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  1. I would suggest a decent warm up on day one hitting a few balls before you tee off. If you find that you are hitting your driver and longer clubs well, go for the reachable holes. Most importantly though is making sure you stay in contention and don't get DQ'd for a rules violation. It is easy when playing casually to make minor rules transgressions and ignore them.
  2. Technically I don't do either. I picked longer club. My solution is take the longer club, grip down and hit normally
  3. The simplest solution would be to go out and get yourself fitted. Of course, that will wind up becoming expensive quickly, especially if you are buying an entire set. As mentioned earlier there are multiple options, and shafts today are generally better than the older ones.
  4. The pro's are in remarkably good golfing shape, because they hit hundreds of golf balls a day. Some of them are supremely fit athletes while others aren't. However, all of them have amazing golf muscles from hitting golf balls day in and out. Sympathy for a retired man with a massive house and yard and golfing everyday is hard to come by. I would so love to be in your position to be honest
  5. All the courses I play at in India have a flat rate for renting a cart. Whether you want to rent the cart yourself or ride double is upto you. I rarely use a cart, because I prefer walking, but when I do use the cart I am happy to ride double. I don't understand the business model of charging per person 🤷‍♂️
  6. Dress codes may have started off by being elitist, but I think they are very much a necessity today. You really shouldn't play golf in a pair of flip flops, speedos and tank top. There is such a thing as decorum. Reserve that kind of outfit for the beach and I applaud you. Wear that in public on a golf course or at a restaurant, and it looks out of place
  7. I first took lessons at the age of 11 or 12. Both my brother and I went for a couple of months I guess. Since then, I have had the odd single lesson, with one exception. There was a coach who did a set of about 8 to 10 sessions and I went for the camp. He helped me tweak my swing a little and my game has been pretty decent all my life. High single digit to low double digit. Three reasons I don't take many lessons now. One is vitamin M. The second is lack of practice. If I had the time to practice regularly, I might make an effort to take coaching. The final reason is the amount o
  8. The 80 may well be difficult for a scratch golfer but the 90, definitely achievable. I don't care what course it is.
  9. Unless your son is really committed to learning golf himself, there is no substitute for a good instructor. My brother and I had lessons when we were around 10 and 12 respectively, and to this day I still have a decent swing because it was ingrained early as muscle memory. Once he grooves a swing, you can work on the rest of his game (short, putting) and improve his scores. Scoring should be a by-product of a good process and swing, rather than a goal.
  10. Barring golf balls, the last golf related purchase was around six months ago when my dad had his old set of golf clubs re-gripped. It is actually a spare set now, but the rats had bitten part of the grips. Not really useful in the sense that I brought my clubs down with me when I came during the Covid quarantine and am now working from home.
  11. Realistically the men have three advantages. 1) Length - Here I am assuming the men are bigger and stronger and all of you are playing off the same tees. 2) Strength - In a scenario where you are in deep rough, in a plugged bunker lie etc, where strength is an asset, like gouging out a ball. 3) Home course experience and knowledge - Yes, the ladies are members of the course, but they will probably play it a couple of times a year at best, whereas the men will probably be playing it 2 to 3 times a week. If the men are able to convert this properly, maybe the +2 golfer has a
  12. I am impressed that you can hit a wedge 100 yards left handed. I would be lucky if I could just punch it out of trouble left handed. I am very seriously right handed and doing anything lefty is a mission for me. If you can hit decent shots left handed, perhaps you should consider getting a hybrid, mid iron and your existing wedge into the bag. You will then be able to hit decent shots from anywhere left handed.
  13. 44 and in college. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your golf even more. Golf will give you more ups and downs than anything else in life, but is the most addictive thing I know.
  14. It essentially depends on how you perform with the club. Go to a pro-shop or sports shop and hit some newer clubs. If you find a difference in the performance which justifies purchase, go ahead and do so. Don't just look at distance though. Most new clubs are longer, but dispersion is just as important. Also, if your 3 wood becomes driver length, then you need to replace that as well. Or is there a huge gap between them at present
  15. I stand with my eyes over the ball. At least, I assume I do. I would probably need someone to check me out when putting and let me know if that is indeed the truth. Not all putters have their eyes directly over the ball, or indeed need to. As long you know the line you want and are able to start it on that line, strength should be the only factor. Most good putters are able to read a green well. That is what truly helps, unless your stroke is really miserable.
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