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  1. Would say the same thing about the NFL... $250K is a drop in the bucket for Hollywood.
  2. Assuming you meant to say "would not", what makes you so sure?
  3. Why do these people travel on interstates and main roads?
  4. That was really cool. I wish I had been out there to watch it live.
  5. Glad to be back swinging a real golf club again. Just slow swings tonight starting hip high and increasing in length.
  6. These don't sound depressing. Stay on topic!
  7. I won't get home until late this evening, so I did my hanger swings this morning. I don't know how effective these are. Back to my normal routines tomorrow.
  8. It's something to hold on to basically. I'm sure there are hanger drills, but I'm focusing mostly on my head and hips.
  9. A little late evening swing practice in my room with a hanger again. Tonight I am putting the office chair to the left of me to prevent sliding. I can't wait to get back home to my practice club. I'm tired of hangers.
  10. I would say Medium-Well.
  11. Mine has read the books at least 3 times each.
  12. I'm not sure what to think. I'm not much into romance stories.