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  1. I changed my vote. As of now, all golf courses are open, but to members only. No access to locker rooms, bars, shops, etc. No more than 3 people per flight and 10 minutes between tee-times. Also, no ball-washers, benches or rakes. In two weeks those restrictions will probably be (partially) lifted, depending on how the numbers look by then. Golf is one of the few outdoor-sports that are allowed from today; for example, tennis (no doubles) and fishing are allowed also. Most other sports are still forbidden.
  2. Yeah, we're in the same situation at the moment. Hardware stores are closed and even in a normal world these products aren't so easy to get here. But I ordered a net from amazon.co.uk @Killa and it got delivered in 3 days (to Belgium). Maybe that could be an option for you?
  3. In Belgium we're in a 'soft' lockdown (as opposed to for example France) but all our sports clubs and facilities are forced to close. No golf at least until April 5th for us.
  4. I'm from Belgium and as of last Friday all sports facilities (and bars, restaurants, theatres and such) are closed, at least until April 3rd. So no golf for me at the moment for some time. And I work for a sports channel (tv, radio and online) and all we had to do lately is cancel broadcasts. Not a fun way to spend what is normally our busiest time of the year. Not to mention they might postpone and/or cancel the European Championships (soccer) and the Olympics. In the Netherlands they've taken the same measures as of yesterday: no more bars, restaurants or sports, for the whole c
  5. Strokeplay and money on the line, keep making him hit. On our golf outings we play stableford, exactly to avoid situations like this. Just pick up if you can't get anymore points on that hole.
  6. Taylormade driver Srixon 5 wood Srixon 2 iron XXIO irons Vokey wedges Odissey putter
  7. Please refrain from posting pictures like that when it's winter over here 😒 😃 Anyway, played 18 today. Shot 10 over, very pleased. It was 6 C° (42F for you guys), no rain.
  8. Overrated. I always hit my stock shot (straight to baby draw) and only use (or try to use) a different shape when in trouble. I've played with a lot of better players as me and almost none of them try to shape their flights unless in trouble.
  9. We played once when there was snow (about half an inch, if I recall correctly) on the ground. Bought pink balls in the pro shop especially. It was fun, we had a laugh, for about 3 holes. Then we headed into the clubhouse for a drink. Also played a few holes once when the ground was frozen. My longest drives ever. Allthough it wasn't easy to get the tee in the ground.
  10. Been a long time since I posted... Shot an 81 today, best round of the year, 3 birdies. New hcp of 13,2. My goal was 13 (started at 17,8 this year) so I guess things are going fine :)
  11. Yeah, I totally do not understand picking Garcia. I also am not convinced Stenson is a good choice, based on his play the last months. I admit I'm a little biased towards Pieters - I would've loved to see him out there again allthough he didn't have the best of seasons. But no Matt Wallace? Surely he's in way better form than Sergio?
  12. Exciting game to watch but it cost me a year of my life Japan played solidly in the second half and took maximum advantage of their chances. But we'll have to play a lot better against Brazil if we want to advance to the next round.
  13. This. Both teams are using this game to rest their best players. And despite what both managers said, I think they won't mind losing tonight to get in the 'right' bracket.
  14. Definitely. Conners doesn't seem fased at all, he's holding it together quite nicely.
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