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  1. I like mine. They are a pretty good all around pair of sunglasses. I couldn't say they make the ball any easier to follow than another set of sunglasses but it appears they help some.
  2. One of the guys I used to play with spent all his time in the trees and in the bunker. He rarely ever drove the ball into the fairway. At the end of the round he would never fail to beat all of us. It didn't bother us. We teased the you-know-what out of this guy. In fact, the more we teased him the lower his scores were!
  3. My pro shop had Titleist, Cleveland, and Callaway X-tour wedges. I handled all of them and liked the feel and look of the Callaways. First I bought the 56 deg because I needed a sand wedge. I liked it so much that I returned a week later to pick up a 52 and 60 wedge. It is a plus that they match the other clubs in my bag. I'm sure the other brands would perform just as well but I am currently very satisfied with the Callaway wedges I have now.