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  1. Helicopter Finish

    Go hit 10,000 balls with your wedges, find a competant instructor & get fitted, then you'll figure it out. Prolly not the answer your looking for... the cheapest route is to hit the 10k of balls....
  2. Long Irons Go left

    As I stated above, excessive forward shaft lean created problems for me, but once I cured that another swing flaw developed pulling left, namely my right shoulder was out of sync with the left. When the club head approached the slot, my right shoulder would slightly speed up faster than the left in an almost quasi OTP move, creating a pull shot. Maybe this vid will help.
  3. Long Irons Go left

    Watch out for to much forward shaft lean with longer irons, to much lean will result in pulls & hooks. Either take a neutral "no lean" or if you must open the club face a little bit at address. This was a problem I once had, short irons were no problem, longer irons resulted in mostly pulls unless I tried to get on it, resulting in a hook. Funny thing was I never realized the prob until a friend pointed it out, my shots immediately began flying straight or drawing.
  4. You may want to try this technique.....
  5. Backyard Short Game Practice

    Pretty e-z, spray glysophate and kill an area of grass. Once its dead, lightly rake out the dead grass, it doesnt need to be perfect, just enuff to scratch the surface revealing some bare soil .... next procure some common bermuda grass and lightly mix with some ladino clover... note: The ladino naturally replaces nitrogen in the soil. Use a small seed hand spreader to sow the small bermuda grass & clover seeds... water & wait. If you really want it to take off once it is established, hit it with a high nitrogen fertilizer and soon you'll have a nice green carpet to chip from. Zoysia, bermuda maybe even blue grass will work, the main thing is you want a grass that spreads and can be mowed low without damage once the summer heat sets in.... Do not attempt to grow the hybrid bermuda or other exotic grasses unless your willing to devote some major time & expense with pesticides.... I tried this once and my area was destroyed by insects & worms... hence use common grass that is naturally resistant to insects & drought.... my $.02