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  1. I tried this with an android, and the area you had to tap on the phone was VERY small. It wasn’t worth the effort. I just bought a game gold unit on eBay for $40. It was missing some tags, but I already have those from my last unit that went belly up a few years ago.
  2. Thankfully, my course drains really fast, so it hasn’t been too bad.
  3. If most of misses on approach shots are short, that’s an easy fix. Take more club. 😉
  4. It's been 5 years since you posted a Game Golf round. I would start tracking your rounds and harvest the cornucopia of information to see where you need to improve.
  5. This is about as ugly as it gets. The only par was from a missed 4' birdie putt. 🤮 View this round on GAME GOLF
  6. Take up crochet or needlepoint. You will save your self a ton of money and years of aggravation. 😉
  7. Thanks guys. Angie is doing good. She goes in for her 6 week checkup on Thursday. Hopefully they give her the thumbs up to go back to work.
  8. CarlSpackler

    Long Time

    It's been a long time since I blogged on here. Life sure has a sick sense of humor. In October 2017, I was laid off from my job in FL and I moved back to Ohio begrudgingly. I spent most of the last year working on my house so that it will sell. There is still quite a bit to do, but it is getting there. My wife was diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully it had not spread. Working and taking care of a loved one can certainly suck the life out of you. With that being said, I bought a membership to the city courses after playing only a handful of times last year. It's taking a while to shake the dust off, but it's slowly coming around.
  9. I will be joining this year, especially since I bought my membership to the Dayton golf courses this year.
  10. You're welcome. As for me, playing the Ryder Cup style matches in FL with @David in FL is right up on the top of my list along with the many times that I have played Oakland Hills.
  11. This is very incorrect. My swing has changed significantly since I was 35.
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