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  1. Hitting From the Heel

    Let me make a simple suggestion. Currently you are probably starting your swing with the ball in the middle of the club face or possibly even towards the heel. Start your swing with the ball near the toe and see what happens on the range. If it works you are good. The adjustment is probably only half an inch or so but can make a huge difference
  2. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I voted 3 to 5 for the simple reason that most 18 handicappers have at least 2 double or triple bogeys. If good advice can reduce those to a bogey you are on your way to reduced strokes. But at the end of the day good strategy only works if you listen to it, whether that comes from you, your caddie or your playing partner. The biggest catch is actually taking good advice and then executing accordingly.
  3. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Of the two Rory is more likely to win a major and if both win Rory will likely win more majors than Day. My logic is very simple. Rory has far greater upside thanks to the fact that his putting is weaker and he is currently not striking his short irons with the same precision he showed while winning his majors. I can see Rory getting himself to 8 to 10 majors. I think he has become like Tiger in the sense that his only motivation now is his legacy and winning majors. Money is not enough of a motivation which is why I think him winning the Fedex cup was a show of how well he can play rather than how he can get motivated.
  4. Range-->Course

    For me this seems to be an issue that is more mental than physical. As long as you are on the course and don't have anyone holding you up or pressing you to speed up your tempo is exactly that which you need and are comfortable with. Which explains why the range and the 7 holes without anyone around me was fine. i would suggest learn a pre-shot routine you are comfortable with for every shot and this problem will resolve itself
  5. 3 HCP to Scratch and better

    The more pertinent question is where are you losing your 3 or so strokes a round. Is it strategy, a bad area of your game or is a 3 handicap exceeding your current skill (for example you are hitting badly but recovering brilliantly in your short game). Depending on where your weakness is it can take a few hours, weeks or years to drop those strokes
  6. I am guessing that the compression of this ball is best suited to your "short iron" swing speed. Would figure if you tested your swing speed with irons from say 8i to LW most would be within 10 mph of each other and probably in the ideal Project A range for compression.
  7. It more than likely has to do with the Driver and the Ball being suited to each other. Hit a modern ball with an ancient ball or a modern driver with an ancient ball and they don't really gel. So more by luck than anything else you lucked on the correct combination. The problem is I doubt you can find that golf ball very easily today. No experience with this because even though I have the old clubs (my dad's previous set was bought in 1986 and it is now kept as a back up set for whenever I visit) because finding old balls is very difficult
  8. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    For me the normal rule of thumb is to go for it unless there is a hazard that can take such a shot out of play. The funny thing is for me partial shots are a nightmare in judging distance. Anyway, all I am aiming for is putting it on the green and taking two putts from there. If that leads to a bogey at maximum I am OK. The only time I look at hitting to specific yardage is when the long club I need to hit is misbehaving and presents too many risks. Nowadays I rarely hit more than a 4 iron even though I have a 3 iron, a 3 wood and will be getting a 4 hybrid soon. It is all about confidence and range time, which is sorely lacking at the moment.
  9. Weight loss and golf

    The biggest thing with huge weight gain or loss is that you need to adjust your swing to suit your new body shape. Also, if you don't lose muscle you are looking at gaining distance in general, especially with the weight loss helping you become more flexible and stronger. Ideally weight loss should be from exercise and from fat loss.
  10. Greetings from Hong Kong & Vancouver

    Welcome from Bangalore, India. You will enjoy the writing part a great deal if you are seriously keen on teaching.
  11. Rules Aren't Made to be Broken

    I agree that rules aren't meant to be broken. However, it is the HD magnified view that is the problem with TV. I mean I cannot realistically be expected to place a ball back to within the last MM or see my ball move one MM when addressing it. That is why I believe the new rule where they talk about "reasonably" is so good. At the end of the day play the game honestly and you should be within the rules.
  12. Which golfer would you prefer to play?

    For me I would rather get strokes than give strokes. I rarely play on courses where I can't reach the green in par (except for long par 3's or long par 4's) so I find that giving strokes tends to breed a more go for broke style of play in me just to cover the holes where the opponent gets a stroke. On a good day, this works but too often it tends to wind up leading to bad shots. A more conservative style of play lets me play better in general and I would rarely score more than a bogey these days . Maybe half pars and half bogeys and I am good to win against most people.
  13. Irons change. Advice needed.

    The most important thing is"DO A FITTING". From the distance you hit a 6 iron it sounds like you should be playing a Regular shaft for your irons. Also, a GI or SGI will help if you have inconsistent contact and are not as keen on working the ball both ways. Am guessing from your handicap of 5 that fixing the shaft will resolve your contact issues. Buy a new set only if you find it improves your game (dispersion before distance should be the criterion).
  14. I have definitely improved a great deal in the last couple of months. All my rounds have been + 9-14. It has more to do with me understanding my game and more than likely a purple patch which could lead to me breaking 80 if I could play more often than once a week at best. For me I can definitely improve if I can make the time to practice and play more than once a week. Another thing that has helped me is my course management skills have definitely improved
  15. Of late I cannot hit my 3-iron very well, but can get about 200 to 210 with that when it clicks. Go down by 10 yards for the rest of my set. Will be getting a 4 hybrid in a couple of weeks and will butt-trim a 3 wood so that I have decent yardages and gapping and possibly will pull the 3 wood if I am not able to hit it well. For me the main reason iron sets are starting from a 4 or 5 is because of the decreasing lofts of modern day sets. You would either have a very low lofted 3 iron or would have a very small loft and hence distance gap between the clubs.