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  1. My hesitation is lack of familiarity with driving in the Orlando area, but a little research and proper planning would take care of that I suppose. A resort stay is not a must do.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Our intention is pure golf, but I know if we ended up at Disney, there are plenty of distractions. Given our golf season is limited in Nova Scotia due to weather, I would like to squeeze in as many rounds as possible. You mentioned pace of play at Reunion was a little slow. What time of the year were you there and were you teeing off early, mid day or later in the day? Thanks again.
  3. My son and I are planning a late April trip to Florida (we live in Nova Scotia), and at this point, are leaning to staying in one location, as opposed to renting a car and going from course to course, given our lack of driving knowledge in the Orlando and Tampa areas. Does anyone have experiences/opinions/preferences about Reunion or Innisbrook? Any comments on pace of play, service, etc. would be appreciated. Also, could Disney be a viable option? I do read that pace of play can be an issue on the Disney courses. Your thoughts. Thanks very much.
  4. Made it to Chicago in late June for my brother's birthday. We warmed up at a course called Steeplechase, which was pretty wide open and not too difficult. I played well so was really pumped. Next day went to Makray Memorial with 2 of his co-workers. It was very windy and the greens were like glass. Too fast and looked poorly maintained. There were some interesting holes however and I would go back. Final day, through a work connection, my brother had snagged a round at Kemper Lakes. I loved it. Excellent condition, pin placements very tricky and perfect pace of play. It was a beautiful day and our host shared some info about the course and we saw Payne Stewart's locker that is preserved there after his PGA win in 1989. Hope to get back next summer.
  5. Hello everyone! I am new to the sandtrap and am looking for some guidance. I am from Nova Scotia and have a brother who lives in the Chicago area. I plan to visit him next spring and hopefully play several courses. He lives northwest of the city in the Kildeer area, not far from Kemper Lakes I believe, so if anyone has recommendations they would be much appreciated. Cheers!