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  1. I didn't vote. I have never met Jordan, and I don't think I could make this call unless I did. Even then I try not to paint people into corners. There is enough hate in the world without me adding to it.
  2. My driver is my best friend. I leave my hybrid in the bag though.
  3. Played without @Gator Hazard and @jsgolfer's dad. Shot 43 - 50 for a 93. Quintuple on the back nine really hurt.
  4. It was nice at the beach today though.
  5. I think it will be. Unfortunately...
  6. Oakland Hills CC. This will be the first year I haven't played it in quite a while. I plan to play Bayhill at some point.
  7. I think that people are making new rules/laws to justify their continued need as rule/lawmakers.
  8. If I still lived there, I would be in.
  9. Juvenile. Dangerous. Idiotic.
  10. Several times I've been 1 or 2 under halfway through the front 9, but reality eventually sets in.
  11. I ended up shooting 44-42 for an 86. Way too many doubles. The most painful was 18 after being pin high in 2 on a par 5.
  12. He's an old curmudgeon.
  13. Great seeing you guys again! @Jeremie Boop @mcanadiens and @missitnoonan even though he never bring HS his sorry a$$ on here.
  14. Billy and I are riding. My knee is bothering me. I wouldn't last more than a few holes walking.