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  1. I don't care if he is taking a spot away from someone else. Its all about playing the best you can. If someone is pissed off about losing a spot to Casey Martin, then they should play better. I play on a few different mini tours and I wouldn't care about losing to to someone like Casey. I would just have to play better and beat him. You are playing the course and you want to beat the course as best you can. If Casey can shoot a better score than another competitor then good on him. I think the term "sore loser" can come into effect when Casey's situation comes up. You don't see too many people
  2. There sure seems to be a lot of arguments going both ways on this topic. I just can't see why it would be so bad to allow Casey to play in a cart. How many "disabled" players are good enough to play on the PGA tour? How many have even tried to qualify through Q-school or Opens etc....? If we were talking about multiple cases here and having "disabled" players winning and numerous "disabled" players qualifying for the PGA Tour we might have more to talk about here. Casey seems to be the only case of discussion. Even on the nationwide tour we don't have "disabled" players running away with wins
  3. Chamblee is a tool. Well thats not true, he just came across looking like an ass during that interview. There is no way you can knock Casey Martin. I agree that if you take any normal player with no disability and let him play in a cart, he would have an advantage over another player walking due to physical advantage. However, Casey's case is completely different. He is pretty much plain on one leg and I would also say that he would be better off with a prosthetic because he would have no pain. Pretty hard to come down on a guy like Casey Martin, his story is good for the game and some positiv
  4. They really need to make suspensions and fines open to the public. Would be great to know whats happening.
  5. Canuck

    Mini Tour Play

    Hey Ben, I will keep track and best of luck to Moah. I have a friend Sue Kim who is playing as well in the tournament. Tough go at Oakmont, there have been a bunch of good scores all across the states for the qualifiers. High 60's seem to be the only way to get in. Anymore big upcoming plans for tour qualifiers or big tournaments in your near future?
  6. You should be able to find a used set of AP2's for a really good deal. I know I see them on craigslist and golf stores for like $500 or less. Definitely worth looking into.
  7. Worst Dressed 1. John Daly 2. Rickie Fowler 3.Rory Sabbatini Pretty self explanatory as to why those are my choices.
  8. Canuck

    Mini Tour Play

    Hey Ben, So I totally ran out of time when I was down in PS. Also it looked like they cancelled the event at Brookside that I was hoping to play in when I was there?? Oh well, I got out at Mission Hills so it was still nice. Not nearly long enough though, I sure miss the desert sun. Once I got back home I have had a few tourney's, I have been hitting the ball really solid. However my driver has decided to complete crap the bed on me. I can't hit a fairway to save my life and it is costing me big time. I know its me but I just can't take range session to the course the last 2 weeks, when
  9. That crack looks pretty suspect if you ask me. I wouldn't imagine a real D3 would crack that badly maybe the slightest hair line but that look as if the face had imploded. The guy just wants to shut you up with giving you the money back so he can continue to rip tons of other people. If he refunds the odd guy but gets away with 10+ he is doing pretty well. Next time don't buy from ebay. Hope all works out.
  10. Nice looking irons. They sure look a lot like Titleist blades to me. Specs have about 1 degree more of loft then standard blades. They look sharp though.
  11. I just don't get why people stress so much about "blade" irons. They really are not that difficult to hit. You might actually learn something over the CB style irons. Learn how to shape shots and flight shots correctly. Problem with most of the CB players when they switch to blades is they think they are hitting bad shots compared to their super cavity back irons. Not the case, you just have to learn that it is okay to move the ball from right to left or left to right.... all part of the game. The answer for all threads to come comparing blades to cavity backs is............. wait for i
  12. If you are planning on standing in the fairway and hitting full out shots with a 60 you might have some issues. However if you know how to flight the ball and control distances and trajectories the 60 can be your best friend. Nothing wrong with a 54 58 gapping though, again you will notice some of the same tendencies with the 58 and 60 but you might see some initial forgiveness with a 58. the 60 is great around the greens and out of the bunkers, really helps to get it up and stop it on the greens. I wouldn't stress to much about using a 60 over a 58 but I would highly recommend learning
  13. I am pretty sure it sits at about 1 degree open. Who knows what the specs say but from the tests that I did it was sitting 1 degree open. However at address it does look nice and square and not shut or open, have a very nice neutral look. I would give it a smack and make your own determination though.
  14. I agree, I get to regularly test out new equipment and I gave the i20 a good work out a few weeks ago. Both shafts are good depending on your swing and preferences. The i20 was really workable and pretty straight. I put it up against the G20 and I preferred the look and feel of the i20. The 1/2 shorter shaft and 1 degree open face sets up really nice at alignment and makes you feel like you can really hit it. Confidence is key and the i20 was a nice driver.
  15. In regards to gapping, it all depends on your distances and what you like to hit where. Its pretty personal. you need to you know full, 3/4 and 1/2 swing distances for your wedges and then compare them to where you play most of your shots from. I would imagine that from 120 yards and in you can play 52,55 and 60 pretty easily just depending on how you control your distances. IMO the wedge gapping is pretty straight forward and people just need to spend a little more time on the range dialling in their distance control. If you have a range finder or at least some set yardages on a range
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