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  1. Do you know of others up there that would be interested? @Braivo sounded like he would be interested. I would like to get at least 4 on each side to start.
  2. You beat me to it. It's dead. That is overall what makes this a no go for me. It really should for everyone unless you have to make an eagle in a tournament or match play. You had an awesome shot there, but I was honestly shocked that someone went for it.
  3. Hey. It was chilly, and @Braivo wearing shorts made me feel even colder.
  4. I didn't really think about it when I moved to FL, but I was at the golf course chipping area one evening when I looked up and saw a rocket going up. It's REALLY cool to watch.
  5. I didn't know they had hits back then. Or CD's for that matter. 🤣
  6. I am hoping to play Algonkian and Brambleton again some day. I was a newb when we lived there, so I would like to see how they play now that I have more experience. Perhaps when all this COVID-mania dies down.
  7. You're killing me using such foul language! Mulligan...
  8. Pffft. I drove 3:45 each way to play last Sunday. 😆 I was hoping to get out to N. VA this years to play some of my old haunts, but it sounds like it's not a good time to play out there.
  9. I played the black tees (one forward of burgundy tees) since it was about 6300. On several holes including this one, the gold and burgundy tees seemed to be similar length with a better angle.
  10. Yes, for handicap purposes. What really hurts is the drop I took. As we were driving to the hole, I noticed some divots to the left of the green tee box, so I dropped there assuming that to be the drop area and thinned a 9i under the tree behind the green. When we drove to the green I see this white circle with a drop area sign behind the green that was nothing more than a long chip or really short pitch.
  11. @Divot Master and I were on the next tee having a good chuckle at your expense too. Karma bit me in the ole butt and handed me a quadruple on that hole though.
  12. How would you play it if the tees were up where you could reach?
  13. Here is how I played it. There is serious junk to the right of the green. The bunker is not dead, so I felt comfortable with my driver in that wind. I wouldn't play any club that could reach the the front of the green.
  14. Could be. I am guessing they were tossed by a golfer though, but that is pure speculation on my part. I just hate seeing these things all over the place. Use the gloves and then discard them in a (hazardous?) waste container people. On another note, we noticed several wads of chewing gum on the ground next to tee boxes. There is higher risk of picking up da rona from touching that since it is covered with someone's saliva. Perhaps if people didn't do stupid 💩 like this, we wouldn't need all of these rules and guidelines. 🤦‍♂️
  15. Right? I can't think of a reason that rubber gloves would be needed on the course. It's not like you put some on to use a bunker rake and then toss the gloves. I mean, that would work if there were rakes out there. People are wearing these gloves for hours if not days. They were meant to be used for a task like evaluating a patient and then discarded. It's not like you contract this through your skin.
  16. I would rather touch nuke waste than someone's rubber glove.
  17. Outback I presume?
  18. I tend to go the other direction from @Cartboy in that we can start removing the pool noodles from cups and put ball washers back on the course. We could add sanitizing stations on every tee box and allow / encourage golfers to sanitize their hands after touching common objects like flag sticks, etc. The only place I would continue extreme measures would be at a retirement community course perhaps. I saw 2 discarded rubber gloves on the golf course yesterday. I am normally one to pick up litter, but I don't know if those were used by a proctologist or as a COVID preventative. I would suspect the latter, but no way was I touching those. COVID fear has taken this world to crazy town. Additional thought. I was thankful for the plexiglass divider in the cart yesterday as it helped to shield me from the bitter breeze. 😉
  19. How is he controlling the content? He is responding to you, and you have the opportunity to respond back. That is how conversation / debate works. This has nothing to do with how the site is moderated.
  20. Paging @Braivo and @dennyjones. I'm not sure who else is on here from MI off the top of my head.
  21. It would probably be September. Hopefully we will be over this COVID craziness by then, and it takes a while to organize these things. The further out we throw a date on the calendar, the easier it is for people to get it one their calendar too.
  22. I have been thinking up a match play event for some time. I've tossed several ideas around and think I've settled on a battle between Ohioans and those from Michigan (Michiganders?). What I'm thinking is Ryder Cup style matches over a weekend rotating back and forth between the states, that is one year in OH and the next in MI and so on. It would be 9 holes of Fourball, 9 of Greensomes, and then 9 holes of singles matches. Greensomes is like foursomes, but both players tee off and you pick the better shot and alternate in from there. We could do it all in one day (9 holes each format), or spread it out over 2 with 18 hole singles matches on Sunday, or we could just do 9 hole singles Sunday morning. there would not be a handicap limit, but we would pair like handicaps together to even it out. If you are interested in participating in this, chime in below.
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