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  1. Is crossing the plane at the top bad?

    @Mr. Desmond, You are exactly right that's what's so frustrating! When I practice in front of my mirror and record practice swings on my phone it looks perfectly on plane. But when I go to hit a ball I cross the plane every time. Been watching videos on YouTube and trying to fix this myself for about 4 months now.
  2. Is crossing the plane at the top bad?

    Thanks a lot I appreciate it. I am trying to fix this mainly because I suspect it is affecting my accuracy. I have a lot of trouble hitting my irons and especially wedges close to the pin. I feel it might be what's holding me back. I rarely birdie probably only twice a round and only on par 5's. I will try your advice and see how it helps. Thanks again!
  3. I haven't been playing golf for too long, only about 4yrs now and I can not seem to fix my back swing at the top. I have worked really hard to stop crossing the plane but when I do it seems to do more harm than good. Should I really worry about this and do what I can to fix it even if it means paying a coach. Or should I just work with what I've got? Please let me know what you think. I've been torturing myself over this for a long time now.