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  1. Jack Nicklaus is doing loops of 12 and 6 holes on one course so that you can play 6 , 12 or 18 holes if you like. I love the idea...
  2. probably save about 3-4 strokes, but more than the saving the stroke is the enjoyment to me of making the putt !! I see way too many golfers putting defensively ( including myself sometimes ) which is not how it should be. I don't like the idea of a 15" hole, I think it changes the game too much...
  3. Do you think it is going to change for lower level players / public courses, seeing how most everything else in the game has changed ? I would like to see an increase , but keep it to six inches and maybe only on certain days on better courses. Getting frustrated with not making as many putts as I would like and I am better than most putters, so can't imagine how others feel.
  4. For the Architects / course designers out there a question: if you knew nothing about the current size of the golf hole , what size of hole would you create to have a balance of difficulty, speed of play and fun ?
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