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  1. Perhaps you give us too much credit?! How about this - While I do follow the etiquette rule of not standing along the extension of the line of putt, I will almost always try to find the opportunity to assess the line of an opponents putt (when it's similar to my own) prior to them striking it. Given the chance, I'll even squat behind it and give it a good look, and then closely watch the roll from the side. I've never been called out for it, but am I following acceptable etiquette when doing this?
  2. I would have written exactly this. Stay out of my way as I walk around the putt and assess the line, but I could care less if you were three feet directly behind me when I stroke it. Talking and joking around, on the other hand ...
  3. Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    I was driving along Washington Blvd (runs adjacent to the Pentagon) when the plane hit. Basically went right over my car. I promise you this was no conspiracy.
  4. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    About 15 years ago, in prep for some major surgery, I was given a prescription for Coumadin (a blood thinner) to see test my reaction to it. About 2 hours after I took the first dose I literally almost blacked out while driving - dizzy, narrowed vision, and my blood pressure dropped dramatically. A reaction to other medication I was taking, as well as the underlying issue requiring surgery. No narcotics, alcohol, etc. I barely made it to the side of the road, and in fact scraped the right side of my car along the guard rail as I tried to get out of traffic. While in retrospect I realized I should have heeded the advice on the prescription bottle not to "drive or operate heavy machinery" until I better understood how I would react, I was able to easily rationalize my actions because a lot of prescription drugs have this warning for liability reasons. The highway patrol found me in a dazed state, and I was transported to the hospital. No DUI/DWI, though I suppose at the end of the day an argument could be made that I was "under the influence" of drugs. Let's slow our rush to judgment until we understand the facts. The posts at the beginning of this thread are a sad commentary of how people feel a need assume they know what happened and rush to pass judgment.
  5. 2018 Masters Tickets Lottery

    By buddy and I have submitted for at least the last 10 - 12 years. Buddy won 4 tix to Monday practice this year, so we planned a big vacation to Tybee Island around it. Then I lost my job, so we cancelled everything and he sold the tickets for a nice profit. Anyone remember how Monday practice day went this year?
  6. Listening to advice from a higher handicap

    There were several PGA instructors where I used to practice in Denver. When I was hitting balls I would try really hard to be nowhere near them while they gave lessons because overhearing them would inevitably negatively impact my practice session and goals. I attribute this both to my lack of ability to concentrate, and their overly loud voices. At some point last summer some of the instructors must have had to do a recertification of some type, because suddenly several of them were taking lessons from a guy who my observations told me was probably one of the better pros. Apparently I was pretty naïve, because I was horrified to see that without exception they were all pretty poor golfers in comparison to what my preconceptions of a teaching PGA pro were. They were topping, toeing and slicing with the best of them, and to make matters much worse they were horrible students and spent more time debating swing technique and telling the instructor what they thought was the problem than actually listening and attempting to apply what they were being taught. Then one day as a single I ended up paired with one of them at a local city course. He shot a 97, I shot an 81. He did give me a few tips along the way, all of which I listened to and a few (related to routine and setup) which I took to heart. That said, it was a bit of an emotional struggle because, for lack of a better way to express it, knowing his profession I couldn't respect his game and my instinct is that I would much prefer to learn and me mentored by someone who was actually able to apply the mechanics that they attempt to teach. Perhaps it was a credibility issue.
  7. Heartland of America Driving Trip

    I thought I would follow up with the results of my trip. I played first at Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain on the Tennessee Golf Trail - it was my second time playing this course, the first being almost 20 years ago. Absolutely fantastic course, and in excellent condition. I was paired with a single, but it was only the two of us going out first at 7:00 a.m., and he walked (I would personally not walk this course - too much elevation change). Super fun round with both of us focused on the game, but still enjoying the company. After the round I drove the ~4 hours to Prattville, AL to play Capitol Hill's course The Judge. Again, first off in the morning at 7:00 a.m. and this time paired with two guys who were part of a group of guys on a golf trip. Another amazing course with a picturesque elevated #1 tee shot where you want nothing more than to hit that pure shot off the tee ... I managed to fade it off in to the water right. The greens were large, soft, and generally well taken care of (I think they could have used a mow, despite being fast). The fairways were generally pretty wide, but the course was certainly challenging. During the round the two guys managed to talk me into playing the afternoon with them on The Senator. More of a links-style course, but still in excellent shape and really fun to play. I scored better during this second round, probably because I put my driver away and tried to manage the course a bit better. I also made two new friends, and got invited on their golf trip next year!
  8. Heartland of America Driving Trip

    Thank you for the suggestions! David, I'm going to be in Orlando at least three months but perhaps longer. It really depends on how the job goes. KPaul, thank you for the invitation! I'm going to take a raincheck, maybe on my trip home? I think will pick two along the RTJ trail - there are worse things to choose from!
  9. In about a week I am going to drive from Denver to Orlando (short-term job relocation). In no particular hurry, I thought I would stop and play 18 holes twice along my travels. I'm looking for your help in deciding where to play - what are the two publicly available courses along the way that can't be missed? For example, if you were traveling I-80 through Nebraska I'd tell you a must-play is Wild Horse Golf Club. Located in Gothenburg (the middle of nowhere), built by local farmers, it is one of the finest courses I've ever played with perfect greens that run around a 13. A gem in the rough, not to be missed. I'll be on I-70 East from Denver to St. Louis, then heading South on I-24/I-75 through the tip of Kentucky, and then Tennessee and Georgia. I have fond memories of playing Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain long ago, which is part of the Tennessee Golf Trail, and while a bit out of my way I am thinking of including it. What don't I want to miss? Thank you for your help!
  10. Tee shots

    On the range and on the course are two very different things for me. I typically, when all in going well in the world, hit a nice draw off the tee. I'm consistent with it on the range, but on the tee box I can be a bit of a head case - I'll stare at that stupid ball and forget everything I ever knew, lose my elbow and swing outside in. I am so much better with any other club other than the driver. Drives me nuts.
  11. We see coyotes and foxes a lot on the muni's here in Denver, sometimes deer. I hit a goose off a drive straight in the head at Wellshire one day years ago - dropped dead immediately. When we went to have a look the remainder of the flock wouldn't let us get anywhere near - they seemed pissed. About 10 years ago in the DC area I played a charity best-ball tourney hosted by a local strip joint - strippers on every other green, and I saw more than one take tips for "extras". Wasn't much of a golf game, but sure was quite a spectacle!
  12. Most courses I play here in Colorado put something out on at least the 1st hole, and most do on both 1 and 10. Maybe it's because it's so dry here, but I personally appreciate it. Yes the bathroom, refreshment station and water hazard all work - but to me it's an additional level of customer service that might bring me back to play again.