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  1. As a rule of thumb I tend to walk. I have a 2 wheeled cart and am OK to push it and play without a caddie. The only courses I would prefer to have a cart is one where there are a lot of steep uphills. I find it more tiring to climb than it should be. I suppose being unfit and time catching up to me has that effect. I have never objected to a cart but rarely see a need to pay separately for that. If it is built into the green fee or is mandatory, I will use the cart. Of course carts tend to be quicker and less exhausting so that is a big plus.
  2. Assuming you are striking the ball in the same place on both club heads, it means that the heads are different. They have different sweet spots and hence different spin rates. Most likely the Epic will benefit from hitting it lower/higher on the club face depending on its sweet spot and spin characteristics.
  3. I don't really think captaincy on the course is a big factor. Of course, if you have a very young golfer who has never played match-play type golf, then it might help to guide them, but most golfers at this level have played enough stroke and match play that it doesn't really matter. Plus, I do believe that seeing the scoreboard to have your captain and possibly idol for many of these golfers, leading, is more inspiration than him talking to you
  4. Colour me impressed that the Internationals are leading 4-1 at the end of the first day. And more so that Tiger was the only one of the Americans to put up a proper fight. Should be an interesting tournament. I reckon the Internationals have just enough in the tank to win, especially given the 3 point lead they enjoy.
  5. I could never play from a position. In virtually any sport I play, I struggle to generate speed from a static position, and find that dynamic motion (the takeaway) is a necessity for me to play well (cricket, tennis, table tennis, badminton). In my dragging motions (hockey for example) I am able to compensate but it ain't easy. Overall, I would prefer the complete swing rather than hit from a position. That being said, I might experiment with on the range one day and see if I am able to hit accurately enough to offset the almost certain loss of power I feel will accompany the swing.
  6. My R5 driver has a slightly longer stiff shaft than my Cleveland HiBore driver which is a regular shaft. Despite my higher club head speed (when I measured it 10 years ago with the HiBore (105 or so mph), I I still hit my Hibore driver better. I think it has to do with control and hence better smash factor.
  7. It probably takes me around 5 minutes from the time my car pulls in till I can be on the tee and ready to hit. I never wear my golf shoes and drive. Takes me a minute to wear the shoes, then about 2 to 3 minutes to get my cart and bag set up. Then another minute or so to get all the stuff out of the bag that I need. However, I am always fairly quick on the course, and have never found myself to be the cause of latency in any group I am playing with. I like to get to the course at least 15 minutes before I have to tee off to give myself at least 5 minutes to warm up and stretch before I start playing. I find it really makes a difference to my game.
  8. I remember reading on one of the courses I played that a study done by the PGA found that pitch marks repaired within 5 or 10 minutes (not sure which) would be fully fixed within 24 hours, while taking longer than that meant a week minimum. So guys, please learn the correct pitch repair technique and repair your pitch marks ASAP
  9. I would suggest you take your lessons first and then ask if you are still struggling. The reason I say this is because there are so many moving parts to a swing that any of them can throw it off. Without a video it is nigh on impossible to diagnose unless we know your swing. Also, as someone mentioned above, lessons are critical to ingraining good rather than bad habits into your swing. Good luck with lessons and ensure you practice what the pro teaches you. Otherwise those are just theory with no real world application.
  10. I voted NO, because I don't really feel any course should cost you so much to play. However, that being said, as a course on one's 'Bucket List', it might be worth paying to play once in a lifetime. But it definitely isn't a course one could play multiple times paying that much money. I suppose it makes it worse for me coming from a country where the most expensive courses probably wouldn't cross 200 dollars and most are under a 100 dollars. I suppose if you golfed in a country like Korea or Japan, where very few, possibly none, of the courses cost less than a 100 dollars, it might change your view point.
  11. To be honest, I only have 11 clubs in my bag now, and rarely hit all of them. My driver, 4 hybrid, PW and putter are certainties to be used on any given round. Some irons will be used. Usually two more between the 5 and 9 iron and one of the SW/LW depending on needing to fly or exit a bunker/hazard onto a green. Of course, length determines which irons are needed, especially on shorter par 3's where the hybrid is too much club.
  12. Which brings me back to the point I made earlier. Keep the course as simple as possible. Anything you cannot afford to maintain you remove. For example, I have played courses where water is an issue. What they have done on par 4 and 5's is not worry about maintaining a fairway for say the first 100 yards from the tee box. After that they maintain a fairway. So, if you cannot afford to maintain a bunker, remove it. Other simpler options make life easier for the course and the challenge of a course can still be maintained.
  13. Guys, it is not like I am opposed to a challenge. In fact, it does make the game more interesting. My concern is that badly maintained anything (bunkers, fairways, greens) make for unpredictable results. I agree that rub of the green will happen even on good courses, but having any bounce or shot be unpredictable is stretching whether it is golf or roulette. The difference is that on a good well maintained course, the percentage of funny bounces/results from a well struck shot are less
  14. Won the handicap section of the Coffee Cup I played in my home course on Sunday
  15. There are two aspects to this. 1) The driver is the only club in your bag that requires an upward strike for optimal results. All the others requie a downward or level sweeping strike. That is one of the reasons a driver is harder to hit than a 3/5 wood. 2) The second is length of shafts these days. If even a pro like Tiger Woods got his best results with a 43.5 inch driver this year, why are amateurs hitting 45 inch drivers. Because they are being sold on the "latest and greatest driver which is 'longer' than before". The trade off to length by a bigger shaft is inaccuracy. Pro's can control it. Most amateurs cannot even figure out what they are doing wrong, let alone figure out how to correct or prevent it. Modern 3 woods are the length of old driver shafts, which is why many people get better distance and accuracy with them. At the end of the day, a driver is a better option if you can get it fit for your swing.
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