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  1. The problem with the Darwin award theory is that he likely has already procreated at the age of 30.
  2. Agreed, but college age kids seem to be going wild. My kids tell me that "Rona parties" are the rage. People go to parties with someone who is confirmed positive. You pay so much into the pot, and the first one to show symptoms wins the pot. Seriously?
  3. This is why they are going to have to close everything back down. Responsible adults will be punished for the actions of the irresponsible. As Bill Cosby always said, children are brain damaged. These are just overgrown children.
  4. Not basically. Exactly, AND HIS DAD IS A DOCTOR!!! His biologic father that is.
  5. We wonder why this is spreading. My ex-nephew-in-law has been partying with his friends and going to the gym even after he started showing symptoms. He got tested (positive) after he started feeling really bad. Maybe they should close bars again since these kids can't control themselves. 'I thought this was a hoax': Patient, 30, dies after attending 'COVID party,' doctor says Young people are increasingly catching and spreading coronavirus, and similar parties have been reported in other areas of the nation.
  6. I don’t even know what that is.
  7. We are making big decisions based on this data. If things are being double/triple counted, or as some friends have told me, they are counting people who have been "contact traced" as positive even though they have not been tested, then the data is incorrect and misleading. This actually dilutes the mortality rate because it inflates the number of cases that are compared to deaths. Given that the mortality rate is declining, what changed. Better treatment? It's less deadly in the summer? Isn't it more likely that we are counting more COVID cases than there actually are? As far as masks, I think they are hurting more than helping. People are constantly touching / adjusting their masks. If a person is infected, they are now transferring the virus which is concentrated on their mask to their hands, and then they touch things. The CDC says that you are supposed to wash your hands if you touch your mask. Nobody is doing this. Masks look pretty nasty, so I am guessing that many people are not washing them either. A coworker of my daughter is battling a bacterial infection in her lungs because she wore the same mask and never washed it. People are being told to wear them, but not how to care for them.
  8. Now you have money for a cart. 😉
  9. It's called discussion. Shutting down someone would be removing their posts or banning them. This site does really well at allowing open debate as long as it doesn't get political or personal. I factored that in. Cases continued to decline for almost a month after opening, but really started to skyrocket 2-3 weeks after the protests in late May/Early June. Seems to be a decent correlation to me. When I was watching protests on TV with people packed together yelling an screaming, I thought at the time there was going to be a spike in cases. Again, the fact that death rate continues to drop in Ohio and nationwide is a really good sign IMO.
  10. You can't even go into a bank now, so... Let's look at Ohio's data. Our daily cases / deaths were bad during the total shutdown. Cases actually went down when things opened back up in mid/late May despite more testing. Cases began to go back up in mid-June which many people assign to the hoards of people protesting and anti-protesting. Many say that is due to increased testing, but since hospitalizations are going up to, I don't believe that to be the case. Most importantly, our fatality rate has been trending down since late May. I attribute this to our doctors and nurses identifying COVID-19 and treating earlier. Maybe I am wrong, but to me it is a good thing that we have more cases with a declining death rate.
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