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  1. Collared Ferrule installation on Titleist driver

    Awww c'mon somebody! someone has to know about club building!
  2. I have a Titleist 983K that I just refurbished, but my local shop sold me a flat ferrule. I have been told that the epoxy will fill the gap where the collar is supposed to sit. My question is: will the lack of a collar in that gap cause undue stress on the shaft and cause it to break? it is a new shaft, and I have a flat ferrule so the gap will be minimal and there are no sharp edges on the hosel.
  3. Austin Texas

    I agree that Horseshoe bay is where you need to stay. We have an unlimited golf package starting at $200 per person. This is a great value because you get quite a bit on top of the golf. As an employee who plays every week here in Horseshoe bay, I have to say there is no more scenic course in texas than Applerock. Here is a link to our list golf packages: http://www.hsbresort.com/leisureacti...golf/packages/ Let me know if you have any questions about the area, I live here.
  4. Arrogant golfers!!!

    Listen, I didn't mean to piss off the entire forum, I just wanted to make a point, and it looks like I went about it the wrong way. Sorry to all that I offended, I will learn the ways of this forum yet. Thanks to everyone for their patience and forgive the angry rants of this beginner.
  5. Arrogant golfers!!!

    Good lord. you really have me pegged wrong. I am not asking for someone to pat me on the F**king back. I really don't give a crap if you care about me or not. I was just commenting on the unnecessary arrogance that I have seen. There is no need for someone who shoots 80 to state that he doesn't read posts from those who haven't broken 90. To those who feel that way, who the hell do you think you are? Some people took this thread the wrong way, and I am sorry for the lack of clarification. I am not looking for butterflies and rainbows with dancing golfers, I just want to see a little humility when someone responds. Just because you are a better golfer does not give you the right to be a d*ck. Edit: that sounded a little gay with the butterflies and such, I meant I don't care if everyone is best friends all the time.
  6. Walkers??

    That is for sure. I walk whenever possible, but my courses are long in terms of green to tee. The holes aren't that bad but it is forever to the next tee box.
  7. Arrogant golfers!!!

    After all the replies I have received, I am confident that I can still enjoy the forum because it really is made up of really cool people. I guess I just had a run in with a jerk. If I could remember where the post is that offended me in the first place, I would post a link. I just don't remember what thread it was in, but believe me when I say that there was a reason I started this thread. Thanks for the (few) nice replies and I apologize to those I offended, but I was provoked, I just can't remember where.
  8. Arrogant golfers!!!

    I know you are trying to be positive here, but this is just a slap in the face to those you speak of. I would think that a 15 HI would be quite an accomplishment, and probably be satisfied with it. One of my course pros doesn't have an HI, he always shoots +-1 or so, and he has no problem coming out with me and letting me shoot my completely awful game. He has given me so many lessons, I just haven't had the time to develop my muscle memory. But that doesn't mean I don't have a good idea about how to play the game. I may not be able to hit the fairway from the Tee very often, but I can damn sure two putt any green from anywhere on it. I just happen to have that ability. Are you saying that because of my HI I can't give a pointer to a guy that can't putt? THAT is the arrogance I am speaking of. There you go guys, the example you wanted me to post.
  9. Arrogant golfers!!!

    Thank you for the patience, I believe that I had read about 3 posts in a row from a low Handicapper and they were very snobbish. I know I am a beginner in this game, but you can plainly see on this thread how many low handicappers look down on High handicappers. I quoted one of them, and he fit the bill perfectly. Some people think that shooting below 90 makes them better than the rest of us, and that is who I was talking about.
  10. Arrogant golfers!!!

    Thanks, you really helped support my gripe.
  11. Arrogant golfers!!!

    I happen to work at Horseshoe Bay so I play there for free. I have an infant so I don't really have the cash to play at other courses. But in support of my opening statement, I have seen less arrogance at Horseshoe bay than on this forum.
  12. Arrogant golfers!!!

    I have seen a lot of posts from guys who have a low handicap and they mostly sound like a bunch of elitist A-holes. I have read some posts that demean the high handicapper and condemn him for not being able to break 100 or 90, stating that he must not care enough to get better. Is anyone else sick of this as well?
  13. How to deal with them?

    It's hard not to take offense at this. I have been playing for a year now, and I routinely shoot about 55 to 60 per nine on the front, and worse than that on the back. I get told that I need to invest more time, but time is harder to come by than money. I work evenings at a golf resort hotel, and I have an infant and wife. Golf is my absolute favorite thing besides by family, but it is just a hobby. For most of us it is just that, a hobby. I am really sick of people thinking it should be a requirement to break 100 to be called decent. The average honest golf score has been 100 for a century. Look it up. For those of you who have real 10 handicaps, kudos to you because it takes a hell of a lot of work, but please don't hate on the guys who struggle. Some of us don't have the time, and some of us just weren't meant to be any better. We still enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed.
  14. The Worst habit one of your regular golf buddies has

    I played with a guy once who would stop me or my regular partner in the middle of our backswing to give correctional notes. He is also one of those guys who concedes any putt that is within 5 feet of the hole, and plays what he calls "ready golf", meaning that he is rushing everyone on every swing and he won't let you analyze your shot at all. He and his son have repeatedly asked when me and my bud are going with them again, and we just ignore them. I have two other regulars that aren't very good yet, by that I mean they shoot upwards of 10 per hole, and they tend to lose a lot of golf balls in the woods. Not such a big deal, and I still stink so the amount of shots really doesn't bother me, but it is the amount of time they will spend looking for a lost ball. I will generally look for a ball for about a minute, and if I can't find it by then, I just drop and take the penalty. These two will literally take 6 or 7 minutes per hole to search for a lost ball. I swear, when my normal partner and I stopped going with them, we shaved an hour and a half of of nine holes. We now play 9 in about 1 hr and 45 minutes.
  15. Walkers??

    I usually ride because I play in Texas where the heat is sometimes a little much, plus my playing partner is still reigning in his swing, so he tends to hit it all over the place. We did walk at a course called Delaware Springs in Burnet, TX. The minute the shop clerk heard we were walking, she radioed the marshall and sounded really pissed. Then we get down to the first tee about 2 minutes early and find 20 golf carts waiting on us with their drivers out. We tee off and each ball was instantly lost so we skipped the first hole. They caught us while we were putting on the 2nd green. We started to skip every other hole and they were still riding us till the turn where we picked up a cart. I have never been treated so terrible at a golf course.