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  1. The fact is a stand-up putter is only accurate when it is standing. Once it goes into the golfer's hands, accuracy isn't guaranteed. For me, the old method of picking your line and point in front as a target is still the best
  2. Personally I think I am going to return to my normal life once the quarantine here in India is over. I will perhaps be a little more cautious and wash my hands a bit more, but unless I see a massive breakout in the neighbourhood I am living in, it will not affect me in one bit or lead to changes of any kind. That includes golf. I currently walk a lot and assuming I have my trolley with me, pull my bag. Some courses are cart only and I will use them there. In some cases, even with the trolley I will use a caddie.
  3. @humblepeasant Random implies that you chance of getting a 3, 6 or 9 on any given hole are equal. It isn't, even allowing for us to take a distribution around your handicap (so 3,4 or 5 for example). There no doubt are random events out on the course, like a stone that causes a kick in weird directions and has moved from one day to the next. However, a lot of things on the course don't change location or the way they react. It is just luck of the draw when you hit a tree for example. It might stop, kick left or right, or even come backwards, but it isn't random. The tree is always there and only depends where you hit it
  4. Bought a golf bag and two wheel cart (Inesis brand) from Decathlon a couple of months ago. Early March, I ordered a set of iron covers from Ali Express in China, and am still waiting for delivery.
  5. I figure you will get better deals from shops that might go bankrupt if the virus forces a long enough quarantine. Any business that survives the quarantine will see business pick up and won't be tempted to clear stock unless new stock comes in. That also looks to be delayed with companies shuttering for a while and potential travel restrictions.
  6. For me the biggest positive of this quarantine that is taking place in some countries, is that the Earth is benefiting. Less cars are being driven, factories run and less pollution is happening. Apparently the canals of Venice have gone back to being clear and fish being visible. I guess you could call it a natural reset for many urban areas
  7. Another thing you should do is cap the maximum handicap, especially for men. At 24. I understand this will hurt the senior citizens who can't hit it far anymore, but that is made up by giving them the front tees. I enjoy skins, because it is match play and encourages risk taking, but is bad for my game. Ideally stroke play is better for me as I tend not to go for hero shots
  8. pganapathy

    Lob Wedge

    I have a 55* SW with high bounce and a 60* LW with low bounce. My rule of thumb is that I can use either club depending on the specific ground conditions and get a fairly similar result. Hard pan ground or a hard/wet bunker, I will play the LW. Soft ground, sitting on a layer of grass, nicely raked soft bunkers, I will play the SW. Of course, it also depends on your swing. With a sweeping motion you need less bounce and with a more digging motion you need more bounce.
  9. Is there a reason to pick the 7/9/11 wood over their respective hybrids. My preference is for the hybrids because it is a more accurate club. Only have a 4 hybrid in my bag and currently my next highest iron is a 5, but I rarely hit that these days.
  10. Hands down the lowest score of my life. Playing well takes precedence over where I play
  11. India is in the middle of a nation-wide three week quarantine till 15 April. Getting out of the neighbourhood to get groceries is difficult enough. Fortunate enough to be able to work from home and manage some groceries for food. Everything else is a dream now
  12. I have been stuck at home since Tuesday night, working from home. Fortunately I live very close to the market, so have gone out a couple of times to buy things. Other than that it has been eat, sleep, work, watch movies on my laptop. My little existing exercise regimen has gone to pot. I really need to get out of the house. My physical health and sanity will start to become an issue soon🤯
  13. pganapathy


    My go to club around the green is a PW unless I need to hit a shot out of the bunker or need to loft it. In that case it is SW (high bounce) or LW (low bounce) depending on the surface. I am comfortable with either club and bounce or lack of it doesn't affect me, unless I play the wrong club
  14. I guess since it is a country club, they didn't want to close down the rest of the club and keep only the golf course open. C'est la vie
  15. It has now. One of the courses I play at has just decided to temporarily shut down all facilities, meaning rounds of golf just got more difficult 🤬
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