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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    And so it begins.
  2. Central FL Meet Ups

    I wish I could be.
  3. General Ohio Discussion

    It's supposed to hit 60 tomorrow, and I'm still jobless. I'm planning to go out for one more round before the bottom falls out this week. They're talking possible snow next weekend.
  4. When is it too cold to golf?

    Below 60 is too cold.
  5. General Ohio Discussion

    I would join you, but my golf clubs are buried, and I have no income at the moment. ...and it’s still pretty chilly.
  6. Central FL Meet Ups

    Me too. It's already cold a dreary up here in Ohio. Time to queue the winter depression.
  7. Central FL Meet Ups

    Sad indeed. I need to get your dad’s address so I can send him a check sincerely we were never able to get together again so I could pay him.
  8. General Ohio Discussion

    I am seeing posts about white death falling from the sky back in Ohio.
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    There are worse places to live. At least I got to experience 1 nice winter.
  10. Winter Depression Thread

    I hope I find a job too. The weather in FL right now is perfect for golf, but with no money coming in...
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    I know. I lost my job last month and still own my house there.
  12. Winter Depression Thread

    I am here for another week. The movers come on Monday and move my stuff back to Ohio.
  13. General Ohio Discussion

    I only live in FL for 1 more week. As of next week, I will be a freezing Ohioan once again.
  14. Winter Depression Thread

    The first arctic blast of the year is upon us. Time to revive this thread.
  15. General Ohio Discussion

    Welcome @HooshnOhio

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