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  1. I doubt that. If I could net what I made this past weekend on a weekly basis, I wouldn't have to keep a day job. But then there's health insurance...
  2. I hate to say this, but I'm out. I've accepted a side consulting job with my former employer, and that's the weekend that we are pulling the trigger. It stinks that I can't make it, but the money is good.
  3. Got it. Let me know where to send it.
  4. We need to impose a height limit on basketball players too... Just because y'all fell inferior to pro golfers doesn't mean that technology or rules should limit them.
  5. If you don't need them ASAP, I can probably make it there to get them.
  6. I'm not sure when I would be able to make it up that way. I'm out of town this weekend doing a consulting job for my former employer.
  7. This is a stupid, stupid idea. That is all.
  8. I prefer to play in the afternoons myself. I don't have to deal with dew on the grass. In Ohio, courses were usually wide open Sunday afternoons. Apparently not here.
  9. It was a local pro who recommended it, so I figured... Well, live and learn. On the plus side, I was paired up with a young lad who is down here playing on a mini-tour. He made it around with a few birdies and 1 bogey. Not a good day for him. The there was the old couple who I called the Havercamps. Every time the lady hit the ball, I was thinking, "That's a peach, hon."
  10. Nope. It's getting to be the time of year where I can get 9 in after work, but otherwise, I'm captive at my day job. My big project has kicked off which means long days, and my former employer has hired me as a consultant for some weekend work. I need the money, but weekends are going to be tough now too. Yeah man. This was REALLY bad. No stones in the bunkers though.
  11. It was Mayfair. Some guys I played with the weekend before suggested I try it out because of the greens. The greens were nice, but that was about it. That is my plan, but it probably won't be for another year or so. I want to be good and settled in first. Paying rent here and a mortgage in Ohio doesn't leave much room in the budget to join a private club. Once i @bkuehn1952 It was a gorgeous day indeed, but I don't play worth a crap when I have to wait 5 minutes or more to make a swing. Waiting on these people @Marty2019 if rangers aren't willing confront people, they shouldn't be a ranger. I'm not saying they have to be nasty or anything, but you may have to tell people to pick up the pace or let people through. It doesn't require technology to see that there were 2 empty holes in front of the group that was 4 spots ahead of us. It's amazing how much quicker the last 2 holes went once they got out of the way.
  12. Yesterday was an excruciatingly long day on the golf course. It took nearly an hour to play the first 3 holes. My tee time was 12:18 PM. I looked at the clock as I left the course and noticed it was 6:17. O...M...G! To make matters worse, 2 women cut in front of the 3-some of men ahead of us on #10. I had enough and walked to the clubhouse and asked the guy where the starter was. He pointed to himself. When I told about the butt-in, he replied that he couldn't do anything because he was the only one in the clubhouse. Apparently he got the cart boy to drive out and tell them they had to go back to the first tee. They gave me a dirty look as they drove past us back to #1. I returned the dirty look and hoped that they would say something. Unfortunately they didn't. The cart boy came over and apologize. I told him that after it taking 3 hours to play the front with the entire course backed up, that was uncalled for. He responded that we were "only" 30 min. behind a typical round of 5 hours. I said, "If that's your typical round here, I certainly will not be coming back." I am quickly coming to the conclusion that most public courses in Florida are pieces of sh**. So far, Eagle Creek, which I played with a bunch of TST members in December, is the best. It's further than I want to drive on a regular basis though. I have others to try, but I am less than impressed so far.
  13. Nope. I'm done. Maybe I can make a few bucks selling the tags on eBay.
  14. That would be a negative. I was trying it today to see how it worked, and it slipped off my belt. It has done this quite a few times before, but today I couldn't find it. Se la vie.