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  1. I really don't know who would win. In saying I have so much faith in a distance and a club doesn't mean that I'm ready for the PGA. LOL I know that when I take that shot, I never think about missing the green. That's the best I can do. Oh, I have always used a long putter and so, I'm in a little trouble now. I'll have to reintroduce myself to my Zebra Putter.
  2. 7i is money at 150 yards. Easy 7 without trying to come out of my shoes. I have so much faith in this shot that I often look to lay up at the 150 yard marker.
  3. I live at the end of a subdivision where most of the lots are not developed. We then also back up to a huge farm field. I will never have neighbors behind me due to the geography. However, that farm field behind us seems to have an abundance of snakes. So, we have one or two in the yard all of the time. In fact, I name them. I let them go since they eat mice and don't pose a threat to us. Well, other than the time I was mowing and looked up at the limb of a tree I have to duck under and saw one sitting there. LOL Snakes can be very beneficial!
  4. Eric, I don't have the answer for you but appreciate the thread. I think I finally figured out how to say it. Anyway, in high school, I had an English Teacher who hated me. In fact, she told the class that. One of her tests on punctuation and capitalization contained the following two problems: where bill had had had joe had had had had had had had had the better effect upon the teacher that that is is that that is not is not that that is not is not that that is nor is that that is that that is not I hated her!
  5. Take a break and start again. Golf is not too hard. It is recreation. So, if you are making it "work" it will be work. Instead, learn to laugh at yourself. You'll find that it will become fun again. I was really working on getting my scores down. I turned into someone who could not let a bad shot go. I must have been miserable to golf with. I was golfing with a buddy and I made a terrible shot. I had 140 in over water and I took out my 8 iron and didn't catch it the way I though I should have. (I should have hit an easy 7 with the water protecting the front of the green.) I started
  6. Ballstriking! I love my 3 Wood in particular. I have an old Warbird and I absolutely love pulling it out of the bag.
  7. We had our All Area Coach's Meeting tonight and so, I brought this up. One gentleman there has been a rules guy before at some PGA events and so, he said immediately, 2 stroke penalty. He also said he had seen it done before by a caddie. He pointed out that when a player attempts to enter a tree/shrub, they can insert themselves into the bush but they have certain concerns in doing do. They can't drastically embed themselves into that bush. IOWs, they can bend the branches to gain access but that is in a very limited capacity. This gentleman is older now and has "seen it all" accord
  8. I do apologize that I don't know what the result was. This was not my group but my player had played in the rough next to this situation as it happened. I have not heard that any player was DQ'd. BTW, my daughter was very sick for a few days throwing up and feeling dizzy. Today, she said she still has a headache but made it through her day of work. This was a very serious head injury.
  9. IMO, the coach holding a branch back so that a player can take a stroke violate "fairly taking a stance." The coach was assisting his player in taking a stroke. How do you correct that?
  10. First, the broken branch is a 2 stroke penalty. I wonder if a coach holding the branch back is considered building a stance? I know that I would never consider this as a coach. My first thought was that this would be a DQ. I don't know how this was decided since I had a family emergency and had to leave when my player signed her card. (My daughter was hit in the face by a line drive in softball and was unconscious. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital and I was 2 hours away. I had to get home fast. She has sustained a major concussion and, as recently as yesterday, which was 3 day
  11. Player on a HS team hits a ball that is under a dense pine tree. As the player evaluates the situation, the coach grabs onto a bigger branch and pulls it back significantly to allow the player to enter the area where the golf ball is. As player turns back to the tree trunk, they snap a branch. Coach continues to hold the branch while player punches the ball out. Ruling?
  12. This is the last post in this thread. We finished the season today. My #1 was having a tremendous round even with at double on one hole. Then, the wheels fell off. She hit a wayward shot on a par 5 but that should not have been a problem She had an angle down another fairway to progress forward or she could play back into her fairway but there were trees everywhere. She hit a ball and caught it real good. This young lady can hit a ball farther than anyone I've ever seen play girl's golf. She cleared the first rows of trees with a 3 hybrid and should have been up on the green. She was
  13. Sectional Tournament yesterday at Illini Country Club in Springfield, Illinois. First, the Coach from Sacred Heart-Griffin did an outstanding job. The members of this very nice private course allowed our young ladies to take over the course for the weekend and on Tuesday for the Sectional Tournament. They are so gracious. They didn't charge our girls for a practice round, for the course play and for range balls. I don't think I have ever witnessed that before. THANK YOU ILLINI COUNTRY CLUB! The course was immaculate. Our girls really got to play an outstanding course that was
  14. In golf, golfers sometimes create a "dark hole" that they can't get themselves out of. They hit a bad shot and then mentally tank it. What has to happen is that you have to play the game for the fun of it and the game will come to you. Turn everything into a positive. For example, you took a 13 on a hole. I bet that there was a hole you did well. Focus on that. Focus on the shot that keeps you coming back. When you are on the driving range, be there with a purpose and maybe that purpose is to get better with your "go to iron" that you can use to get a bogey or double bogey from a tough
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