irons, drivers, shafts, etc. and it will be a few weeks before everything arrives. Despite having the foreknowledge that having a driver in my bag is about as helpful to my game as the umbrella I also carry, cost was less an issue with this refresh given the circumstances. Hope springs eternal that with better technology and a fitting, as well as a commitment to practice and lessons I might be able to learn to hit it effectively.
  5. I haven't used a driver for a few years. Played with my hybrid off the tee for the first year that I ditched it, then switched to a Ping G400 3W about two years ago with really good results. I have still managed to shoot mid to low 80's, but adjusted the tees that I played from to accommodate the lack of length off the tee. My problem is that when you put a driver in my hands my swing changes completely - no idea why, of course I need lessons but haven't had the time with work and family. My father, who taught me to golf (including all my bad habits, I'm sure) passed several months ago and his estate recently settled. This past weekend, because he would have wanted me to, I went and bought a brand new set of Ping G410 irons/hybrids along with the G410 driver. I'm going to give it another shot, and make time over the course of a few weekends to take some lessons with it.
  6. Last Friday I played TPC Sawgrass for the first time. I'm on the practice tee and had just met our forecaddie, and to be honest I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. I really wanted to play well, and also didn't want to embarrass myself in front of this seasoned caddie. I sliced the heck out of three drives in a row and the caddie suggested something about the placement of my thumb on my right hand (he shouldn't have). That was all it took, couldn't get it out of my head and it took me three holes to remove the thought. Still ended up playing pretty well, shot an 87 after going double-double on the first two holes. Importantly, got a par on the 17th island green, lipped out the birdie.
  7. Thanks for confirming everything I said and being aside the point at the same time?
  8. I wonder. He's middle of the road money-wise, 1st in driving distance but 68th in accuracy. 14th in Eagles, which kind of makes sense given his distance stats. At the end of the day, an inordinate number of people like to see a spectacle and he's certainly that. He still kills it off the tee, and Eagles are always a crowd pleaser. So I would have to say yes, he's most likely still a draw.
  9. If Tiger can put his drives in the fairway, then he has an above average chance of winning. Unfortunately, he is T58th at 64.64%, so as much as I love the guy it would take a unique day for him to win. Daly needs to retire. I know he's a draw, but he's just embarrassing. Casey Martin had a disability, Daly has arthritis. There's a difference in my book.
  10. I'm honestly not sure what the problem is, provided there was nobody else using the practice green when you walked up. In the past I would routinely chip half a bucket (or more if I have them) at a time, then pick them up, cycle and repeat. I have a ball pickerupperer for this very thing. If I'm by myself on that chipping green, then I'm definitely going to be chipping at different locations, trying to vary my shots & distances. As soon as someone else walks up, I immediately stop what I'm doing and clean it up for the other person, after which I'm sure we naturally relegate to our respective (and separate) targets. The other persons actual skill at the game has no dog in this hunt, unless he's chunking them at your head. It is practice, after all.
  11. It's totally a HIO. I think that @RustUK 's blow up of the picture is pretty definitive. Congratulations!
  12. I didn't have a bad experience, I haven't used eBay in probably 15 years. I understand that there is a market for buying and selling collectibles and used items at auction, but 88% of postings are "Buy it Now", and 81% of what's available for sale is new. eBay is where sellers go to flip crap they bought cheaper elsewhere.
  13. Try buying used clubs at www.globalgolf.com instead. EBay is so rife with scams and shady people anymore I'm surprised it's still in business.
  14. I'm not the most athletic, but did play SS on my high school baseball team - I was not very good. More recently I spent a bunch of years focused on skydiving before taking up golf for the second time, this was more about the people than competition for me though. My one "sporting" achievement is playing Foosball at the professional level in the early 2000's. I spent quite a bit of time traveling (and drinking) to these tournaments, and won a bit of money. I played in a national tournament twice, making the quarterfinals once in two-man, and won two state tournaments playing singles - Kentucky and Texas.
  15. "So I love the beat and the groove in this piece and it just, like, propels it forward". - said nobody ever of a classical woodwind/string piece. It's nice and all, but I'm not sure how this is the theme for new audiences loving golf .... maybe older audiences.
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