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  1. I went back and changed my vote (again) since the rules changed in Ohio (again) last week.
  2. How did you play today @mcanadiens? What did you think about Windy Knoll?
  3. Christine is a friend of mine. I was looking forward to having lunch at the Fairway Inn and giving her a hard time as @missitnoonan and I usually do. Hopefully soon.
  4. I understand that, but I wonder why they have to be taxpayer supported to remain solvent when other courses can turn a modest profit. The land is already owned by the city. Kittyhawk is actually on the city's water aquifer. The lakes are filtration system for our drinking water, so you can taste Pro-V1 in every drink. Madden is part of a wastewater treatment plant. It can get a bit gamey on hot summer days. Community is land that the city has owned for a long time. The downside is they have to pay union rates for mowing, etc. when private courses do not. You couldn't pay me enough to do that, but you should elect me as mayor. Dayton is a great city that has been under poor leadership since the days of Mike Turner.
  5. Are you saying that losing $50K a year is not bad? Any other course, and many have, would close at running any deficit. If the owner is not making a little money, why do all the work? I guess I'm confused at what you are saying. I don't expect perfect conditions, because I don't have that much money. I actually have too many other hobbies like my Harley, but it brings me much joy. Pretty much, yes. I got this in my email from the City...
  6. This is completely off topic, but I added a fairing last year and took it to a guy in my HOG group to have it painted to match my bike. Here is the final result.
  7. How many privately owned golf courses would stay in business with that much of a deficit? They're covered with crabgrass and clover. As you mentioned, the bunkers are deplorable at all the courses. I will concede that the greens are kept very nice, but the patrons are terrible at repairing pitch marks. They tend to look like a teenager's face. I heard that this course is on the chopping block along with Madden. Honestly, the city is saving money (losing less money) with the courses closed if you want to look at it that way. Contract or agreement, you can call it what you like. You bought the right to play the course "when it is open". You are not allowed to play it at night when it is closed, right? They can easily justify the closure for public safety even though others have chosen to stay open. I know it sucks, but hopefully they will open soon.
  8. The city courses have been kept afloat by taxpayer money for years. They’re pretty so-so courses. I will likely play homestead mostly this year. Longer drive, but course conditions are much nicer.
  9. @mcanadiens and @Bonvivant. I’ll bet the city will do something for pass holders. I wouldn’t expect much, but they will try to do something. Most likely they will extend your passes through next February to make up the difference.
  10. And if there were, I would guess that a national emergency being declared would be an exemption.
  11. MVGA posted that all Greene County Courses are closed. Their health board is not in agreement with the state. Good luck. Mayor Whaley I said hello.
  12. ^^^ This ^^^ I would add that grip, stance, and posture build a foundation to it.
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