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  1. It's Donald J. Trump driving the cart across the green of his course in Bedminster, NJ. video: https://twitter.com/MikeNFrank/status/877579677640019968
  2. Titleist's endorsement model is different. They seem to sign every new pro they can get their hands on but don't match the other companies payout once the player's asking price increases. Only a few loyalists seem to stick with Titleist once they get into the top 20.
  3. Does this mean that you also do not believe that we should be able to mark and replace our ball on the green without penalty unless we can also mark and replace elsewhere without penalty? If not, is the difference that accidentally moving the ball is boneheadded and mark/replace isn't?
  4. The reason is because now, only the location of the ball for the next stroke is affected by the outcome of the interpretation. Without the local rule you'd still have to make the same determination and it's a difference of a stroke and the location of the ball for the next stroke.
  5. The current rule requires us to determine what most likely caused the ball to move without it being touched; that's pretty hard to do sometimes (like yesterday with DJ). My suggestion would only require us not to cheat on purpose, which is already part of the rules. The rules can't be perfect either way because we have imperfect information. At this point, I'll just accept that you like the current rule best and I think it could be improved.
  6. Precisely. That's why there is no fundamental reason to reject a change to the rules such that a ball, once marked and replaced on the green, shall be replaced without penalty if it moves and the player did not intend to cause it to move. Obviously that's not the way the rule reads and for historical reasons, it's probably not going to change. The current rule isn't terrible, but it would be improved if changed to the above.
  7. If that was his attitude, he could already just knock it down the hill with his coin, as mentioned before. Cheaters gonna cheat.
  8. I think you missed the word "accidentally." Of course players should be penalized for moving the ball on purpose, but that situation is covered under a different rule anyway if they are trying to get some information about the break, for example.
  9. I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain! Henrick Stenson +4 Branden Grace +3 K.T. Kim +4
  10. Yes, you will have issues. Once the epoxy breaks down, it is not going to hold. If you saw a puff of smoke from the hosel, the epoxy is not holding the head on any more, friction is. You'll need to pull the head off, clean up the shaft and the inside of the hosel (get as much old epoxy off as you can), and re-epoxy it with a new ferrule.
  11. It's been a while since I've videotaped myself at the range. I've been working on staying a bit wider without letting my right elbow fly. I'm still flipping, which I think is making me hit it higher than I'd prefer and is costing me some distance. I can tell teh cause is that my arms are behind my body but I don't really know how to fix that. Any good drills to have my arms stay in front of my chest?
  12. The most memorable part of my brief high school golf experience is how much cheating went on, at least within the intra-team rounds to determine the starting lineup. I advise you to do your best to know and follow the rules of golf without exception. Your tournament scores will better match your expectations and you'll feel better about yourself too. Have fun. It's great experience.
  13. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! 1) Rory McIlroy -13 2) Kevin Na -9 3) Jason Dufner -10
  14. Thanks for pointing that club out to me. It's good to know there's an option. I'm still curious about the original question. It seems like it's not something others have tried. I found an interesting discussion by Tom Wishon that would support my idea.He feels that modern long irons should have larger loft gaps between them to provide consistent distance gaps. I plan to do some more analysis of my distance gaps with the clubs as-is before I make a decision.
  15. That would be a solution if there were 5 irons available. There are a zillion 6 irons for sale but 5 irons are rare. Also, this is actually something I'd consider even if I had a 5 iron since the lofts get bunched up a bit toward the long irons and I don't need to have a different clubs for both a 185 yard shot and a 195 yard shot. I'd rather have a single club that goes 190.
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