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  1. i had/have the same problem... This has to be the most frustrating mistake in golf, cause your shot will on go 20 yards.. Anyway, i was working with a pro and he suggested i slow my take away and a ever so slight pause at the top then start your downswing. My hands were moving faster than the club so the club would hit the ground first. It has been a huge help. I used to hit 15-20 balls fat in one round (i am high handi) now i may only hit 1 or 2. Of course the proper weight shift help, and weight being forward. i hope this is little bit of a help.
  2. keep it going. I am right there with you. I haven't broken 100 yet either.
  3. i am having a hard enough time in the center of the club now you want me to hit the heel..
  4. the kind of bike i ride. Once a girl thought it was because i liked Jewish girls... that was such a funny clever line.
  5. Like you i have the same problem. I haven't broken a 100 yet, but i am getting close. I can't hit the driver so i normally use a hybrid off the tee to get some distance. Then i try to get inside 100 yards with my next shot (par 4) I also have 3 putt issues, and this is something i need to work on. Good luck, please keep us posted. I would love to read a blog about your quest.
  6. i play this game... it's fun..... sometimes it can be real slow
  7. i enjoy playing alone. I also feel i play better alone than i do with people.
  8. keep that guy out of the dugout when someone is pitching a no hitter...
  9. i never used birdie balls, but a friend of mine who is a golf coach for a local college swears by them
  10. can't wait to see it finished.... I wish i had those skills.
  11. i enjoyed his show on the Discovery Channel "Pitchmen"
  12. nice job... i am a newbie too, you did better than me first time out, i shot a 115. Keep up the good work, i am sure the lessons will be a huge help..
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