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  1. Re-reading the Penick books are part of my annual pre-season preparation along with Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Also when I hit a slump during the season, I will often sit down with Harvey and a favorite libation. Amazing how often I pick up a pointer that helps me get out of the slump! Great books for any golfer.
  2. I've owned this book for 20+ years. Re-reading it is part of my annual spring checklist for golf. It helps me focus on the essentials and it also get excited about the new season. Well worth the investment in time and money!
  3. Very interesting results. Due to some medical issues, I have limited ability to apply the body turn and have become mostly an Arms swinger. My swing speed has been clocked at 78 - 89, so pretty similar to the lower end of your numbers.
  4. RWC

    Closed stance benefits

    I seem to play my best when aim right and pull the ball back (somewhat like Kucher - but I'm no where as good ). I also share the OTT move when I get tired and the aiming right seems to help that as well. Playing Hickories or Vintage clubs, I'm used to the fairly low ball flight.
  5. RWC

    Practice Journal?

    A journal sounds like a great idea. I do something similar in that I've made copies of instructional articles that deal with my game and review it every few months - more so when I'm waiting for snow to melt in Chicago. I could see where a list of key bullet points might help on the practice tee as well as help me focus on on key points before a round.
  6. My "Modern" clubs are Tommy Armour Macgregor AT2W 1960 woods and 1990 Hogan Apex irons rounded out with a Ping Kushin putter. My "Old" clubs are hickories. Hopefully, I will get to put some of them to use later this week. Snowing in Chicago today.... ugh!
  7. RWC

    Hickory players?

    I’ve been playing hickories for 10+ years. SoHG member.
  8. RWC


  9. Couple of things jumped out at me. Didi seemed to keep the ball in front of him, pretty consistent with driver and 3 wood which seemed to be his typical combo for playing most holes (Driver, 3 wood, chip). For those of us who are distance challenged, video seemed to reinforce the need to hit more shots solidly and worry less about distance. Secondly, his short game seemed mucho strong ( got up/down on 7 of 11 holes). Not sure that is repeatable but maybe so. Clearly it would take more work on my part. All in all, its a good reminder that the scorecard doesn't have room for pictures and we can all do better maximizing our scoring regardless of our swing eccentricities.
  10. RWC

    Senior Golfers Fading Away

    What a great, touching and sad topic. At 65, I share your pain and your joy. I am seeing older golfing buddies drifting away into the Super Senior group and then into the Bar Stool group. After playing for over 55 years, I'm still trying to get better and I hope that desire will help me weather the natural erosion of skills that are inevitable. Love the idea of a Memorial Tournament to honor, remember and celebrate those who played before us. Enjoy playing with some of the younger golfers (especially when I use words like "balata" and they look at me like I'm from another planet) when I use my hickory shafted clubs. Can't match them off the tee but Inside 120 yards, I can still pull a rabbit out of the hat occasionally. All in all, glad we are all still grinding over that putt!
  11. RWC

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    First round of the season for me here in chilly Chicago. Course was a little damp and windy but it overlooks Lake Michigan. Put together an 84 with couple of 3 putts. Avoided any doubles and no penalty strokes. All in all, I'm pretty pleased. Now the key is to try and get better this season.
  12. RWC

    Using 8 clubs this year

    I play hickories pretty much all the time and its typical to play with less than 14 clubs. My normal set is a Brassie (2W), Cleek (4W), Jigger (4i) Mid-Mashie (5i), Mashie (7i), Mashie Niblick (9i), Niblick (SW) and Putter. Depending on the course I may also add either a Mid Iron (3i) or Spade Mashie (8i). The loft gaps seem manageable and sure make walking and carrying my bag a lot easier. My Index (14.3) using hickory is a few shots higher than with modern clubs, but I attribute that more to the challenge of hickory shafts and pure blades as opposed to number of clubs in the bag.
  13. I fight tightness in my shoulders. If I try to take the club back too far- then I have a tendency to lose my spine angle with bad results. Basically, I try to stop my swing when my shoulders stop turning - its resulted in shorter backswing but I was starting to see better ball contact / more consistency at the end of last season. Still dealing with Winter here in Chicago so haven't had chance to do much this season other than few sessions indoors. Good luck with your swing!
  14. RWC

    Tee It Forward

    I also play a hybrid set of tees. Playing hickory clubs, a good tee shot for me is around 180-190 yards (carry about 160yds). My normal course doesn't really have a single set of tees that matches up - so I play a combination of Red and Gold to get distance at about 5,200 yards. Using the USGA charts, I can adjust the slope and rating to post scores.

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