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  1. I have iron covers for storage. I wear my spikeless Ecco hybrids almost everywhere, so yes, I’d wear them to Top Golf. I have a groove cleaning brush that gets used regularly. And I use a rangefinder for most shots to about 40 yards due to probably having some of the worst depth perception of anyone you’ve ever met.
  2. If you haven’t played Chambers, it’s probably worth the drive to do it once. My preference between the two courses comes down to cost/round/experience.
  3. JEd_i

    Golf League Handicap

    Use the 80% rule like you suggest, but keep track of scores in your league as well. Then once you have the data, use the lower of the two. Any sandbaggers would only have an advantage for the short term.
  4. Good on you for doing that. It's amazing what seeing yourself through the eyes of others can do. My kids have started mimicking me in ways I don't find flattering, so I am making a conscientious effort to change. It's hard, but the end will be well worth the effort.
  5. I would personally play Home Course before Chambers. I just find it more enjoyable. Chambers is a good experience, but it's a little extreme in design in my opinion. I'm hoping that 77 is just an indication that I'm trending in the right direction with the lessons I took. I can't wait for March to get here and start posting some scores. I've had a few rounds in the mid-80s playing winter rules and whatnot knowing that it is definitely a little different once you have to start playing the ball down. We're starting to get some accumulation. I think they upped the forecast from 2" to 3"
  6. I pulled that info off my app while writing this post. The site has it at 69.9/123 on the combo tees which is basically how it was setup.
  7. The course doesn’t have a lot of trees comparable to the rest of this area and the rough was really short. It has several reachable bunkers. A couple of the Par 3 greens are surrounded by trouble. If you can stay out of the walled bunkers and avoid the water on a couple holes, it’s an extremely playable course. It’s The Home Course in Dupont, WA
  8. I am considering posting it even though we are out of season, the greens were sanded, and it was lift/clean/place throughout the course. Frankly, low scores and a falling index are the kind of badges I want. I was +2 through eleven holes until I scored back to back doubles. Flub into the bunker up against the wall and then a flub trying to get out. The second out was great, though!
  9. I suppose that's possible. Someone else brought up that the note may not have even been meant for me...that it was placed on the wrong cart. That's possible, too. Regardless, I found it funny.
  10. I participated in my first non-scramble tournament today. It was a two man best ball tournament at a course that I've played several times. The course is in the Pacific Northwest and we've had rain solidly for the last week, but today the weather was beautiful. This course drains well and is pretty much wide open as far as fairways and rough goes, but the greens were lightly sanded. My previous low round at this track was an 86. Today it played to about 6200 yards rated at 71.10/130. My lowest round ever at any course is an 81 at 5700 yards rated at 68.20/115. Today, I shot a 77 comprising of two birdies, eleven parts, three bogeys, and two doubles. I only had two drives that I would consider errant and I didn't sink a single putt outside of six feet. The one bunker I found myself in took me two shots to get out. My partner and I combined for a 73 gross, 54 net. I have never felt so relaxed on a golf course as I did today. Ever since I started keeping track of an index, I've counted all my strokes and recorded all my rounds. The lowest I've ever been was 13.5 (about 3 years ago), but it's ballooned since then and I finished up with a 19.9 prior to our season's end. How did I become THAT guy and an apparent sandbagger? My driver has never been an issue, but for the last 18 months I couldn't hit a green from 100 yards out no matter what I did. I recently had a lot of time on my hands and decided to take a package of lessons. My instructor was awesome and didn't tweak much--shorten my backswing, eliminate my right leg sway, adjust my spine angle, and switched to a slightly stronger grip. One month later, and my iron game has never been better and I've never had more confidence in approach shots. My score from today is legitimate and I'm ecstatic about that. My handicap is legitimate, but I'm not so ecstatic as to the overall result today. I was honestly hoping to turn in a scorecard and find someone else had shot significantly lower. Oh, and I found a nice note on my cart once dinner was over. I originally thought it came from my playing partner, so I had a nice chuckle. Come to find out, he didn't do it and I have no idea who did as I didn't know a single person at this place except him and the two other players I met during our round. They were awesome to play with and really kept the round light. I still find the note humorous.
  11. Hello everyone. Been lurking on this site for quite some time and replied to my first post today so I figured I would do the introduction as well. I'm in my early 40's and started playing in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the game. My index has been as low as 13, but it's ballooned in recent months due to being out of the country and away from golf for a while. Took a few lessons and the index will definitely be trending down once our season opens back up. Anyway, I've always enjoyed browsing these forums and I'm looking forward to contributing where I can.
  12. I've had the ClicGear 3.0 since about 2009 or '10. It's been through several hundred all-season rounds in the Pacific Northwest and is still in excellent shape. I've had to replace the brake cog and brake cable, but that was easy. The cog was easily ordered from ClicGear and the cable was replaced with a generic bike brake cable from Dick's. I tried the 8.0 for a few months, and it was more stable (not that the 3.0 isn't), but I couldn't modify it as easy as I did my 3.0 so I sold it. I've modded the upper strap system to sit more around my bags collar so it doesn't squeeze just below it. I did this a few years ago, but I think ClicGear now has a couple different OEM options to do this.
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