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  1. True. I want to advance the ball as much as possible, but stay out of trouble.
  2. Never try the hero shot. Learn how to punch out safely and take your medicine.
  3. It’s not the same as a 59 on a par 72 IMO. Still impressive, but it needs to be a 57 to be the equivalent.
  4. If they have taken up another profession and are working full time at it, sure. If I didn’t have to work 40+ hours a week with a 40 mile commute each way, I would be a much better golfer.
  5. Yeah, those big number holes will hurt you for sure. Every shot counts 1.
  6. So far this year, I’ve been to Whitesnake, STYX, Tesla and Heart with a meet and greet.
  7. I was in the money too thanks to the 2 🐦. I think I only needed to get 15, not 21.
  8. An 83 on Dales-White is 23.3. 99 on the Hawk or Eagle is around 25, so I would guess you are somewhere around a 23 with the 96% multiplier.
  9. An estimated handicap will work. If you claim to be a 20 and shoot in the 70s, they will probably call BS. @mcanadiens has been called a sandbagger once or twice in this. 🤣
  10. You are spotted so many points based on your handicap. Then you have to make it to 36 points to be “in the money”. You get 1 point for a bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie and 5 for an eagle. Those are gross, not net. It’s pretty fun. It’s “real golf” too (by the rules).
  11. It’s at Community. I’m not sure if you’ve played there or not.
  12. We are setup to join the Big Quota Game. It’s a $10 buy in (donation in my case) in addition to the greens fee. Tee times start at 10:15, but I’ll be getting there by 9:30 at so.
  13. Community has an outing too. I could get 10:45, but that would be a slooooow round following that. Will check Sh... Kittyhawk.
  14. Madden has an outing tomorrow morning. Shall we try Community? Tagging @mcanadiens@Bonvivant @Jeremie Boop
  15. I couldn't get an answer at Madden this evening. I will try again tomorrow.
  16. How does 10 AM sound @mcanadiens @Bonvivant and @Jeremie Boop?
  17. I’m guessing that it will be a 5 before landfall. For once, I am glad to not be in FL. Stay safe my friend.
  18. Welcome to TST @Kasey. Always nice to see people taking up this crazy game. I agree with the others about Community Dales course, and it's not too far from you. If you like to walk, it's a bit hilly. I haven't played it, but there is a 9 hole course in Miamisburg called The Mound. There is also a really nice driving range with a short course just off of I75 in Franklin that has a short course. The Practice Center / ClearCreek > About TPC > ClearCreek Golf Course
  19. Like anything in life, we choose our reaction to a shot, a hole, a round... I like it.
  20. Yep. I cannot watch that game anyway as a UC grad and a Buckeyes fan.
  21. Is everyone still in? How’s the rib @Bonvivant?
  22. I have only played in a few truly competitive scrambles. Most are full of cheats that have no idea what the rules of golf are.
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