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  1. Too many variables before we can give you an answer. Depends on your swing and swing speed. Then depends what type of shots you want to hit, though being a beginner am gonna guess working a ball is not yet a skill you have mastered. Also, depends on what you want from a ball. Many golfers start from around the green and work backwards to decide the type of ball they want
  2. Unless money is an issue, I would recommend changing driver. It is easier to get a club fit for your swing than it is to change your swing. Please remember that the amount of time you need to get a new swing perfected is long indeed. Even the best pro's struggle for a while when they change their swing, and very few amateurs have the time, patience or talent to change their swing. That being said, do consider changing your swing if your current one is very bad.
  3. Not entirely. The length of your shaft affects club head speed, and the head type itself can help with the launch angle. There is a reason that as your swing speed slows down, your longer irons don't go anywhere, and that is the launch angle. You will probably find with a bit of practice that you can get the 4H to have better distance and consistency than your 5i.
  4. pganapathy

    Swing Speed

    Not impossible, but the odds are fairly low. There are multiple guys on the LDA who have very unorthodox swings, can't really play golf, but can hit the ball a long way. Realistically, most of these guys are exaggerating, though the odd one will be capable of it.
  5. pganapathy


    My belief is that you should get a low bounce LW and a high bounce SW. That way, you have all the options available to you. But it is important to understand that practice is very important to play a LW well.
  6. Considering I am playing a set of clubs that is approximately 15 years old, and I haven't actively looked at changing it, I would say 5 to 10 year old clubs shouldn't be too much of an issue. No doubt, better and newer clubs will be better, but I honestly feel I am not losing too much given I play once a week at best.
  7. I have a bag I can carry, but prefer a two-wheeled hand cart I can pull. Saves me time and unless you have to cross a ditch, is easier. Currently using a Decathlon bag and trolley. Have a set of club clips on an older bag. Got it about two decades ago and used it on a bag so that the clubs didn't rattle. Not bad at all, provided your clubs stay in place. The only thing is you are looking at about 7 to 8 clubs across, so it might be a tight fit in your bag.
  8. I would call that a very 'un-athletic' position. Your knees don't seem to be flexing at all and you look very stiff. Ideally, I would suggest you get lessons to help improve. Your back swing is very short and you are not generating all the club head speed you could. Your hybrid could easily gain some distance. I hit my 4 hybrid about 200 yards
  9. Almost always the shorter putt. However, I will preface that by saying in very specific conditions I might prefer the longer putt. An uphill longer putt or a straight putt. If you have a 3 foot downhill putt, or one that is going to break a foot, I might prefer the 5 foot putt
  10. My suggestion would be to see if you can find a 3W that you consistently hit 250. Experiment with a few and see what happens. If you don't find a club to go that distance, it doesn't make much sense cos your hybrid goes 225 and your driver 275. As to why you occasionally get 250 with your hybrid, the answer is a perfect storm. A smooth swing generating better power, a perfect strike and sometimes perfect conditions for the shot.
  11. I almost never call shots aloud, though I will visualise/call it to myself. Don't like calling shots because it makes you seem kinda arrogant in general.
  12. Reasonably competitive I guess. If people are willing to bet I will too. Generally not very high stakes. Five to ten dollars (with the exchange rate it is worth a bit more in India) keeps us interested enough to care, but not enough that we get too tense. It encourages you to focus.
  13. i am gonna take up this challenge. So far only one round this year and no birdies. Was a tournament that was wrecked by a lost ball on the fairway and that led to a stretch of triple double triple and ended my hopes. Hoping to birdie at least one hole this month in one or max two more rounds
  14. I saw some online reviews which rated the SC200 fairly highly considering its cost. I would think the SC100 would be a pretty decent device but check online reviews, particularly on YouTube. I never bought one but have used various either in virtual golf ranges or with coaches. No idea what devices they used though 🤷‍♀️
  15. I have an old book on 'How to break 90', and the essence was treat and play each hole for bogey and you will be successful. Any par 3 is reachable in two strokes for example. Assuming you plan for that and two putt on every green, 90 is an achievable target for most golfers. The only people who will struggle with this are very short hitters. For example, my mother probably hits her 3 wood about 100 odd yards. She essentially uses it on every tee box and for half her fairway shots. But anybody who can drive at least 200 yards will be able to break 90 IF they play smart.
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