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  1. Honestly, I think you would be better off not dropping a wedge for a hybrid/long iron, unless there is a club you don't use much. For example, I tend to use my PW for most shots around a green and from 100 yards in unless I need a specialty club. My SW and LW are for bunkers and high flop shots where I need to carry something, or where I need more loft than my 45* PW. In my case I could potentially drop the LW. Consider which club can be dropped and whether that would cost you strokes
  2. Most likely a 4 hybrid will fit in that gap. Hit some and see what fits your distance gap and you are comfortable with. However, I must ask the question. How many clubs do you currently have in your bag. Do you need to remove a club to accommodate this gap. And if so, does this affect gapping elsewhere. The reason for these questions is that your scoring clubs are your shorter irons. Even assuming you find a club that fits the gap perfectly, it is doubtful you will be able to hit a green accurately and regularly from 200 or so yards out with a long iron/hybrid/fairway wood.
  3. Yes, India is bad, but you also need to look at it in terms of absolute numbers. We have 1.3 billion people. The numbers are huge in absolute terms, but in percentage terms they are small. Also, vaccinating such a huge number of people is difficult. They are rationing who is eligible for a vaccine. It started with 60+ and frontline workers/people. Next they moved down to 45+. Next month they will be opening it up for 18+. Given that the median age is 26 a huge chunk of the population hasn't been eligible for the vaccine yet.
  4. Here in India we don't pay anything for our golf handicap, unless you count our club membership dues
  5. If you don't have time to get to the range till the day you are playing, try and get to the course as early as possible when you play. Then, try and hit balls at the range before your game. It will hopefully help get your swing back in rhythm and make that day's game good. The other thing of course is swing a club or clubs at home whenever possible till then. I assume you will have enough space to take swings, even if you can't hit a ball. Finally, practice your short game as much as possible before the game. That is where you will lose the bulk of your strokes
  6. I recently came across the Inesis Soft 500 golf balls in Decathlon at a price of 10 odd dollars for a dozen. Googled it and found it had decent reviews so picked up some golf balls in different colours (white, yellow and orange). Figure they are worthwhile purchases for my parents (much slower swing speed than me) and at that price will not worry too much about lost balls. I then decided to try the golf ball to see how it is. Played about 12 holes with a couple of new balls. On some shots into the green, it did drop and stop close by. On others it dropped and ran like a harder
  7. I once played with this British guy (my friends boss) who had come down to India for work. He played cross handed and was an impressive single digit handicap. He had two drivers in his bag. One for draw and the other for fade. Other than that, don't remember much about what his shot shape was, but off the tee he could hit either with the driver of his choice
  8. I was doing at least a 10 km walk daily, but the last month or so it has gone down dramatically. Have decided to start again from today and walk for now. It will help me get fit and as I lose some weight, I hope my golf game will automatically improve.
  9. Apparently Rory's troubles in the last year are all to do with chasing further distance after Bryson won that US Open by out driving everyone. Not like he was short to begin with but he got even longer. The problem is it affected his swing plane and all his current issues stem from that. I reckon he will be back to his best soon with a few tweaks. I can even see him winning a major this year.
  10. Truth is unless your clubs are badly made or designed, SGI/entry level or tour pro level clubs, it is up to the Indian and not the arrow for a large part. If you hit the ball well it will perform. Have fun and with clubs that cheap it really does make golf affordable. Your balls will cost more than the irons 😉
  11. Mine is a combination of C and D. Currently 11 clubs in my bag. Driver, 4H and putter in the top. 5 to 8 irons in the middle and 9 to Lob in the bottom. Since the bag has 5 dividers (top 1 and middle and bottom 2 each) it will be 5/6, 7/8, 9/P, S/L. Only at home will I try to organise them in order (5 before 6, 9 before P etc). On the course they normally go back in the same divider.
  12. To a certain extent I agree with you. It is mostly cosmetic damage, but the other side of that is over time the damage can affect club performance, particularly if the grooves/face get affected by the damage. Also, noise is reduced on the course and that matters. Makes me feel like I am looking after my clubs and that increases my confidence
  13. Quick question. I currently have a set of irons that are maybe 15 years old (TaylorMade RAC OS) and am considering sharpening the grooves since vitamin M is a consideration. I know that technically it is illegal but how effective is this in improving the clubs, and particularly the wedges? Or is buying another set the only alternative
  14. Rory McIlroy at -17. I think this is the time he gets his game back in order and starts completing his grandslam of majors
  15. if you have a pro shop close by, use them. Online you may have an issue with returns if it isn't correct for whatever reason.
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