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  1. Backswing stopping point

    For me, I try to stop the backswing when the shoulders stop turning. This seems to help me keep my spine angle in tact and has improved my consistency.
  2. if you look at the hosel you can see the shaft is narrow going into it which indicates its the Pyratone coated steel shaft. A hickory shaft would have a much larger hosel and the shaft would actually get larger as it went into the hosel as compared to most of the length of the shaft. Those early steel shafts tended to be pretty stiff when compared to modern steel shafts but can be fun to play with when paired with some classic old persimmon woods and a nice bullseye putter!
  3. Me as well. I'm 65 and tried the wider stance but it just seemed to make me sway back and forth through the ball. The narrower stance and the flared feet seem to help me turn. Focusing on a slightly shorter more efficient swing has seemed to be the answer for keeping power as I get older.
  4. Guess this is why I like playing with my hickory clubs. Hardly seems right for a great course to have a hole designed for a Driver and 3i approach when it was built in the 30's now being reduced to a hybrid or driving iron off the tee followed by a lob wedge approach. I understand this is a case of "each his own" so enjoy those 7,500 yard courses - maybe it will open up more tee times on the shorter older classics for people like me.
  5. Older article but still great list of items to consider!
  6. Living in Chicago we do get our share of winter. I try to play as much as possible - even if it's only to walk 9 holes. Hitting balls in a dome or on a simulator are nice, but I tend to get sloppy with my swing so I try to limit it to a small bucket and a few swings with each club. Most of all, find a way to keep moving and walking during the winter and I focus on my stretching exercises. Good luck!
  7. My Medicare card came with arthritis which helped shorten my swing. Now I focus on making a shoulder turn, swing till I get tight and make the bad shots "less worse". Overall I'm trying to be more efficient with the shorter swing, more hits in center of the club and less fats/thins. While my scores aren't reflecting it yet, my ball striking seems to have improved and I spend more time on the short grass.
  8. Just finished my first read through the book. Outstanding! Now I'm going back through it making notes and forming a game plan. As a senior with a few health issues, not sure I can expect major changes in my swing, but I know I can make my bad shots less bad and use a game plan to score better. Thanks for a great book!