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  1. CarlSpackler

    Uncle Don

    I want to take a moment to talk about my uncle Don. He is the guy who gave me my first swing lesson at a very young age. We were having a family cookout, and I had grabbed one of my days irons and was swinging it in the yard. He came over and showed me some things. I don't think my mother was too happy with him when I started making divots in her well manicured turf. This led to taking a few of my dad's "smiled" golf balls to the park up the street and hitting them back and forth every day. I would occasionally get invited to tag along with my dad, grandpa, and uncle at the nearby goat track. I killed a lot of worms at that place, but the occasional great shot (relatively speaking) wet my appetite for the game like nothing else. I wanted more and more. Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was one of the calmest, coolest people I have ever know. I have never seen him get upset over anything. When he would hit a bad shot, which wasn't too often, he would simply say, "Hmmmm." and play his next shot. What I wouldn't give for another round at that goat track (now closed permanently) with those guys. I imagine he has already played a round or two with my grandpa on the great golf course in the sky.
  2. I guess they all seem awesome to me compared to the goat tracks that I play. 😕
  3. Thoughts on Jack's House in Dublin? I would give my left one to play there. Kidney that is.
  4. I got this... Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life. Greg Norman has had a huge impact on my life.
  5. Could this be the next TST challenge / badge...
  6. Too cold for me, especially when the courses are muddy AND covered with goose 💩. I brought my Harley home from Winter storage Sunday and rode it a bit, but I was bundled up like an Eskimo.
  7. It's looking like late March / early April here in SW Ohio before it will be golfable. Snowmageddon approaches... I'm heading to FL a week from Thursday for a week, so hopefully it will start improving soon after I get back.
  8. If not for the PGA Tour, I would likely be watching cars drive around in circles on cold Sunday afternoons before it warms up enough to play. That makes it a yes for me.
  9. Walking is better for me. It keeps my back loose. Also good exercise.
  10. I will definitely bring my chaps, but the temperature will dictate whether I wear them. I'm hoping it's warm enough to ride down and have my wife follow me instead of bringing a trailer, but that is doubtful. Not sure if my golf clubs are coming too. Not sure what bars you've been hanging out in, but they are worn OVER pants.
  11. Yes... reluctantly... 😭 I'll be heading down in 3 weeks for bike week though. 😎
  12. I use my 3W for 2nd shots on a par 5 or to make up for the occasional "dribbler" that barely makes the fairway. If I use it from the tee, it's a shorter par 4 dogleg that my driver will likely run through the rough. I find it quite useful and don't find it difficult to hit a ball in the fairway. I will rarely hit it from the rough. What club would you remove and how often to you use it?
  13. I am all too familiar. I lived in Winter Park / Mt. Dora for a year and a half. Y'all grab your parkas when it drops below 80 for the high. I am coming down for bike week in March, so make sure it warms up before then. 😉
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