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  1. pganapathy

    What is your driver loft?

    I currently play a Stiff Taylor Made R5 with 9.5* of loft. When I first got it and was playing regularly, distance was not an issue as I got the launch angle to get at least 250 yards and edging towards 280 to 300. My furthest were a bit over 300. However, I haven't played regularly of late and now I kinda struggle to connect it well. Prior to this had a Regular Cleveland Hi-Bore with 10.5* of loft. That is probably ideal for me if I play occasionally. Additional loft will probably suit most golfers just because as we lose clubhead speed the loft compensates and affords us distance
  2. pganapathy

    Ping G400 vs Callaway Rogue X Irons

    Select based on the following. Your dispersion (left/right and distance) > accuracy (left/right) > distance. Distance is the least important thing. Hit a longer iron from the more accurate set than a shorter iron from the less accurate set
  3. pganapathy

    JB Holmes - "Undue Delay"?

    Slow play is the biggest thing turning prospective golfers off the game. It has even crept into high handicappers games these days. Increased length of courses thanks to improved technology is not helping either. In the 90's three hours was about the maximum we took for 18 holes. Now it seems to be the minimum. Pro's don't help matters by taking ridiculous amounts of time on TV and it frustrates viewers
  4. Getting professional lessons is the best use of your time and money unless you really want to go down the route of self-learning how to swing and possibly making a mess of it. I had a friend who did this and faced 30* away from the direction he would hit and swivelled to hit it straight on every shot. If you are really insistent on hitting indoors, the plastic or wiffle balls are best. Very little risk of damage
  5. pganapathy

    6+ Hour PGA Tour Rounds

    It is not as idiotic as it sounds. There are a lot of people who are misers by nature. Heck, there have been and actually are, even today, millionaire and billionaire misers who will look to save every penny. It is eminently possible that he was aiming to play safe because you can't realistically hole out with a wedge from 100 yards or so. Not when you don't read the green and know where to land it specifically. JB is an idiot
  6. pganapathy

    Heavy Fairway Metals

    I personally prefer heavier woods to lighter woods. Makes it easier to control. Assuming I set up correctly a lot easier to hit the sweet spot more often.
  7. I have a putter that is at least 50 years old, probably 60 to 70 years. My folks got it at a club tournament in the early 70's and it was a used club then. A putter with a wooden shaft. I rotate it in and out occasionally. Kinda on which putter is playing well cos that is weakest part of my game
  8. pganapathy

    2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    5 bogeys and no birdies through 12 holes. Looks like the lack of reps and time around the green has finally caught up to Tiger. Assuming he stays healthy he will get a lot better for sure and can even contend at a major but he is not there yet.
  9. pganapathy

    2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Tiger's current game reminds me a bit of Bubba Watson. Can make lots of under par holes and some over par holes. Though I must admit last year was a lot more Bubba than this year. He is grinding a lot better. Am guessing the time off did him good
  10. pganapathy

    2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    True, in that case he can set a record that nobody will ever beat in any sport. Currently Serena has what, 22 majors to her credit. But the big IF is all about him sustaining the play. The first day he had three birdies before he got his first bogey. Then there was another bogey in the back 9. That and the rusty short game are what scare me short term. Long term it all depends on his health. He seems to have his drive back though
  11. pganapathy

    2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    The first day 5 birdies and 2 bogeys. The second day 3 birdies and one eagle on the front nine. It is fair to say that barring a few flubbed chips and a bit of a rusty short game, he is really striping the ball and will get even better than he is currently once he shakes off the rust in his short game. I can even see a major in his future IF he can keep up this level of play over an entire week at the tournaments
  12. When I first started golfing as a youngster never used a glove. Somewhere in between started using one and now can't manage without one. If I play without one, I hurt my left hand. Sometimes remove the glove near and on the green and sometimes just leave it on. Depends on mood, time and whether I remember
  13. pganapathy

    What ball, and why

    Currently not playing much golf because I moved for work. Ideally the Titleist NXT but whatever I can get my hands on that are used. New 3-piece and upward fancy balls are too expensive until I get my swing so well grooved that I don't lose an expensive ball. Mostly on the used 3 piece balls from any decent manufacturer
  14. pganapathy

    If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    My 45* PW in my set is my go to club for anything inside a 100 yards except specialty shots like bunkers and flop shots or major rough needing more loft and quicker stopping. Maybe my 55* SW or a 60* lob for my second wedge. Not sure which one cos I use both so little. Never tried a lob from the bunker so not sure if it is practical as a second wedge
  15. pganapathy

    Whatever happened to.........?

    The answer is simple. It depends on how much you are earning. If it is 50,000 a year, then heck yeah. If it is 5 million a year and you can work for another 10+ years, NO. So it all depends on how much you can earn doing what you love. Of course, me personally I would take 20 million because I don't earn that much

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