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  1. The biggest problem with slow play is that the tour doesn't seem to be doing anything, purely because the players are the goose that lays the golden egg. Until viewers or TV channels start pushing back, they will keep ignoring the issue. 😢
  2. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of amateurs are better off hitting a more lofted driver. It is possible that your driver not lofted enough and hence are more accurate with your 3 wood. Look into that and you might well benefit from a driver that is 12* to 14* 🤷‍♀️
  3. How about another way to play this hole. Convert it into a par 4. Now of course, there is no pressure to hit the green. Hit a club that will get you onto the fairway every time. From there chip/pitch it on and you shouldn't ever get more than 4. Play it like this a few times and the hole doesn't seem so difficult. Hopefully the heebie jeebies are gone. Then try stretching to a longer club and attempt to get on the green 😉
  4. On one of the courses I play, we have a similar hole. Much shorter though. Around 120 to 150 yards, depending on tee box, if memory serves. Much more of a downhill slope. Beyond the green is a steep drop off, with rough and beyond that is an OB. Fortunately it permits a lofted club, but few people are able to drop it on the green and stop it, unless it is the front, or you hit lofted irons with a great deal of spin. In your case, I assume the green starts at the beginning of the final bunker and before that is fairway. The easiest solution I see is a smooth shot and run it up to the green via the fairway, if you are unable to get a ball to stop while dropping on the green. I would probably look at anything from a 5 to 7 iron depending on wind and distance, but reckon those clubs would have enough spin to stop a ball. Since you are hitting much lower clubs, running it on is the easiest solution
  5. My logic is very simple. My job is to write down what I actually shot on the hole. It is the scoring/handicap committee's job to work out an ESC score, if necessary. So whether I shoot a 3 or 13 I note it down accurately. And this applies for any game I am playing. It is the only way for me to improve. It forces me to focus on my game at all times
  6. I played with a single digit handicapper who played cross handed. He was good at it. In fact he played cricket that way as well. So, cross-handed is not an issue
  7. I know that putting from off the green is a better alternative if you have a decent lie. However, I struggle with the putter for gauging long distances. I am able to chip/pitch it closer than putting it. My go-to club is the PW for most things around the green unless I need more loft
  8. Well there are 4 sets at home. One that I use, one my dad uses, one my mom uses and my dad's old set, which is now kept at his place for anytime I go there. Easier to use a set there rather than carry clubs. Additionally, we have around 10 to 20 clubs extra. Some irons, some woods etc.
  9. Let me be honest when I say golf is the most addictive sport I have ever played. I would never stop playing golf unless my body prevented me doing so. However, at some point you need him to understand that he needs to prioritise things in life. Don't stop golf but don't play it to the detriment of everything else
  10. Am guessing the regular shaft is better suited to your swing. Not just club head speed, but kick point, weight and spin. Fortunately or unfortunately, you really need to hit balls with a simulator to get the numbers for both drivers and then pick appropriately. Perhaps ask around at your club if anybody has a simulator. Some will have the small and cheap devices (couple of hundred dollars at most) which will at least give you a baseline to work from
  11. When I look at this card, let me give you a few examples of which holes you would play from which tee box. Since you didn't give me a distance for your longest iron/hybrid, I would assume it is around 200 to 210 yards. Hole 1 and 2 you can play from the back tees. Even from front tees you can't reach the green in one, and you don't have more than a PW in after hitting driver. Hole 3, unless you are playing the red tees, it will be difficult to reach it in 2. In that case, look at where your driver and then hybrid shot would end up and play the tee accordingly. You might be able to hit the middle tee for this. Hole 4, you should definitely hit the front tee. Much more lofted club, I would assume 7 or 8 iron, rather than hitting a 3/4 iron into the green. Holes like 7, 9 and 14, you want to play from the middle or even forward tees. You get mid to short irons in. Assuming you would find it difficult to hit the green with a long iron
  12. Difficult to see many changes needed to that set. Try out the 5 hybrid against the 5 iron at Club Champion and pick according to your needs. I guess the criteria would be accuracy, distance and forgiveness. Not to nitpick, but was the 5 iron you hit today a normal shot or one of those freakishly good shots that comes along once in a round. I only ask because I have pulled my 3 and 4 irons out of the bag and replaced it with a 4 hybrid. As I age and play less golf, I struggle to get the clubhead speed necessary to hit lower lofted irons easily 😢
  13. I have to wonder if a simple solution is move the ball further left (assuming you right handed) in your stance so that you catch the ball on the upswing arc of your shot
  14. I reckon it may well be the other way. Yellow, Blue and White are the men's tees with the Red being the ladies tees. @jsgolfer - In order to give you a better result, give us approximate distances you can hit your driver, longest iron/hybrid and a PW. With this kind of data it is easier to suggest which holes are worth playing from the front tees and which ones from the back. Par 5's in general are better off from the back tees, unless hitting forward tees makes it easily reachable in two (having to step on a 3 wood and having it run on through a narrow 5 yard gap between a water hazard and bunker is not really reachable 😁😁). Par 4s that need you to hit a very long iron or hybrid in are better off from forward tees. Par 3s really depends on teh hazards around the green. The more they are the more lofted a club you want
  15. This brings up another issue. Most amateurs I have played with are better off taking a more lofted driver. 12* at a minimum. The reason most of them hit 3 wood better is the loft at around 15* is better suited to their swings than trying to hit a 9 to 10* driver that is probably too long shafted for them
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