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  1. Hole 19 GPS

    I don't know how much data it uses during a round but something I forgot to mention in my previous post: if you play a lot of different courses, you can download the course maps to see how each hole plays out. I've used this feature quite a bit before playing a course I was not familiar with. It at least gives you a general idea how each hole is designed.
  2. When I first started, I did not use a glove but now I don't think I can play without one. Maybe that's just a habit? I do always take it off on the green, it just does not feel right, putting with a glove.
  3. Hole 19 GPS

    I used to use it (the free app, not the premium part) but I don't anymore. Mostly because I like to keep my phone in my bag during play. That said, in the beginning, I used it as a GPS and it worked fine. You can measure distances to hazards or bunkers by moving the marker over the hole layout. It's not the most accurate but for a free app it does it's job. In all, I find a GPS watch or range finder easier, faster and definitely more accurate than the app. However, I do use it to enter my stats after a round. It gives a nice overview of your rounds (FIR, GIR, putts,...)
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    Don't post stuff like that, you'll jinx it for the rest of us. As long as it's not freezing, my course plays summer greens. Winter greens are no fun at all (basically because they are not greens, but just pieces of fairway)...
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Off course once our handicap season is over, I play my best round of the year... Shot 84 (42-42, par 73) at my home course. Conditions were good for this time of the year. Put one tee-shot into a waterhazard trying to cut the corner on a dogleg, ended up with double bogey on that hole. Hit 7/14 fairways, 7 GIR, 35 putts (no three putts).
  6. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    I played a late round two days ago and had to think of this thread. For the last four or five holes there was some fog forming and I couldn't use my rangefinder. I noticed two things: 1) I was surprised how off I was on guessing distances (relatively), even though this is my home course and I play it every week 2) if I was not in the middle of the fairway, it took me some time to find a marker or sprinkler head and pace off the distance. So I voted no, they do need slow down play.
  7. No Yardage Markers

    Well, this is a bit off topic but: I have a phone from my employer (government) with my workmail on it. And because of that it automatically (and compulsory) locks everytime you turn off the screen. So to get the yardage from the app, I have to first grab my phone from my bag (don't like it in my pocket), unlock it, open the app (it's running in the background but still takes some time) and then put the phone away again. It doesn't take long but longer than looking at my watch or looking through the range finder.
  8. No Yardage Markers

    I have Hole19 on my phone. t's actually a great (free) app but I found it just to bothersome to always reach for my phone in my bag and then turning it on, waiting for the app to load... I use a TomTom watch for most distances (really easy, just a quick glance and I don't mind wearing one) and a cheap rangefinder I received as a gift for approach shots or measuring hazards and such.
  9. How long is your golf commute?

    It's an 8 minute drive by car and about the same by bike (I can use a short cut, no cars allowed). I had this discussion with some of my friends who are not a member and I can only say you are 100% right. The benefits outweigh the lack of variety.
  10. World Handicap System and Pace of Play

    I voted yes. This is purely based on the way the handicap system (EGA) works in my country, so take it for what it's worth. There are two ways to enter a score for handicapping purposes: competition rounds or rounds where you have a marker to record your score and sign your card. Both use the Stableford system and players are encouraged to pick up after net double bogey. If everyone is forced to play out every hole, this will definitely slow the pace of play. You only need one slow hole for things to start backing up, especially during competition rounds where the course is packed with handicaps from all ranges. At the moment a 4 hour competition round is considered 'ok' at my club. Take much longer and you will start to get remarks. (Btw, we also have a weekly medal where they use strokeplay to determine the net winner but handicapping is still done through Stableford.)
  11. When is it too cold to golf?

    Is this too cold? February of this year, me and a friend decided to try snow golf. No surprise we were the only ones on the course, can't believe they let us. It was fun for the few holes we 'played'. We did get some strange looks in the clubhouse afterwards. (And no, I don't usually play a pink ball, had to buy a sleeve especially for the occasion.)
  12. Are you a brand snob?

    I voted no. Don't care whatever name is on my clubs. Though they are all from big companies. I play a TM driver and 5 wood (not the same model, since I cracked the face of my previous driver), Ping 3-hybrid, Srixon ZU65 4-iron, 5-P XXIO, Vokey SM5 wedges and an Odyssey putter.
  13. Best Shot of the Week

    Thanks. And done.
  14. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Got my first eagle last week, holed out from the fairway with my third shot on a par 5. Also broke 90 a long time ago (doing my best to break 80 but still some way to go, 83 is my lowest). I also won two one day competitions last year and one this year at my home club. Don't really know if they qualify for an award though.
  15. TheSandTrap Member Map

    Added my home course in, you guessed it, Belgium Royal Antwerp Golf Club, second oldest club of Europe's mainland, founded in 1888.

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