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  1. RWC

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    At 66, I've seen some of my skills and distance start to erode. I finally moved up a set of tees this summer (5800-6000 yds) and have begun to see some improvement and definitely more enjoyable golf. I have the distance to reach all the holes in regulation and now I have regained my enthusiasm for the game I've played for over 50 years. If you are stuck in a rut, consider moving up a set of tees - and see if that reignites the passion and also helps kickstart the scoring. You might find you like the new tees and decide to stay there.
  2. RWC

    Trouble With Irons

    Agree completely about a swing video. For me, good iron play seems to revolve around making a good turn. My default bad habit is to cut the turn short and just slap at the ball with my hands. I get a pretty predictable low trajectory pull shot followed by comments which I then must apologize for to my playing partners.
  3. RWC

    League Play: Pros and Cons?

    I joined a 9 hole league this year and have enjoyed being able to have a fixed day to play each week. As a single, it was always a challenge to get to the course and then try and slide into an open spot - knowing that I don't have that concern has been great. Most of the guys I've played with have been good chaps (hopefully they would feel the same about me). I have seen some improvement in my game this summer but I think that is do more to changing to graphite shafts in my irons and adding a few hybrids. Give the league a try - hopefully you'll enjoy it.
  4. RWC

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    Best of luck with the health issues - persimmon, forged blades and a Bullseye have been proven to cure many a malady!
  5. RWC

    What tee to play from?

    Age 65, I play tees in the 5800 - 6000 length. Driver averaging 197yd this season and my 7 iron 125 yds. I try to play to a length where I can reasonably expect to reach most holes in regulation assuming decent contact.
  6. RWC

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Had time for a quick 9 holes this morning (1hour 50 minutes round). Shot 40 (+4) with 2 doubles from middle of the fairway - UGH! Made a switch to Ping i20 irons with graphite shafts earlier this summer and I'm starting to see the improvement plus much less arthritis pain. Now just need time to play a full 18!
  7. RWC

    Main clubs you use during round.

    When I play my regular course from the senior tees (6,000 yds) I typically only carry 7-8 clubs in my bag and walk. I'm not terribly long off the tee, so most par 4 are driver and 3 hybrid. Par 5s are Driver, 3 hybrid and 7 or 9 iron, Par 3s are 3 hybrid or short iron. Seeing a pattern? Add a gap, sand wedge and putter and I'm done. When I play a new course, I normally take a 14 clubs for the first round - then adjust for any future rounds.
  8. Lived in Dallas - Fort Worth area for many years and played Glen Garden many times. It was alway great fun and Texas Golf History just oozed from everywhere there - especially the bar - where you could hear some amazing stories - some of which were probably true!
  9. I have a GPS watch which I use - primarily to help with carry distance over hazards or bunkers. On shots to the green I normally club for the middle / back of the green. If pin on front, I club for middle, pin in the middle or back then I club for back. Started doing that this summer and GIRs have increased - now just need to get my putter under control to see scores improving.
  10. Good luck with finding some new golfing partners. Lived in the Mid Cities (Bedford) for 20+ years before moving to Chicago. Bear Creek was also one of my favorite courses. Now I play on a city owned course that is laid out along Lake Michigan. I found it was equally challenging moving up north but was able to join golf league which has helped greatly.
  11. I like to leave on a good shot and will walk even if balls are remaining. Generally I bring several goals to my practice session and will leave when / if I hit my goal for 3 shots in a row.
  12. RWC

    Hickory Golf

    Society of Hickory Golfers (hickorygolfers.com) can provide you with information on acquiring and playing hickory clubs. There are also playing groups in many states which meet regularly for golf outings. Its an acquired taste but a great deal of fun.
  13. RWC

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I tend to play with 7-9 clubs depending on the course (typically based on par 3 lengths). Makes it easier to carry and walk - important at my age. Also with a fairly slow swing speed (75-80 mph) 3-4 deg gaps don't really translate into big difference in distance.
  14. RWC

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    My biggest challenge seems to be my approach shots (100-175 yds). My drives are short ~ 190 yds and my short game is better than my handicap (based on statistics). The approach shots are all over the map - normally bad. I've picked up a couple of used hybrids (19* and 22*) to see if they help give me a more consistent strike. Fingers crossed!
  15. For me, at 65, my body can handle 1 day of practice and 1 day of golf per week. With this limited opportunity, I'm working on accepting the quirks of my swing and trying to make the bad shots less bad - trying to improve the quality of the strike. Had a late start to the season here in Chicago but early results seem to be trending positively.

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