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  2. Uh, that one guy can’t even spell “herd...”
  3. Closing everything down stunts herd immunity, the ONLY way to stop it...millions exposed with zero symptoms tells you everything you need to know Here in Kern County as of TODAY we have 4 deaths out of 900,000 residents...and not everything is closed...we are playing golf...that is a statistical rate of ZERO morbidly
  4. Here in Kern County, CA, golf never stopped...the restrictions are locals only, one to a cart, and pool noodle “pucks” in the holes...our courses are PACKED Full speed ahead!
  5. Nonsense...see the New York Public Health report just issued...MILLIONS exposed...that puts the death rate at 0.02% - that’s on par with peanut allergies and bee sting deaths...this is the biggest and most costly overreaction in history
  6. This is hard to watch without Tiger...dull dull dull euro trash types
  7. Yeah, a real legend, that mac o grady...HAHAHAHAHAHA... The angry, “used to sell shoes at Dicks till they got dumped onto the street where they belong, “pro” golfer crowd is very amusing
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA...Mac O’Grady! 17 Q schools and nothing to show for it! just as nutty as TW but basically a hacker...
  9. I am proudly that guy...the current state of customer service stinks...the on line golf wherehouses are far, far cheaper and better
  10. Just because you sell golf shoes for a living doesn’t mean you are right. TW faced better fields? Jack faced the likes of MULTIPLE major winners every single week, like Gary Player (also better than TW). TW conducts himself on and off the course in a shameful manner...there are literally millions of TW haters...gee, I wonder why? And your respose? “Uh, Jack Nicklaus smoked...”. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  11. Now you are just showing plain ignorance/man crush on TW...there is no stat comparison between the two...TW in early 40s falling apart physically while Jack wins the 86 Masters at what age? The transformation in TW appearance was Barry Bonds-esque...clear PED and all the health downsides that come with it...the demonstration of poor character gives eveyone a peek into this freak’s mind...he is a miserable and unhappy person who spend 2 years hiding out in a giant mansion getting take out and playing video games...yeah, that sounds a lot like Jack Nicklaus...
  12. Just read the JT “oh so sorry tweets...”. Now I despise this thin skinned jerk even more...what a wussy
  13. Have a look at Vice golf balls...fairky cheap and well made...found one once and really liked it...till I lost if!
  14. Even for a TW apologist you are amazing...he’s not a “patient...” he is just another celebrity with a dr. Feelgood ...devoted father? HAHAHAHAHAHA...he was Lavar Ball before Lavar Ball...oh yeah, perfectly normal to pay whores 1500 a pop in Vegas night after night with kids and a wife at home and not expect them to talk...TW is Todd Marinovich, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manzel, Lawrence Phillips etc etc...nothing new here, except it is golf...
  15. Best ball for the money is the K-Sig...period...does everything the 50 buck a dozen balls Titleist amd others sell to the sucker masses, yet the K-Sig performs just as well...
  16. Retirement home for old wedges is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time!
  17. This whole thing just shows how irrelevant and dumb the state of pro golf has become...this JT character is nothing more than a spoiled little boy...
  18. Yeah, right...a club throwing, mentally ill, prescription drug addicted product of a toxic childhood is great for golf...
  19. I generally go to either Roger Dunn or PGA Superstore type places and hit everything...then I go on line and buy..much cheaper
  20. Easiest call ever...nothing beats free beer
  21. Spoken like a true apologist...Woods has done damage to the game...at his heyday his followers clogged up courses with people who never played, and have since quit...all the idiots yelling nonsense at all these pros is his doing too...he played at his top against some of the weakest and dullest fields ever
  22. LOL...I also have the Golfsmith Star Trek Enterprise putter! Never game it... Post a pic of the Rail Gun
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