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  1. Orlando, Florida

    Glad you're OK! Hello from Costa Rica everyone!
  2. Do you play a "winter ball"?

    Play the same ball all year.
  3. For me, 3w, 3w, some kind of wedge. They broke the fairway right where my ball would likely land. I hate this hole.
  4. Born with Clubface Control

    I will have to try this. Of course they don't have too many targets at 185 yards.
  5. Define The Bad Golfer

  6. Hurricane IRMA

    Power still out. Thankful for a generator.
  7. Hurricane IRMA

    I am still in one piece. My patio screen door is hanging on by a thread, but everything else seems ok.
  8. Hurricane IRMA

    I lost power about an hour ago. Wifi still running on battery backup. Lots of tornado warnings. This is insanity.
  9. Hurricane IRMA

    She is starting to make her turn north. It has weakened a bit, but will likely strengthen quickly once over open water.
  10. Hurricane IRMA

    Yeah. It's looking pretty ugly. I flew back down from Ohio Thursday to secure the house. I've prepped as much as I can. Stay safe everyone!
  11. Orlando, Florida

    Thanks! Same goes to @Gator Hazard @jetsknicks1 and @Vinsk. @jsgolfer - I hope your dad is up there with you. I took the bike out this morning and did see one group out on the course. Done.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played Homestead in Ohio today with my son's clubs and a Two Ball putter that I borrowed from @missitnoonan. Shot 39 on the front with a double on the first hole. Followed that with a 47 (46 ESC) on the back. It was much easier until the wind started blowing.
  13. Favorite Thing about This Time of Year

    Not looking good. I'm in Ohio now, but head back Thursday.
  14. Favorite Thing about This Time of Year

    Hurricanes. Not really.
  15. Shipping clubs for a trip

    When I have travelled with my clubs, which isn't often because it is such a pain, I use a Samsonite bag with roller wheels. I wrap several towels and around the clubheads to protect them. Im going to Costa Rica in a few weeks and I'm tempted to take them. I probably won't though.