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  1. milled putters

    Thank you so much for all your replys , they all make great sense , it was something I was gonna put away until he was 16 , just to say here ya go mate .....but listening to what you've all said I think il just put some money away for him and let him choose what he wants when he wants it , once again ty guys for your advice , im in the process of getting one for myself , but thats another story lol , cant decide between a byron , mills , tad moore or piretti , but like what you all say its personal choice ....ty so much guys ......
  2. milled putters

    Hi all , im a new member and would like to ask for some of your wise thoughts , My grandson is now 8 years old and has taking up golf with me and he s fell in love with the game , I would like to buy him a milled putter which I can hide away from him until the time is right for him to have it , I was thinking which milled putter would hold its price more so its a kind of investment for him , sometimes its hard to put into words how to explain what you r trying to say but hopefully this makes sense , any replys would be truly appreciated ......jules