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  1. Good luck with the transition. At 66, Mother Nature has helped me decide to shorten my swing. Working on flexibility has been a keep to trying to maintain reasonable distance with the shorter swing. Also, I fight the occasional attempt to lengthen the swing which wreaks havoc with my swing. If I focus on taking balanced in the swing I make a much more solid contact and tend to have pretty good distance
  2. At 66 yrs old, I can certainly agree with @CaddyCarl about the challenge to be honest with yourself on club distances as we age. I spent several hours hitting balls on a simulator this winter trying to get reasonable fix on my club distances - now I need to trust the distances and make the right club selection on the course. As the old saying goes, the "ball doesn't know what club was used" to hit it on the green.
  3. Haven't purchased a "New" club in many years - been playing 1930's era hickory shafted clubs for 10+ years. Last fall, I decided to put together a somewhat modern "New to Me" set of clubs (Ping G30 woods - i20 irons all with senior graphite shafts) in recognition of age making hitting 80 year old blades a little too difficult for daily play.
  4. As someone who wasn't a big Miller fan, it's nice to have a different personality with Zinger. Doubt anyone could please everyone - guess time will tell.
  5. Watching snow and ice here in Chicago - hope to be able to start warming up on a simulator next week. Finger's crossed!!
  6. RWC

    What a Great Game

    Congratulations!! Great post - thanks for sharing. Shooting one's age would seem to be the greatest golf challenge I can imagine. I will be 67 this year and like you have played for most of my life. Over the years I've played modern clubs, then became nostalgic and moved to vintage clubs and followed that up with hickories. Now as physical ailments slow the swing speed and flexibility, I've migrated back toward more modern clubs in hopes of getting my index back in single digits.
  7. I tend to play with 7-8 clubs (hickories, vintage or nearly modern) and like to walk The lighter bag makes it easier on my body to walk and I enjoy trying to manipulate shots as may be required. At 66, my really competitive days are over and I now am just trying to have fun. I understand some players may think this crazy but to each his/her own. I certainly think it helps provide practice in the shotmaking arena.
  8. As I've aged (66 yrs old) I find that I care less what tee others are playing and instead try to enjoy the round. I don't play much in competition any longer so I tend to play a combination of senior / forward tees which give me a chance to reach all the holes in regulation assuming I hit decent shots.
  9. As I've aged and become more of a "pitch and putt for a par/bogie" senior, I've found that my 3-putt rate has declined. Sadly don't have a lot of birdie opportunities now but with decent chipping I'm normally close enough to avoid 3 putts. So age has impacted my putting - just like its impacted every other aspect of my game :-(.
  10. The quality of my swing seems to show up most in my approach shots - thin, pulled, fat.
  11. My phone is in my bag. I will check it at the turn for any emergency family message and then back in the bag until the round is over.
  12. I seem to have this problem when I let the ball creep forward combined with minimal shoulder rotation on the backswing.
  13. Love to walk - most rounds are with a short set and Mackenzie Walker bag. Unfortunately my arthritis doesn’t always share my enthusiasm for walking and on those days I’m stuck either riding or using my push cart.
  14. RWC

    Hickory Golf

    Nice looking putter but if you intend to play in any events conducted under the Society of Hickory Golfers rules, Otey Chrisman putters are typically not allowed. Hickorygolfers.com details the approved clubs.
  15. Played a quick 9 holes today in Chicago. 42 degrees and light breeze - fantastic for December! Used my hickories and shot a 43 (2 pars and 7 bogeys). Sadly forecast for next 10 days - rain, snow and highs in 30's so not looking good for another 2018 round. Time now to hit Ebay for the magic club to fix my game along with re-reading my various golf books to find the hidden secret to the perfect swing. Another typical "hope over experience" winter in Chicago!
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