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  1. Avoid the TP/Pro irons and blade type clubs, especially if you are inconsistent with your swing. It gives very little forgiveness on off-centre hits. There is a reason many people recommend GI/SGI clubs. They do not require you to hit the centre or be penalised a great deal.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Since you been browsing for a while I guess you know what it can offer. No idea what those clubs are. I have a Dunlop set from 1986 and had older sets from the 1970's but we lost those while moving. So I know that those clubs will be nice to play if you hit them well. Don't look at re-shafting unless you need to
  3. @SteveH you are essentially looking for a 19* club. A 2h or 5W. As a rule the wood will be longer and the hybrid more accurate. Test those out and see what happens
  4. The one wheel stuff scares me cos I doubt I will be able to balance on it properly. And even if you do balance on it, any undulation or irregularity in the surface can cause you to overbalance and fall. I need something that is stable if I am going to use it at all. That said, I do ride a motorbike so I guess the lack of balance part is me
  5. The vote options are not that great. Very few people have a set of 14 clubs with all of them the same brand. I have a Taylor Made driver and irons. A Cobra hybrid. A Golden Bear lob wedge and a Spalding/Jessie Valentine Putter. I have chosen Taylor Made because that is the majority of my clubs
  6. If used clubs are not a problem, you can get multiple options that are way under that budget. Look at the golf sites and look up used clubs
  7. Ideally the option of "too early to tell" should be there. Given it is missing, I would have to vote "NO". Simple reason being the number of majors and tourney wins under Stevie. Over time we may come to appreciate Joe more and he may help Tiger's game, but currently he is not, though that is based on our memory of Tiger as a dominant force who won 14 majors. If he hadn't done so and was just a journeyman golfer, then Joe would get a bit more respect for helping Tiger win a major
  8. It is very simple. Average score should never come into it. The decision should be based on what clubs you hit best. There are pro's that play SGI clubs and high handicap amateurs who can hit blades properly but are unable to score for various other reasons. When I say clubs you hit best, there are two factors. Distance with the clubs is one, though I rate that lower than dispersion. Take those two factors together and find the set that suits your game best.
  9. Let me put it to you like this. There is a school of thought that says you need to spend approximately 10,000 hours on practice before you are good enough to turn pro and make a decent living from it. Of course, this is a rule of thumb and can vary according to natural talent. So, consider it this way. If you want to work and then train, you need a lot longer before golf as a career becomes practical. If you focus on it full time, can you afford to do that. Is golf as a career worth it, I say yes. But it of course requires you to be willing to put in the hours and going through the grind, because you will struggle for a while, even after you decide to turn pro, on working your way up to tournaments that pay enough money for a good life. Good luck with your decision
  10. Wowee. Looks like Major #15 coming up. RESPECT
  11. Looks like Molinari is gonna win. One arm in the sleeve and looking for the other one. I do believe Molinari will get one or two birdies and -15 would just be too much for anybody else to reach. -13 might just be reachable for the chasing pack
  12. Vitamin M, or rather a lack of it, has led to me playing used golf balls. Whatever the caddies sell me at the club. Bulk packets of 10 to 25 balls cost around $0.30 a ball. Sometimes wind up with decent tour balls as well. Given a choice would play the Titleist NXT though. Like mid range balls the best, even more than the Pro V / tour ball range. The tour balls have too much spin for me, especially side spin off longer clubs
  13. For me it used to be a 3 iron or a 5 wood. Off late, golf is once a week and my swing speed is down so have got a 4 hybrid which I play as my longest club after my Driver. Try the hybrids if they work for you. Look in the How To section for info on adding signatures etc. Pretty much all FAQ's are answered there
  14. Damn, where was this Rory the last three days. Starts on 10, through 7 holes got an eagle and a birdie. No stupid dropped shots 😲
  15. definitely a practice swing. He didn't intend to hit the ball. Only on the tee if you accidentally hit the ball can you get away with it. Anywhere else, it is a stroke. He is alright there
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