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  1. Eric C

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    I'm a big Vince Flynn / Mitch Rapp series fan as well, great books. I also read the Pike Logan books - also really good. Give Brad Thor, and to a lesser degree Ted Bell a shot if you haven't already. Currently reading The Variant Saga series by JN Chaney. It's Sci-fi, really more futuristic post-apocalyptic. Good series with well developed characters, without the whineyness of the main characters in other somewhat similar series like The Hunger Games or the Divergent series.
  2. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Polar - An adaptation of Victor Santos' graphic novel "Polar: Came From the Cold", staring nobody you probably know. The world's top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser, is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm (aka, doesn't want to pay him his retirement money). Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head-to-head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced. This is part Kill Bill, part John Wick ... but quirkier. I really enjoyed it, but it may not be for everyone and did not score well with Rotten Tomatoes (a plus, in my book). Also has an odd ending, as many Netflix movies seem to have. Very very violent, with several fairly graphic sex scenes - would not recommend for children, but I give it a birdie.
  3. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Baywatch - That's right, I watched Baywatch. Staring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. I did not hold out much hope, but my wife would leave me for The Rock in a second, and like every marriage I have to make compromises to keep peace in the family. To be fair, I think he's pretty awesome too ... not sure I've ever seen a bad movie with him in it. Anyway ... it's more or less a parody of the actual Baywatch series, and it's friggin laugh-out-loud hilarious. Definitely silly, but it's meant to be. Mitch and the crew start off with tryouts for new lifeguards, and then quickly discover that a land developer is bringing drugs into the area to drive down prices in an effort to buy up land. Something like that, doesn't really matter. The developer is the infinitely hot, scantily clad and recently married Priyanka Chopra. The crew bands together to save the beach. It's a fun movie, and honestly I have to give it a tap in birdie. Nobody is more surprised than me.
  4. Eric C

    Florida Golf Vacation

    I'll second the statement above by @chspeed regarding Orlando area golf, with the exception of Orange County National, which has three really good courses. I also agree that Streamsong would be a good addition, and would keep you busy for a few days. There are several very well done reviews elsewhere on this site of Streamsong, and if it comes down to it, Streamsong over OCN, IMO.
  5. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Watched two good movies this weekend: Hell or High Water - Amazing and uncomfortable throughout, it's a movie about a divorced father (Chris Pine) trying to do right by his sons after his mother dies and the bank is about to foreclose on the family ranch. He plans a series of bank robberies to get the money to stop the foreclosure, and partner's with his brother to pull them off. Tommy Lee Jones, who I don't normally like, brilliantly plays the Texas Ranger trying to find him. Despite the reviews, the previews and story line hadn't seemed very interesting to me, but we were bored and decided to give it a shot. It was excellent, by far the best movie I've seen in a while - tap in birdie. Then we watched Mission Impossible: Fallout. Different kind of movie, but definitely one of the best in the series. Great action scenes, and as a skydiver (Tom Cruise is also a legit skydiver, btw) I can tell you those scenes in the movie are really well done where most are not. Loved it, also an easy birdie for the genre.
  6. Eric C

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    I have a couple of glasses of wine most nights when I get home from work, the occasional beer or two or three after a round depending on the crowd, but I haven't been drunk in years. My wife sometimes likes to make margaritas, pina coladas or bushwhackers using our awesome Ninja blender, and I can never say no to my wife, so ..... I could care less what the government says about my drinking so long as I do it responsibly. My feeling about any "vice" is everything is fine in moderation. When you start needing it is when it becomes a problem. I greatly prefer weed over alcohol, but that's rare now that I moved from Colorado to Florida.
  7. Eric C

    Predict the 2019 Majors

    Players: Xander Schauffele (-17) Masters: Tiger Woods (-16) PGA Championship: Rickie Fowler (-18) U.S. Open: Tiger Woods (-9) British Open: John Rahm (-8) FedExCup: Tiger Woods For the tiebreaker - Bryson DeChambeau pitches a shutout for the season, doesn't win a tournament.
  8. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Watched Bandersnatch on Netflix over the holiday - bogey. It is an interactive movie where the viewer uses the remote to make decisions regarding the direction of the story along the way. For me, the prompts just got in the way of watching the movie and I had the constant stress of wondering if I was making the right choices. Of course, there is no real right or wrong, but like my golf game that didn't keep me from overthinking each decision. I thought the cinematography was really good, and I enjoyed the flashback to the 80's, but the story just wasn't very engaging (for me) and the interactive component never really made me feel like I was in the drivers seat. Nor do I want to be ... movies are for escaping.
  9. Eric C

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I went underrated, but this answer wins IMO.
  10. Eric C

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Underrated. Dress for success. Aim small, miss small. If you dress like you don't care, you won't care.
  11. Eric C

    Your most useless Christmas golf gifts.

    I got that stupid potty game a few years ago. Turned around and sold it at the spring garage sale a few months later for $5. Called it a win. Wouldn't the greens keeper not at all appreciate someone taking it upon themselves to lay down fertilizer, regardless of how little? There's a lot of science to golf course maintenance.
  12. Eric C

    Spitting on the Golf Course

    I chew smokeless tobacco, and I definitely chew whilst playing golf, but if we played together my experience has been that you would never know. Not that I'm swallowing it, as some do, but rather because I'm considerate and have common sense. When you're outdoors, go ahead and piss, poop, spit, fart or screw .... it shouldn't matter so long as you don't impact others ability to enjoy their own experiences.
  13. Eric C

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Tomb Raider. Out on HBO now, this 2018 reboot of the classic made famous by Angelina Jolie stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. The movie brings us back in time to when her father disappears and she becomes the Tomb Raider. Interesting to get the perspective of her early years, and the movie is a lot of fun, but it lacks the humor, hotness and confidence of the Angelina versions. I'm looking forward to the second installment because I think it has potential. Birdie putt, but lip out par.
  14. Eric C

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I enjoyed it, worth the money. I was a little annoyed by the announcers ... since everyone was miked up it got to be too much when the announcers, Phil and Tiger were all carrying on their separate conversations. I could have done without the announcers altogether. Agree that something like Reed V. Spieth would probably be more fun to watch.
  15. Eric C

    Chess World Championship 2018

    True, but the World Championships are done in person with actual chess pieces. Don't they even have to reach over and smack a clock for certain types of chess events?! Talk about physical exertion! Besides which computer games like Fortnight and others have for years had online organized competitions which are considered a sport. Some of those players make bajillions of dollars. Chess is totally a sport.

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