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  1. Ok. I guess it is spring in America. Here in India summer started in March or so. It is really hot here even now, though the monsoon is setting in. Usually end May to early June it starts though delayed by two weeks or so. But the thing that surprises me is California has always been called a place of 360 days of sunshine and 5 days of rain a year and is supposed to be really warm, or does that only apply to Southern California
  2. Guys, a question. It is now June and the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. I would assume it is nice and warm. Why are so many pros wearing sweaters. Has the temperature already dropped so much or is the wind chill factor that high
  3. Wow, Rory is tied for second, just two off the current lead. I can really see him winning his 5th major. When he will get the grand slam is more debatable though I just believe it is a question of time
  4. @FunkyDionysus of the current set you have, the club you can keep the longest is the Driver. Most of the others would need to be replaced. I also notice, you didn't say anything about your putter. For me, if you are going to change a few clubs at a time, go from shortest to longest club. The reasoning is the shorter the club, the more accuracy you expect, and good clubs make a difference here. The hybrids and woods you have here might be a bit shorter and less accurate than newer clubs, but rarely are you hitting those onto a green (except long par 3s)
  5. Hands down the shorter course. Unless the course design is set up in such a way that the front tees are a lot harder (unlikely but not impossible) the lesser distance makes the game easier. You can hit shorter clubs for every shot, and most golfers are more accurate with the shorter clubs than the longer clubs. Plus the yardage difference is quite a bit for only 4 strokes. The only people who would and perhaps should pick the back tees are ones who are long and accurate with their driver and woods/hybrids
  6. I generally wear my glove the whole time. However, I do occasionally take it off. Mostly that is because I have a long wait and it helps dry off my hand and glove. On occasion I will take off my glove for putting, but as a rule I use my glove all the time just because I don't really see the need to remove it, even for putting.
  7. pganapathy

    NBA 2018-2019

    I still can't believe that Toronto are just one win away from winning the title. Impressive by Kawhi Leonard. RESPECT
  8. @iacas I get where you are coming from, but let me tell you my experience. A lot of the courses I play have trees lining one or both sides of the fairway and are sometimes close to the tee box. Provided I am hitting it reasonably, the extra few yards are often the difference between hitting a two inch branch, which nobody should be able to hit, and missing it. Maybe it is a mental thing, but at the end of the day when I play well I don't really move the ball too much in either direction
  9. So essentially you are looking at a gap of 50 or so yards between your driver and hybrid. Am assuming the wood would bridge that pretty well. If you are OK with that gap go ahead. Currently my clubs are Driver and 4 Hybrid, so I understand where you are coming from. Partly that is because I don't have a good set of woods and vitamin M is preventing me buying a nice 4 or 5 wood. Ideally you should get a wood. On long par 4s and par 5s, it can really make a difference. Even being 20 yards closer to the green helps in reducing your score. Much easier to get the ball close to the pin from 10 yards off the green than 30
  10. If you are going to hook or slice it 30+ yards, moving to the next fairway also wont help. But if you can hit a reasonably straight shot, or one with max 5 to 10 yards of draw or fade, then the few yards on a tee box matter. I look at the shot shape I want, pick the side accordingly and then search for the best setup position there, where I get a nice level lie and my feet are stable. I guess at the end of the day, moving around on the tee box only matters when you can control your shots reasonably well. For that matter, I don't always tee up at the front of the box. The rule says you can move upto 2 clublengths back from the markers and I always look at the entire teeing area before deciding where I will actually hit from. Two yards further back or left/right can make a difference, albeit when you have a consistent shot shape
  11. It is not about how big the tee boxes are. Most tee boxes across the world are not very big indeed. Essentially, it is about giving yourself the maximum leeway to hit your shot shape with minimal risk. Of course, an extra yard or two may not matter that much to most amateurs who can slice the ball 30 yards off target with ease, but assuming a reasonable shot shape without too much swing, then the extra few yards from one end of the tee box to the other can be the difference between hitting a tree and missing it
  12. As a right handed golfer, I look at it the following way. For a draw, stand on the left side of the tee-box and for a fade stand on the right side. Essentially it gives you the most leeway to hit your shot to the other end of the fairway and curve it back in. So a draw would start from the left, go to the right end of the fairway and draw back in to the middle or left of the fairway and vice versa.
  13. I have chosen to play my wedges the following way. My SW is 55* and has a high bounce. I bought a 60* low bounce LW and use them for my specialty shots around the green depending on lie. I can play either with the ball off my front foot and with the club opened up for increased loft. On hard pan surfaces, I prefer the low bounce LW which I can use to essentially 'pick' the ball with a very small to non-existent divot. When the ball is on a more fluffy lie, I use the high bounce SW. Works for me. Ideally experiment with the clubs a bit and see what works for you
  14. @Rabidcatfan I see that you have retooled your golf bag post feedback. Out of curiousity, has this improved the yardages between clubs anywhere. Because that is the ultimate goal of a bag. Not too big a yardage distance between two clubs, so that it is easy to pull one club rather than have to pull a longer club and take a bit off it
  15. The easiest way to take distance off a club is to grip a little further down the shaft. I find that is the easiest thing for me to do.
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