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  1. When I first started golfing as a youngster never used a glove. Somewhere in between started using one and now can't manage without one. If I play without one, I hurt my left hand. Sometimes remove the glove near and on the green and sometimes just leave it on. Depends on mood, time and whether I remember
  2. What ball, and why

    Currently not playing much golf because I moved for work. Ideally the Titleist NXT but whatever I can get my hands on that are used. New 3-piece and upward fancy balls are too expensive until I get my swing so well grooved that I don't lose an expensive ball. Mostly on the used 3 piece balls from any decent manufacturer
  3. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    My 45* PW in my set is my go to club for anything inside a 100 yards except specialty shots like bunkers and flop shots or major rough needing more loft and quicker stopping. Maybe my 55* SW or a 60* lob for my second wedge. Not sure which one cos I use both so little. Never tried a lob from the bunker so not sure if it is practical as a second wedge
  4. Whatever happened to.........?

    The answer is simple. It depends on how much you are earning. If it is 50,000 a year, then heck yeah. If it is 5 million a year and you can work for another 10+ years, NO. So it all depends on how much you can earn doing what you love. Of course, me personally I would take 20 million because I don't earn that much
  5. For me personally I find that layering is very difficult. At most I could wear two layers. If I had to play in cold weather my personal solution would be to have a nice jacket that will keep you warm and just take it off for your shot and then wear it again. In the rain I don't wear another layer of rain gear. An umbrella is all I can use
  6. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    Situation dependent but normal rule of thumb is a 3 iron. Depends on whether there is grass to cut through or not. The more grass and deeper the ball is buried the more lofted club I need
  7. Clubs - 1,000 USD

    You will get quality brand new sets on sale that easily fit within your budget if you are willing to look a little. Do some online homework and figure out pricing before you decide but you should be able to get a high quality new set in that amount
  8. Pros scoring on Jade Dragon Snow GC.

    With a pro's length all the holes look reachable in GIR. Most of us amateurs would struggle in getting anywhere close to par unless we have great scrambling skills due to the length though. Most pro's will shoot a sub par round on any course, unless the design forces specific shots
  9. Hitting From the Heel

    Let me make a simple suggestion. Currently you are probably starting your swing with the ball in the middle of the club face or possibly even towards the heel. Start your swing with the ball near the toe and see what happens on the range. If it works you are good. The adjustment is probably only half an inch or so but can make a huge difference
  10. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I voted 3 to 5 for the simple reason that most 18 handicappers have at least 2 double or triple bogeys. If good advice can reduce those to a bogey you are on your way to reduced strokes. But at the end of the day good strategy only works if you listen to it, whether that comes from you, your caddie or your playing partner. The biggest catch is actually taking good advice and then executing accordingly.
  11. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Of the two Rory is more likely to win a major and if both win Rory will likely win more majors than Day. My logic is very simple. Rory has far greater upside thanks to the fact that his putting is weaker and he is currently not striking his short irons with the same precision he showed while winning his majors. I can see Rory getting himself to 8 to 10 majors. I think he has become like Tiger in the sense that his only motivation now is his legacy and winning majors. Money is not enough of a motivation which is why I think him winning the Fedex cup was a show of how well he can play rather than how he can get motivated.
  12. Range-->Course

    For me this seems to be an issue that is more mental than physical. As long as you are on the course and don't have anyone holding you up or pressing you to speed up your tempo is exactly that which you need and are comfortable with. Which explains why the range and the 7 holes without anyone around me was fine. i would suggest learn a pre-shot routine you are comfortable with for every shot and this problem will resolve itself
  13. 3 HCP to Scratch and better

    The more pertinent question is where are you losing your 3 or so strokes a round. Is it strategy, a bad area of your game or is a 3 handicap exceeding your current skill (for example you are hitting badly but recovering brilliantly in your short game). Depending on where your weakness is it can take a few hours, weeks or years to drop those strokes
  14. I am guessing that the compression of this ball is best suited to your "short iron" swing speed. Would figure if you tested your swing speed with irons from say 8i to LW most would be within 10 mph of each other and probably in the ideal Project A range for compression.
  15. It more than likely has to do with the Driver and the Ball being suited to each other. Hit a modern ball with an ancient ball or a modern driver with an ancient ball and they don't really gel. So more by luck than anything else you lucked on the correct combination. The problem is I doubt you can find that golf ball very easily today. No experience with this because even though I have the old clubs (my dad's previous set was bought in 1986 and it is now kept as a back up set for whenever I visit) because finding old balls is very difficult

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