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  1. MSB256


    I had an iphone... when my wife and I wanted a desktop we got an imac... when my HP laptop was stolen, we replaced it with a macbook pro. I won't go back to PC, period.
  2. Thanks LAX. You've been a big help. I may go hit some drivers when demo days comes around... but I'm leaning towards keeping my burner and shaft shopping. The dent really does bother me too... not that it affects the driver, just because I know it's there. It kinda sucks... like if you have a scratch on your car even though it drives fine, haha. But if I replace my driver with an identical new driver, my wife will think I'm nuts!
  3. Thanks for all of your help guys! Another shaft I'm thinking about checking out is the Fujikura Rombax Z708. It looks like a god one, although a very high priced one. I haven't thrown the idea of keeping my burner 09 just yet... but if I'm going to do that, I've gotta find the shaft that works. I'm almost to the point I'd like to find the shaft I love and always keep it - changing only the head if I want a new driver. I read that the Burner 09 I have is a low spin driver so I might want to hang on to it... although the FT-IQ looks like a beast. Let me ask this... how particular are you guys with your clubs? For example, last season I was a little disheartened when I placed my bag too close behind me during an iron shot and on the way down I hit my driver... leaving a scrape/dent where the crown meets the bottom... it's not a big dent. It's really small actually, it's just that I notice it and my flawless paint job is no longer flawless. Would that bother you?
  4. Yes you did and I really appreciate it. That is one thing that turns me on about the FT-IQ I have placed on hold - it is an imix. Being able to easily change shafts is a big bonus. It currently has the stock X stiff shaft in it. I guess that's my main dilemma is replace my burner all together or just try a new shaft... it's just the shaft thing isn't easy to do when each one is roughly 100 bucks and you've gotta get someone to switch them out. I know you can get fitted, but there's nothing like seeing live and in person how a shaft will affect your ball flight with your driver. You've almost got to just learn as you go. I do like the 09 burner I have and I've heard that it's a low spin driver head which is nice... just can't figure this driver thing out ya know? Wish I had enough money to buy and try them all !
  5. MSB256


    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm gonna check it out a little more tomorrow... and by check it out I simply mean hold it and look it haha, which doesn't tell me much. The problem is with the cold weather I can't get out and hit one right now...
  6. MSB256


    I'd like anyone who plays or has played the FT-IQ to share their opinion of the driver. I've got an FT-IQ tour on hold and am thinking it over. I will either reshaft my burner or switch to the FT-IQ. What's your opinion of the ft-iq compared to other drivers you've hit/played? Either way, I'm looking for a new driver setup.
  7. Thanks for you help Lacrosse man! So I'm thinking I'll look into the Prototype and the PM702. I'm still a little cloudy on trajectory vs spin. Is hitting it high but with no spin the ideal launch? Or low trajectory and low spin? Do I want low line drive or long and high? I know what I DON'T want is the ballooning... The only problem is I can't even get out there and remember what my current shaft is like cuz of this weather! They're calling for snow tomorow night in North Alabama! I'm itching to play golf!
  8. This is the NV prototype I've heard good things about... http://www.victorycustomgolf.com/pro...prototype.aspx So, reshafting my burner once again won't be bad for it right? Is the whiteboard the head honcho of the low trajectory shafts? If I want low trajectory do I necessarily want low spin? I just want the ball to not go sky high and drop like a rock with no roll...
  9. I understand the logic behind having YOUR putter... you use it at least twice (in most cases) on every hole. With that said, I get why some people think it's silly to ponder and ponder over a driver when you should be focused on your irons, your putters, your scoring clubs. But... Call me aggressive if you want, but I'm tired of the logic that people are so afraid of the driver. I've finally got a nice set of clubs that I enjoy, but my goal is to find THAT driver, the one I feel confident with and have no fear of pulling it out when I'm tied with my playing partner and one in the woods could cost me the round, but one down the fairway further than his 3 wood could win it. Now that I'm done with my rant... how many times can you reshaft a driver? I used to like my '09 burner, but the stock shaft was too long and too light. So I used an SK Fiber shaft which some of you have probably never heard of. They have somewhat of a presence on the long drive circuits, but aren't well known other than that. So this year, I'm looking for that one driver that I can call my own. I know the technology changes every year, or at least it seems so, but this year I'm looking at a model from last year - the FT-IQ. That or reshaft my burner again. I have a high swing speed with my biggest problem being ballooning the ball. That's where this shaft came in - suppose to be very stiff and promote a lower trajectory. But, the brand name just doesn't give me confidence and I don't know the specs - I took a local guy's word on it. In summary, who has experience with the FT-IQ? Should I look into that, or just reshaft my burner again? Does a high kick point = a lower trajectory? I've read that high kick point equates low trajectory and low torque is good. Has anyone ever tried the NV prototype? It seems hard to find. Without knowing my swing specs, what are your typical low trajectory, low spin shafts? Also, is anyone else determined to find a driver that you are confident enough to use on every hole? I understand that they are harder to be accurate with, but I refuse to neglect it! Apologies for the novel and before you go there, I'm not sure of my handicap, hence the number you see there.
  10. MSB256

    Taylormade TP balls

    I believe Erik has it right... Red = lower trajectory, less spin black = higher trajectory, more spin The description on the sleeve of balls is more clear, so if you need to see it for yourself, open a box and look at the sleeve of balls. Obviously Taylormade should have been more clear or else we wouldn't have been so confused in the first place.
  11. MSB256

    Taylormade TP balls

    Ha... point Erik. Not to instigate, but that was a pretty good one... And I will agree, it's not as easy as saying tp red = proV1 and tp black = prov1x Actually, off the driver, the tp red would equal the proV1x. Between the tp black and tp red, the red is suppose to be the ball for less spin and lower trajectory off the driver. It says it right on the box. Isn't the proV1x the lower trajectory, less spin off the driver ball for titleist?
  12. MSB256

    Tour Burner vs 09 burner

    Yeah, I've got the '09 and I like it a lot. The driver is just one of these things that it seems hard to find one and say this is the one. I'm wondering if I should have gone with the R9. Oh well, I better get use to the '09, it's a nice driver.
  13. Anyone hit both? I've seen a review giving preference to the tour over the 09.

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