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  1. I'll do it for $74.50.
  2. It depends for me. If the course is backed up and we are waiting, then I give honor as it's due. If we aren't waiting, then whoever is ready goes first.
  3. That's awesome!
  4. I think you would be amazed how quickly it could recover.
  5. It's a great layout. With some TLC, it could be one of the best courses in town.
  6. Why? That's what I did with my children.
  7. I don't see much of a dress code any more. Many courses are struggling to survive and therefore pretty lenient.
  8. We do, but he is moving back to Ohio with my son in a few weeks. I'm sure there are a few around. I just haven't seen any in my neighborhood. It is very densely populated. Homes barely have yards and are stacked on top of each other. My yard has a 6' privacy fence as well.
  9. It's been less than a year. I saw a few sunning themselves driving to the beach last weekend. Winter Park is very urban, so it's not hospitable to gators.
  10. Why is it that everyone feels the need to tiptoe around their wife's feelings these days? You simply say that you are going on guys golf trip and they can plan whatever they like on their own.
  11. From the tips, I might need to use D on par 3's too.
  12. I typically play very spontaneously as a single, but that was my MO in Ohio too. I've gone through periods of poor play, and I'm certainly used to putting my clubs away for the winter. I've never gone through a period where I just don't want to play. It's somewhat frightening. Maybe my brain is confused from the lack of snow and ice. The next few weeks are going to be very hectic indeed. Two more weeks of packing and then heading to Ohio for a week the day after the movers relocate all of our stuff. Then we come back and unbox everything... AGAIN. Perhaps I'll get the itch after things settle down as you've mentioned.
  13. I am officially in the golf doldrums. I have not played, nor had the desire to play, in over 3 weeks. I have cleaned my clubs and put them in the corner of the garage. Have I officially quit the game?
  14. I didn't know your wife played golf.
  15. I had zero three putts for the last 3 weeks. Of course I haven't played for the last 3 weeks.