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  1. Barring golf balls, the last golf related purchase was around six months ago when my dad had his old set of golf clubs re-gripped. It is actually a spare set now, but the rats had bitten part of the grips. Not really useful in the sense that I brought my clubs down with me when I came during the Covid quarantine and am now working from home.
  2. Realistically the men have three advantages. 1) Length - Here I am assuming the men are bigger and stronger and all of you are playing off the same tees. 2) Strength - In a scenario where you are in deep rough, in a plugged bunker lie etc, where strength is an asset, like gouging out a ball. 3) Home course experience and knowledge - Yes, the ladies are members of the course, but they will probably play it a couple of times a year at best, whereas the men will probably be playing it 2 to 3 times a week. If the men are able to convert this properly, maybe the +2 golfer has a chance. The scratch and 2 golfers will be out of their depth, and the +2 golfer will be struggling unless things go his way. I normally would have said not a hope in hell, especially against the Solheim Cup player, but the above give the +2 a glimmer of hope, though nowhere close to 50:50. More like 20:80.
  3. I am impressed that you can hit a wedge 100 yards left handed. I would be lucky if I could just punch it out of trouble left handed. I am very seriously right handed and doing anything lefty is a mission for me. If you can hit decent shots left handed, perhaps you should consider getting a hybrid, mid iron and your existing wedge into the bag. You will then be able to hit decent shots from anywhere left handed.
  4. 44 and in college. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your golf even more. Golf will give you more ups and downs than anything else in life, but is the most addictive thing I know.
  5. It essentially depends on how you perform with the club. Go to a pro-shop or sports shop and hit some newer clubs. If you find a difference in the performance which justifies purchase, go ahead and do so. Don't just look at distance though. Most new clubs are longer, but dispersion is just as important. Also, if your 3 wood becomes driver length, then you need to replace that as well. Or is there a huge gap between them at present
  6. I stand with my eyes over the ball. At least, I assume I do. I would probably need someone to check me out when putting and let me know if that is indeed the truth. Not all putters have their eyes directly over the ball, or indeed need to. As long you know the line you want and are able to start it on that line, strength should be the only factor. Most good putters are able to read a green well. That is what truly helps, unless your stroke is really miserable.
  7. I voted yes. For me, the ball marker isn't going to help a player who doesn't have the correct line in the first place. And aligning it with this or just a line is the same. Most importantly, as long as Pace Of Play isn't affected, I don't care either way. If it winds up taking a player too much time, then by all means ban it. I occasionally draw lines on my ball, but never bother about using that or the arrows on the ball to line it up. I just look for my line, pick a spot a few inches from my ball and align myself with that
  8. These holes aren't fun to play, but an easy pin location doesn't challenge you either. At the end of the day, a few difficult and few easy pins is ideal for a public course. I do understand where you are coming from though, when hole can't be two or at worst three putted with ease. I guess if those holes are the toughest holes on a course though, it kinda makes sense. Also, those positions are the same for everybody
  9. Bryson is an idiot. The only reason he and other golfers get paid so much money is because their tournaments are televised, which brings in massive revenue. If he expects a camera man not to follow a shot he hit, or look for the ball in a messy situation, he has even less sense than I thought. I understand his frustration with hitting a bad shot, we all do it. However, there is a massive difference between berating yourself and damaging the course or cursing somebody else who had nothing to do with it. I tend to swear a lot at myself when I play badly, but never take it out on anybody or anything else.
  10. I would suggest you create a swing thread on the forum. Many knowledgeable people here can guide you better. In principle getting fitted is useful. However, it is best when you have a consistent swing. I am guessing your swing is very inconsistent. If you are able to hit your driver 250 and your 7 iron 150, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to hit a 5/6 iron and a 3/4 hybrid, or even a fairway wood. Lessons are always the best way to improve and then fitted clubs are the icing on the cake.
  11. My dad was a tea planter and tea estates in Assam, India, during the 1960's and 70's encouraged golf and tennis. My folks started playing before I was born and when I two or three my dad had the factory carpenter carve me a golf club out of a piece of wood. That got the juices flowing but I got hooked around the age of 11 when I first took lessons in Zambia and have been playing on and off ever since. To date it is the most addictive sport I have ever played.
  12. A one inch reduction/longer shaft is normal when you get fitted. Making that much of a change will not affect your club much. However, your daughter is only 14, and I assume will grow a bit more in the next few years. Also, one inch shorter means she can grip down on the club and play normally. For now I would recommend leaving the club as is and gripping down on it. WRT the slice, lessons might be a better use of money and time.
  13. There are general drills to help you improve. However, it still depends on your swing. If you use one that sort of overhauls your swing, it is difficult to get right. Ideally start from the basics and work upwards to building a proper swing.
  14. Truth be told you should ideally got professional coaching first and then practice that. Because, if you keep practicing but have flaws, you will just ingrain them into your swing. Try a post a video here and many knowledgeable people can guide you. Without that it is very difficult to guide you
  15. I was reading recently that accelerating through the putt is the worst thing you can do. Ideally it should be a slightly decelerating blow. For me the worst tip is putt from off the green if possible. I seem to be able to judge a pitch shot better than a putt, especially distance wise. I was reading recently that accelerating through the putt is the worst thing you can do. Ideally it should be a slightly decelerating blow. For me the worst tip is putt from off the green if possible. I seem to be able to judge a pitch shot better than a putt, especially distance wise. This really applies for long putts I guess, more than short ones off the green
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