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  1. Yes, so instead of helping groups keep pace, they take advantage by practicing on the open hole in front of the slow group.
  2. Yeah, the rangers at Kittyhawk are useless. The starters basically check your ticket, but they are non existent usually after the leagues tee off in the evenings. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people come and spend time on the range and then sneak out to one of the tees after the starter goes back to the cart barn to sit around and BS with the others.
  3. You will never see me move to the state up north! 😝 I do miss my annual trips to Oakland Hills though.
  4. Fortunately, it is doing much better today. I am continuing to rest it. Thankfully, the forecast for the next 3 days is not conducive to golf as the remnants of Berry move through our area. I swear things things follow me wherever I go!
  5. Very cool! If they had that many options, it was probably a much better option. We will have to get out as soon as my foot heals. 😕
  6. I doubt that I do much other than watch golf this week to make sure this heals good. Well, that and the remnants of Berry moving in midweek. That’s a good thing though, because my lawn is thirsty. It will help remove the temptation to play too.
  7. I don't know about duct tape, but I might consider athletic tape. 🙂
  8. I honestly don't know. I walk all the time. I have yet to ride in a cart all year. It's odd that our of nowhere I would get a blister. There's nothing different about my socks or shoes. I find it equally unbelievable that swinging alone would cause this. My son even mowed the grass this week, so that isn't it. Thanks! Me too. I'm afraid to ask what the duct tape is for.
  9. It looks like I am out of commission for a while. I was playing in a Quota game yesterday, and my left foot started hurting me. By the time we made the turn, it REALLY started hurting. When I finished the 14th it was almost unbearable. I couldn't get any weight onto my front foot making it difficult to make a golf swing. I apologized to my partners and gracefully bowed out. I assumed that the neuroma on my left foot was acting up, but fortunately, that is not the case. Fortunately, I have a gigantic blister on the bottom of my left foot. I've walked many rounds, but I never got a blister let alone one this large. I will spare everyone and not post a picture. I am wondering if this is from walking, or if it's a sign that my weight is too much towards my toes when I'm swinging since the blister is beside the pad. Who knows, but I it doesn't look like I will be playing this week. 😥
  10. Complete misery today. One birdie. One par. The rest was pure crap. The neuroma on my left foot hurt so bad, I could hardly put weight on it, so I called it a day. View this round on GAME GOLF
  11. Cincy isn’t too far, so I would think it’s definitely worth the drive. I’m not sure if BCreek sells clubs other than Ping. I imagine they do, but I would certainly give Ping a test drive. I have a membership to the city courses, so give me a shout if you ever need a 4th. BTW, earlier I meant to say that I can’t speak to Miles of Golf, not can.
  12. I shot 3 over tonight. 4 birdies. 4 bogeys and 1 triple. Ok. So it was putt putt, but my son was bragging about how he was going to own me. I beat him by 9.
  13. Hey @RichWW2. I can speak to Miles of Golf. Mizuno had a demo day at Kittyhawk a few weeks ago. It's too bad you missed that. I'm sure there will be others still this summer, so I will let you know if I hear of any. Since you're in town, let me know if you want to play sometime. I just thought of this and looked up the video. You might want to check out Beavercreek GC. They have a Ping nFlight fitting center.
  14. The link did not copy over from my Chromebook. View this round on GAME GOLF
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