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  1. I think I am done, especially with the lack of toilet paper...
  2. But if you had to pick somewhere, where would it be? @Piz and @Double Mocha Man I am also looking forward to watering holes opening up. I had 5 drumming gigs cancelled so far with more to come. I doubt I could file unemployment for missing out on that income. I too cannot wait for Mexican. One of our favorites is a place with a salsa bar. Sooooo good.
  3. Probably not, but the movie Demolition Man came to mind where they great each other by raising their hand saying "I formally convey my presence." Taco Bell may be the only restaurant to survive, and the lack of toilet paper drives us to come up with other solutions.
  4. I've heard this question on a few radio shows, so I will ask it here. Where is the first place you are going to go have a dine-in meal when this is all over and restaurant dining rooms are open again? For me, there is a little roadside joint called the 571 Grill with awesome smoked wings that are flash fried right before they're served. The have a great selection of micro-brews. That's where I'm headed.
  5. I have been hearing that A LOT, and my family is no exception. I have an unrelated doctor appointment today. This should be interesting...
  6. I think that our standards for cleaning and sanitizing in all work environments will be permanently changed. Hopefully we will build new habits of washing our hands thoroughly and coughing/sneezing into our arms instead of our hands. We will also start implementing more touch free technology (automatic doors, hand dryers, etc.). All of this will help prevent the spread of cold, flu and other germs in the future. Handshakes will become a thing of the past. Finally, there has been some funny 💩 posted as people have WAY too much time one their hands. Thankfully, my wife is a seashell hoarder. Anyone know how to use them?
  7. Thinking of you and your family. Glad she is showing signs of improvement.
  8. I'm not sure who you are watching, but last Sunday's weather was exactly what I was expecting. Why do you think I didn't ask if you wanted company? I would rather hibernate until it turns warm.
  9. I just repeat what I see in the forecast. Unlikely that anything will accumulate, but I know it will be WAY too cold for me.
  10. Saturday is too cold for me. Sunday morning does look good, but it's Eater and my wife has the day planned. Everything after that look like 💩
  11. Could you do seated OH presses? If you have an exercise ball, you could sit on that and do them. It will engage your core for balance at the same time.
  12. Today looks like the only decent golf day in the 10 day forecast. They're talking snow showers next week at this time. Between that and the thunderstorms that kept me up half the night, I am done with Ohio weather.
  13. I am now on week 4 of the gym being closed. I am doing nightly walks with dog weather permitting, but all the strength gains made over the winter are diminishing. I would buy a weight set for the house if I had a place to put it. Hopefully things open up soon.
  14. My son caddied for me when he was younger. I paid him $5 and bought him a coke in the clubhouse after. It was a great way to play, and he thought he struck it rich. 🤣
  15. Doh! I meant to say Live, but their website appears to be down again, so maybe not a good idea... I can outpace many golfers using my range finder and Game Golf. It only takes a split second to tap the end of my club to my belt. I am usually shooting my target while other players are taking 5-10 practice swings. It only takes a few seconds once or twice a hole to get a yardage, so it hardly slows me down even when playing solo.
  16. It's not hard to change the tags. 10 minutes tops to do it, but I wouldn't put them in the vintage clubs to keep those off the books so to speak. At any rate, if you're genuinely interested in improving your game, I would definitely recommend these. It would have been a better investment than the 3rd set of clubs IMO.
  17. Using GameGolf is very enlightening about knowing your misses.You can get a Pro Unit for $99 plus tax. You can also just use the app on your phone for free, but that is a pain.
  18. All of these problems would go away if they would bring back caddies. I find this post very shocking.
  19. Yesterday would have been a good day to open. It was gorgeous outside!
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