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  1. We’ve all been there. It’s a good time. I’ve always enjoyed meeting fellow TST members no matter what their level of play is.
  2. I fixed that for you. I was just thinking of setting up something in September for people in the area. Sounds like you would be interested.
  3. @Lonely one, Something else that I feel compelled to mention. Golf is VERY addictive. If your husband has been bitten by the bug, he will crave golf like a crack addict looking for a hit. The good news is that he will eventually realize that this game is hard and should become slightly less interested until he hits a really good drive or makes a hole-in-one. At that point, he will be hooked all over again.
  4. Now that you mention it, my wife is constantly trying to get me to play golf too. 😟
  5. Welcome to the site. I'm in the Dayton area.
  6. I think it has more to do with where he positions his next ball than club path. No?
  7. Are there things that you both enjoy. Try scheduling a "date". Dinner... Movie... Maybe a trip out of town?
  8. I deleted my round from last Friday. The links between shots were out of sequence. It was a mess. It seemed ok after I edited it, but when I went back in the next day, it show that I drove the green and then pitted back out to the fairway before my approach shot. It was a mess.
  9. I disagree. A good marriage is built on time spent together. Like anything in life, there needs to be balance. I spend as much time as I can with my wife.
  10. Playing devil’s advocate here, announcers on TV have been known to tell a ball to get in a bunker as it is often more favorable than being buried in the rough. Perhaps this guy though he was helping.
  11. Here’s the theory. In “caveman days” man had to wound an animal multiple times before it died. They would wound it and then chase it. Wound it again and chase it. After several rounds of this, the animal would die and dinner was served. Sound familiar?
  12. I think that most men are tired of being controlled all the time. At work. At home. Spending time at a bar, or playing golf, working on cars, etc. is a a way to reconnect with masculinity that is being robbed by what is becoming a more female dominated society. That is what I see with most of my friends. They are sick of constant nagging, so they want to hang out where they can control their own thoughts. I have no clue if that is what is going on in your relationship, but it is something to consider. Golf is an escape that taps in to our primal need to hunt (theory).
  13. I do not qualify to answer your post. I would be happy to chime in with my perspective as a man who has been married for 24 years.
  14. Yes. You have made yourself quite clear... You hate her. Until she cheats me, or Ian snubs me, I have bigger problems to worry about. Life is too short my man.
  15. I suppose I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I hear that Ian Pouter is a jerk, but I have never met him. Until I do, I will reserve my judgment.
  16. When I’ve encountered her, she has been a congenial young lady. Sorry. I don’t believe in making personal judgements about people Unless you meet them. If I was judged today by things that I did at her age, it wouldn’t be pretty.
  17. I typically consider scratch to 9 a low handicap, 9-18 a mid-capper and 18 or higher a high handicap. https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-index-statistics/mens-handicap-index-statistics-d24e6096.html
  18. You will relinquish your man card immediately.
  19. Play is so slow at my course at times, I would love it if there were a nice mattress to nap on while waiting. 😉
  20. A martial arts HiYa works much better. Try it. 🤣
  21. I think this is an unfair statement unless you have met her personally.
  22. 1 set. At one point, I had 3 sets of irons and several putters. I handed my old clubs down to my son.
  23. Lexi left her passport in her golf bag which was being transported with other players clubs to the Women's Open. Oopsie. Lexi Thompson's passport issue causes 40 players to miss Women's British Open practice round, according to Golf Channel report - Golf Digest
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