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  1. Decide which club you want based on how they play. Which club better fits the gap between your 3W and 4i. Which has a better dispersion. Which one can you hit better from a worse lie like the rough. At the end of the day base your decision on which club helps your game more
  2. For me it is a tie between my PW and my Driver. The PW is what I use for most shots around the green and my Driver because when I get it right the distance is good.
  3. The time I started hole 1 with an eagle I guess. Par 4 where I hit the second from within a 100 yards and holed out. Luck I admit. But barring this the last couple fo rounds I have played started with 4 or 5 pars and something like within 5 over for both front 9's. Both ended in low 80's courtesy one or two bad holes
  4. I have this basic issue in trying to smash everything out of the park in any sport I play. I should probably work on that but swinging all out, when I get it right is absolutely brilliant. I get the distance and the control.
  5. @iacas - My point is this: Eliminating a slice is not simple. If it takes supremely talented players like Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods a year to rebuild a swing what chance do amateurs have of taking two lessons, undoing ingrained habits over years by practicing once a week and playing a round once a week. I have no doubt there are a lot of bad teachers out there but I believe both teachers and students need to take the responsibility. Assuming the teacher sticks to one approach, good or not, and the student practices that properly, you will have a consistent swing. I have a friend I played with who aimed 60* off the line he hit at but every shot went in the same direction because his swing was so ingrained in him. The truth is you also need to do your part and pick a coach wisely. But I concur with you when you say a good coach is one who: The proper piece. Simple and specific. Clear understanding conveyed to the student on not only the why, but the how, the when, the where, etc. Clear understanding conveyed on how to practice it (drills, etc.).
  6. My last two rounds I almost had a hole in one on the same hole. The first one was three fingers away and uphill. The second was five fingers away and downhill. They had not yet changed the pin position because it was within a week. That is officially my favourite hole now until I have a bad shot on it. It is a 153 yard (to centre of green) hole carry over water (130 to water edge). Both times a nice easy 7 iron. I can only hope one day I get the hole in one
  7. I will be downloading the app in the next day or two and hope to be able to give you useful feedback. My first question is whether this app works outside the United States. I have a group of friends and we live in Bangalore, India. Currently we are using a WhatsApp group to coordinate. Would be nice if we could all avoid the multiple messages to coordinate a tee time.
  8. I will admit that there are bad instructors out there, just like there are bad people in every profession. However, for me the bulk of the bad in golf training comes from the students. No doubt if you are not taught well it does not help, but once you have been taught it takes a lot of hard work to improve. It took pro's like Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods between one to two years to dismantle and recreate their swings. These are guys who hit balls at least 8 hours a day for 6 days a week. What chance do amateurs have who practice maybe once or twice a week and play once or twice a week and expect a few lessons to get them to stop an ingrained error from popping up.
  9. For me it has to be Rory for one simple reason. He has a lot more upside than DJ purely because his putting is what is holding him back the most. On a day when both of them are firing on all cylinders I don't see DJ having a chance against him
  10. Played a round at Pebble Beach and Muirfield Village on the simulator last weekend. Low winds and gimme on the green. Shot +2 and +1. Even assuming I add on another 14 to 16 strokes, am happy to have played bogey golf on those courses. Was beaming the rest of the day post that
  11. My current set is TM driver, TM 3-SW irons, a Golden Bear 60* wedge, and am now looking to add a 3 wood (possibly Mizuno if I play it well) and am looking for a 50* TM gap wedge, ideally the same as the set of irons I currently have. For me keeping things different is fine but the following must match. Driver can be any brand. All my other woods must match Irons from 3-9 or 3-SW must match Wedges must matchif 3-9 iron set My putter will mostly never change throughout my life I like my irons to match because the feel is generally similar for all the irons because specs are set u pthat way
  12. When the clubs come from the same parent company it is 80 percent branding and 20 percent better materials, quality control etc. Kinda like the VW group. Skoda, VW, Audi and then Bentley. When you are talking about different brands the difference can be in quality. Don't look at what pro's play and decide to buy based on that. If so, everybody would play like a pro. More realistic is the fact that pro's could play any equipment and have par or sub par round. It is their skill and ability to make adjustments that got them up there in the first place
  13. Buying anything that needs to be tailor made to an individual is very difficult. Be it clothes, golf clubs for a better golfer, all of them need to be customised on need. Take the person's advice and see if they are happy with the specs. If that is not possible give yourself an out where you can return the clubs or trade it in for something else in case the specs are totally off for the person. If that is not possible, do you really want to take the risk of purchasing the set
  14. Why would you trade in the AP1's unless you play a couple of rounds with them and find them unsuited to your game. If you already think they are unsuited to your game you selected badly in buying them. Good luck with the clubs and hope they work out well for you.