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  1. 6 pars today, all repeats. The holes I still need par on resulted in a triple and 2 doubles.
  2. I stumbled upon this in the MVGA Weekly newsletter from the Bucky’s Bunker podcast. I never realized that MacGregor got its start right here in my hometown. I also didn’t realize that their HQ is a few miles from my house at MacGregor Park (now owned by the power company). Even though it is a long read, there’s some interesting info in here. The MacGregor Golf Company - Miami Valley Golf The MacGregor Golf Co. The MacGregor Golf Co. was founded on innovation -- on the creative process of making...
  3. I am presently out to breakfast for the first time since March. This was our Saturday morning date for years, so it’s nice to be back. Our server is our regular. She will get a really nice tip. Last night we went to several of our haunts. We had dinner at Little York Tavern and then went to the bar where I’ve played many times. The bar was dead. Very sad, but it sounds like live music can start next week. Fingers crossed since I have a gig scheduled for next Friday. People are behaving. It’s good to see things opening.
  4. I definitely need to make head up there and conquer that beast.
  5. Congrats on the the new home!
  6. What did you decide if you don't mind me asking? Keep us updated on your progress. On another note, how do you like Australia?
  7. Dude I played with last weekend kept inviting me to hit another one. I politely declined. I think he finally caught on after the 5th time I turned him down. They're being polite.
  8. You say that as if this is the first wave of a series of pandemics that will lead to government takeover of everything. I wasn't scared until now. I'm just curious though, are you here to discuss golf, or are you trolling the Internet replicating talking points about COVID-19?
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