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  1. Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    I played a long awaited game against one of my co-workers. Due to ourwork schedules it was difficult to set a date, it took us almost a year to get it organised. Off course, during that time there was a lot of banter and a small bet (for some bottles of wine) and everybody at work knew about the game. I played very well (for me): ended up with 84 (+11) with 3 birdies. Very pleased needless to say! Sent him home with his tail betwen his legs and that nice Italian wine I've got coming my way will be a nice reminder.
  2. Cultural differences and all... The most boring sport ever: baseball. Live as well as on tv. Closey followed by cricket. @iacas I'll give you cycling, at least when it comes to the sprinter stages in the GT's. Those aside, it's a very tactical and exciting sport to watch, if you know what you're looking for. Also, I don't really understand what american football is doing so high on that list, I really like it.
  3. Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    Well, obviously, it's not miraculously. He has a deal with Titleist to play almost excusively their gear. And he has played other sets in the previous years before he settled on the MP5's. The one club he hasn't changed is the Ping hybrid, the one he calls Rinky Dinks. Titleist allowed him to have that stay in the bag allthough he will be testing their hybrid at some point to see if it can replace the Ping.
  4. Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I'm relatively new to the game. I've only had two drivers, so not much history. My first one was the Taylormade Jetspeed; I liked it but have not got anything to compare it to. I cracked it's face last year and now have a M2, which I got fitted for. Still have the cracked Jetspeed clubhead, on a shelf, next to my poker table, as some sort of trophy :)
  5. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I voted 'don't care' (at this moment). Looks fine for Hawai. Don't know if I'd like it for a regular tournament, Definitely won't like to see him wear it in a major. At my club shirts are supposed to be tucked in at all times, so maybe I'm just accustomed that look...
  6. Hole 19 GPS

    I don't know how much data it uses during a round but something I forgot to mention in my previous post: if you play a lot of different courses, you can download the course maps to see how each hole plays out. I've used this feature quite a bit before playing a course I was not familiar with. It at least gives you a general idea how each hole is designed.
  7. When I first started, I did not use a glove but now I don't think I can play without one. Maybe that's just a habit? I do always take it off on the green, it just does not feel right, putting with a glove.
  8. Hole 19 GPS

    I used to use it (the free app, not the premium part) but I don't anymore. Mostly because I like to keep my phone in my bag during play. That said, in the beginning, I used it as a GPS and it worked fine. You can measure distances to hazards or bunkers by moving the marker over the hole layout. It's not the most accurate but for a free app it does it's job. In all, I find a GPS watch or range finder easier, faster and definitely more accurate than the app. However, I do use it to enter my stats after a round. It gives a nice overview of your rounds (FIR, GIR, putts,...)
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    Don't post stuff like that, you'll jinx it for the rest of us. As long as it's not freezing, my course plays summer greens. Winter greens are no fun at all (basically because they are not greens, but just pieces of fairway)...
  10. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Off course once our handicap season is over, I play my best round of the year... Shot 84 (42-42, par 73) at my home course. Conditions were good for this time of the year. Put one tee-shot into a waterhazard trying to cut the corner on a dogleg, ended up with double bogey on that hole. Hit 7/14 fairways, 7 GIR, 35 putts (no three putts).

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