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  1. Oddly, my friends who are doctors and nurses have vastly differing opinions on this. My doctor knows my health issues and can provide advice based on that. No offense taken. I didn't feel that you were specifically. That just tends to happen here which is why I keep my mouth (keyboard) shut on many things and have avoided this thread for the most part. It never does, which is why I never try to infer a tone in an online discussion. It's not so much that I don't trust the government. I don't believe there is anything nefarious going on as some do. I will only say that I
  2. I never said I was anti-vaccine. I am only posting observations about it. I realize the tendency here is to pile on a dissenting opinion like a pack of dogs on a wounded cat. If I was completely anti-vaccine, this would be the last place I would post about it. When I don't agree with anything here, I keep my keystrokes to myself and move on. I do have concerns that I will discuss with my doctor at my upcoming annual checkup. If we determine the need and the timing, I will get it from their staff. I'm not so sure about this one. 👽
  3. Are we only allowed to make positive posts about the vaccine? If so, then the moderators can feel free to delete all of my posts. I am not sure, and I don't care to guess. I am only posting my observations. I just find it ironic that she made it to the vaccine, and presumably that made her ill.
  4. Most of the people I know who contracted the actual virus over the last year had only minor symptoms. One of our people was deathly afraid of the virus over the last year and has been living like a hermit. She got the vaccine last week is now VERY sick. These are just my observations. I am not telling anyone that they shouldn't get the vaccine, but I hope they understand the risks. There are risks with the tetanus shot too.
  5. If he did, it might improve his appearance. 🤣
  6. The Moderna vaccine was given out at work last Friday. One of our employees still cannot move her arm now 5 days after. One of my friends was in bed all weekend. He said that he felt like he was hit by a dump truck, but is starting to feel better. The list goes on.
  7. As the saying goes, “9 you’re fine. 10 you’re mine.”
  8. You must not have seen me on that road.
  9. Unless they are listed in the OP, I will pass. On another note, I would be happy to trade in the lifetime of golf clubs for a lifetime of Pro-V1's.
  10. I have plenty of money. I’m going for the memories.
  11. 2,4, and 6. Bad knee or not, I would give up a kidney to play Augusta National. Added: Since Tiger is broken, can I substitute a round with Jack?
  12. It’s only a matter of time before they go completely under. I’m considering selling mine while there’s still a shred of value to it. it might be too late for that.
  13. This was in the previous Blog, but I tore some cartilage at work and now I am battling with workers comp and my employer. There was a hearing last Monday, and I am waiting on a decision. After that, my employer has 30 days to appeal. After that, my doctor has to put in for treatment which could be another month or 2. I gave that some thought. I've had many injuries and pains over the year, and I've always tried to figure out how to play with the injury. I would even make a trip to a putting green to get some short game / putting in.
  14. A quick update. A week ago Sunday, we went to church and the man up front said some things that hit me hard. I've been dry for over a week now and have been to the gym almost every night. The knee has me limited, but I'm doing upper body work. It's better than nothing. The clubs are still in the shed. My son wants me to go to the range with him next weekend and help. Poor kid should get a real teacher some day.
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