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  1. Walking is better for me. It keeps my back loose. Also good exercise.
  2. I will definitely bring my chaps, but the temperature will dictate whether I wear them. I'm hoping it's warm enough to ride down and have my wife follow me instead of bringing a trailer, but that is doubtful. Not sure if my golf clubs are coming too. Not sure what bars you've been hanging out in, but they are worn OVER pants.
  3. Yes... reluctantly... 😭 I'll be heading down in 3 weeks for bike week though. 😎
  4. I use my 3W for 2nd shots on a par 5 or to make up for the occasional "dribbler" that barely makes the fairway. If I use it from the tee, it's a shorter par 4 dogleg that my driver will likely run through the rough. I find it quite useful and don't find it difficult to hit a ball in the fairway. I will rarely hit it from the rough. What club would you remove and how often to you use it?
  5. I am all too familiar. I lived in Winter Park / Mt. Dora for a year and a half. Y'all grab your parkas when it drops below 80 for the high. I am coming down for bike week in March, so make sure it warms up before then. 😉
  6. Yeah. Some crazy guy started this last year...
  7. The furry rodent predicted early Spring, so we are likely to get 12 more weeks of winter weather with a little warmth thrown in the middle of the week now and then to torture us.
  8. I'm in my own little world once I step back from the ball and start my preshot routine. When people apologize to talking during my swing, I usually didn't even notice. I suppose an explosion would be distracting. Even the shenanigans by the local hillbillies that @mcanadiens referred to goes unnoticed. Having played that course so often may have trained me to tune things out.
  9. It seems that every time I walk into the locker room at the gym, some kid is standing in front of the mirror taking a selfie. Pathetic... I keep trying to get a bare bootie photo bomb in but have yet to succeed (I think).
  10. There is my old course Greene Country Club that closed abruptly. I had a VLOG on YouTube, but I don't see it there anymore. ??? Next there is Penn Terra GC in Lewisburg, OH. It was a goat track, but there was a plaque honoring my grandpa on the 6th hole. I am hoping that my aunt retrieved it before they closed.
  11. Personally I liked it. I was surprised as the genealogy Rey. The special effects were awesome.
  12. Priv II went from $850 to $950. Given how well they keep up the courses, I think I am going to pass and look for a better option. There are too many private courses offering great deals. They may not be as close, but they aren't THAT much further. I will take the money and run.
  13. For years, I have opted for the former which is less than 10 minutes from my house. It's not the worst course I have played but certainly not what I would call a nice course. The greens are usually nice other than the masses that don't repair pitch marks. The bunkers are AWFUL, and the fairways and tee boxes are weedy. There is another course about 30 minutes away that is much nicer and similarly priced, but it is only 18 holes, where the closer one has 36 regulation holes + an 18 hole par 3 course. I also have access to 2 other city courses that are pretty decent. They are raising their prices for 2020, so I might be reconsidering.
  14. It takes me less than a minute to set up my Clicgear. 😉 I don't see a correlation. I like to arrive at the course early and lollygag a bit. I start the round more relaxed that way. I hate having to rush from the car straight to the tee, and it drives me crazy when it's 5 minutes before your tee time and your friend is pulling into the parking lot. Different strokes for different folks.
  15. I'm thinking that I got the last round of the year in Sunday, and it was only 7 holes. 🥶
  16. We haven’t had significant rain since June. Yard is crunchy. Leaves are turning brown and falling.
  17. We are going from highs in the mid-nineties to the sixties, so it’s about time for me to crawl into my winter hole. Frankly, the way I’m playing as well as how much it hurts to swing a club, I might just retire from this stupid game.
  18. National Golf Links is not bad, or at least it was ok 10 years ago when I played it last. It’s easy if Springfield.
  19. Welcome to the site from a fellow, albeit more seasoned, Daytonian.
  20. True. I want to advance the ball as much as possible, but stay out of trouble.
  21. Never try the hero shot. Learn how to punch out safely and take your medicine.
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