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  1. Thanks guys for helping me out on this one. Reading all of your posts made me realize a few things that are wrong. I am definitely not aiming left. I made sure of this at the range the other night. So, I think ks8829 summed it up pretty well... My 10-finger grip was growing stronger and stronger with the right hand over the years. This, coupled with the fact that my swing plane was totally off, made my hands turn over even more. I was rolling the wrists during my backswing and that put me totally out of place at the top. I needed to get back to interlocking and I needed to fix my swing. So, I got back to basics the last few nights with a great book by Leslie King that I lost touch with and worked on my swing and things are starting to fall back into place again. I went through an "Eagle" bucket (135 balls) at the range the last two nights and I haven't duck hooked once. I hope it will last. In any case, I've learned a few things. It's amazing - as fast as you can pick it up, that's as fast as you can lose it. Many Thanks!
  2. Most of the time the ball starts left and goes left. These are not ordinary hooks. They're ducks of about 20-30 yards. I managed to straighten it a little by rotating my hands (clockwise) more during my takeaway and backswing. This produces a straighter ball, but they still dive into the ground at 20 - 50 yards. When I manage to get more than 50 yards out of a ball, it's usually a very low, line-drive hit shot.
  3. Hi all, I recently started have some serious trouble with my driver. I duck hook just about every shot. Occasionally, I top the ball and it skips straight into the ground about 50 yards. I'm right-handed and have been using a 10-finger grip. My irons are excellent and very consistent. At one time, I could drive 280 and my irons were terrible. Now it's just the opposite. I think over-practicing hitting down on my irons ruined my driving swing. I recently switched over to an interlocking grip for my driver, but still no success. I'll set up proper at address, but by the time I get my downswing to the ball, my right hand has turned and the club face is very closed. For irons, I naturally set up a little closed, but this works well for me. I also tried to focus on keeping my right wrist to the sky during impact, but still no success. Please help. Many Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. I think you're all right on. I actually tried this at the end of last season, with no success. However, last night I went to the range and focused completely on my driver and using the interlocking grip. I hit 150 balls and was very happy with where they were going. I did kind of lose it again after about 135 balls, but I'm going to chalk that up to being tired. I like the look of this grip. Would it be wise to put this on one of my playing clubs, or is this meant to be placed on a training club only? I think this is a big part of my problem too, which is caused by my inconsistent grip throughout my swing. For this reason, I just purchased the Swingyde. I'm not sure on this. I use a Cobra driver that I purchased from a friend 3 years ago. I was definitely re-gripping, or loosening up. I have to get rid of this 10-finger grip. Although, I like it with my irons. Are there any golfers out there that use a different grip for driver vs. irons?
  5. This is probably a really stupid question, but I've heard several different opinions on this and I'm wondering what the majority thinks. For a threesome, what's the proper way to split the cost of two golf carts? Or, how would you work it out?
  6. Your Home Course Website.

  7. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I love Jack, but Tiger is the greatest, hands down!
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    I'm a DB Administrator / IT Manager.