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  1. Driving through NC this afternoon on my way back to FL, I was only an hour or so away from there. Best of luck to all!
  2. Would you rather...

    Double the last. At least I would be on TV and have Mr. Miller (aka Captain Obvious) telling me about all the things I did wrong.
  3. Dayton, OH

    Perhaps I didn't click the Save button. There should be one now.
  4. Dayton, OH

    It's already too cold for me.
  5. Dayton, OH

    I’m back. The movers are scheduled to pick up my stuff on 10/30. Not much of a golf season left though. Created a group a few weeks (?) ago and I’m waiting on it to be approved.
  6. Whose swing would you rather have? Sergio's or Jon Rahm's

    In the words of Yoda, “That, is why you fail.”
  7. Whose swing would you rather have? Sergio's or Jon Rahm's

    Either. They are both better than mine. If I had to pick, I’ll take Rahm because it is a younger swing.
  8. Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    Not to worry. Once you get married, you will not be allowed to play golf.
  9. Central FL Meet Ups

    I will not longer be living in Florida unfortunately. It was great while it lasted.
  10. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    I was sandbagging to avoid that number.
  11. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    I sum it up this way. Generally speaking, mental game can cost you strokes, but it can’t make you play better than your physical swing. Being “in the zone” will result in your best potential score. For a tour player, that could be 59. For me, low 80s because their swing, short game, etc. are far superior.
  12. Orlando, Florida

    Thanks everyone. I have a few lines in the water down here, but I have more connections up north. On the plus side, I still own my house there which is about half of what I’m paying in rent here. We will see how it goes. I started a few topics in the Central FL group to carry on various discussions.
  13. Use this topic to propose and discuss meet ups in the Central FL area.
  14. Chit Chat

    I’m starting this thread for general banter.
  15. Orlando, Florida