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  1. What Would You Do?

    Generally, given that your insurance company denied the claim, if the the golf courses insurance company wishes to pursue the claim it goes to a third party arbitrator who will investigate and make an independent/impartial decision. No need, IMO, to hire an attorney in this situation.
  2. PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Owch, that's just bad! The trailer is childish and not something that the average viewer would relate to ... i mean seriously, stop with the pop-up tweets and emojis! Barf. The slogan itself is boring, fails to evoke emotion, and is definitely a step back.
  3. Faldo's Masters commentary is awful (as usual)

    I can't stand Faldo, and only like JM marginally better. I've said that in these forums many times. They're both overly negative, and Faldo only edges out Johnny because of his over-the-top ego and arrogance. That said, while I kept trying to find fault with Faldo's commentary (I'm a child) over the weekend I just really couldn't ... maybe the Magic Dragons crap, but that's being overly petty ... I actually thought he did a pretty good job and almost found myself appreciating his insight. Almost.
  4. Numbers Thread

  5. Puzzle Solving Thread

    We're going to need a Master's themed puzzle ....
  6. Puzzle Solving Thread

    10:50. It was a struggle ....
  7. Puzzle Solving Thread

    Admittedly with a somewhat obsessive amount of practice and repetition on the last puzzle:
  8. Bag wheels

    Welcome to TST! I'm assuming where you play doesn't let you bring the cart out to the parking lot? My thought is that it would be really challenging to install wheels on a golf bag and have it last, simply because the bag will not have been designed for whatever weight distribution you end up with. How about buying a new golf bag that already has wheels like the Sports Spinner? Alternatively, maybe you could find a hand cart or dolly that would work to get you from car to golf cart.
  9. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational

    I agree. He's as negative of a TV announcer as you'll find. It has nothing to do whether he's right or wrong about any particular opinion. Perhaps he does "call it like it is", but that doesn't make it enjoyable television for me to watch. He needs to look for the positive, and be engaging with his audience - he doesn't do this, IMO. I only barely prefer him over "Sir" Nick Faldo, who I think of as a caricature of an announcer. I did meet Johnny Miller once a few years back when I was volunteering at the BMW at Cherry Hills. Super nice in person, engaged me in conversation, shook my hand, asked me about my own game and actually seemed to really want to chat with me. I was dumbfounded by the difference between that encounter and my on-air perception of him. So at the end of the day, I think he's a nice guy with a kind heart ... but I don't enjoy listening to him announce.
  10. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    20 years ago I used to go to the Byron Nelson every year with some buddies. We would hang out in the tents where there was live music, talk to hot chicks and get absolutely shit faced. We were there for the party - we never even considered watching golf because out on the course you had to be relatively quiet and respectful. The way it should be, the way it was meant to be. Sitting on the second hole with my wife yesterday at the Bay Hill, it was clear that we have strayed from that level of respect for both the game and the players. Sure, the purse is also about a million dollars more now than it was 20 years ago, but should that really make a difference? Of course it shouldn't, and it doesn't, but as @Aaron from Baltimore mentioned above the age of personal responsibility (and respect) has ended. We're never going to limit alcohol, that's just a non-starter and really not worth the waste of time it takes to discuss it. The only viable solution, IMO, is to publish a code of conduct attendees agree to, and then to enforce it. Some people will get butt hurt about it, but if we don't take the steps required to restore some decorum to the game now then it will never happen.
  11. The Films and Movies Thread

    Wind River. The wife suggested it - I was a bit hesitant because the trailer didn't seem interesting, but it really kind of blew me away and left me with a lot to think about. Very well acted, with Jeremy Renner staring as a Fish and Wildlife tracker on an Indian reservation in Wyoming. The movie provides a powerful indictment of life on a reservation, with exciting intrigue that will keep you guessing until a F'ing brutal scene near the end. An easy birdie here, bordering on an Eagle.

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