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  1. At 68, I've seen the handicap slide from 5 in my late 50's up to 12 at the end of last season. Arthritis has impacted the swing speed. Stretching exercises and PT has helped on flexibility but I'm still limited to a short 3/4 swing. Aim Point has helped keep the putting game decent and lighter swing weights on the irons has helped as well. I've been reluctant to switch tees but it became clear to me in 2020 that with the distance loss, I don't have the desire to play Driver - 4W to many of the par 4's - not to mention long par 5's. Enjoy the time with your father. Sadly I lost my father e
  2. This is exactly what I found. I moved up to the senior tees to play my hickories in our golf league this year. While my average score dropped about 3.4 strokes, my handicap didn't budge given the lower course rating for the senior tees. I did enjoy the change and actually had my first hole-in-one .... ironically that par 3 hole had the seniors and white tees at the same distance.
  3. @MDM welcome. Im 68 and took about 10 years off during my 50's as my daughter played sports, grew up and attended college. When I took the hiatus I was playing at a 5-6 hcp level. When I returned I pretty quickly jumped to a 15-16 hcp level. For several years it seemed no matter what I did I couldn't get back to my old game - frustrated the hell out of me ( actually still does). Based on great advice from other golfers on this site, I started working on stretching, short game and moving up to the senior tees. Signed up for lessons from a local PGA instructor and he helped me identify some bad
  4. In Chicago, our golf league finished our season on Wednesday. While my handicap didn't hit my single digit target, I did become a more consistent 12 handicapper. I permanently moved up to the senior tees and found the golf much more enjoyable. Also, I had my first hole in one which certainly put a nice cap on the season. For the off season I hope to work more on keeping flexibility and strength training. At 68 years old, if I don't keep flexible during the off season it becomes really tough to regain it at the start of the new season.
  5. Had a Hole-in-One today (Nov 4, 2020) on hole #3 (130 yards) at the Marovitz Golf Course located in Chicago Park District. Course overlooks Lake Michigan. I was playing my Tad Moore OA Hickory irons and used a Deep Face Mashie. It was my first hole-in-one and we were able to see it hit the green and roll into the hole. Pretty damn exciting - I've only been playing for 62 years 😀
  6. Great question by the OP. I have wondered the same many times. Over the years I've moved from a fade to a draw to a hook to a pull. I'm betting that age and limitations on practicing (life happens) may play a part in the change as well. Looking forward to comments from others.
  7. I played hickories for a number of years and generally had 9-10 clubs in my bag. Switching back to modern clubs, I found that with age and stronger lofts, it took about 6 - 8 degrees of loft change to get a 10-15 yard differential. As a result 8-9 modern clubs seems to cover my spectrum of distances without creating any big distance gap. Also makes for a lighter bag when I walk. 😀
  8. Looking at my scores over the past 2 seasons, walking has given me the best low scores but only if I use my push cart. The push cart has a seat so I can sit and rest as needed. I like to play quickly and riding in a cart tends to get me to the ball too quickly. I tend to take one quick look at the shot and swing. If I am walking, I have time to consider the shot and find I make better judgements. So, all in all, walking with a push cart is better than riding. Riding is better than carrying my clubs once warm weather arrives.
  9. Mackenzie Sunday Walker or Jones players series bag.
  10. I think the book is "Groove your Swing My Way" by Lee Trevino published in 1976. To me its a great book, even if I don't swing like Trevino. It is always one of my golf book reads during winter here in Chicago - always seem to pick up some little point that seems spot on for my swing. You are correct for some reason its not cheap on Ebay or other sites. I have had my copy for 10+ years.
  11. Use a G30 7 wood for past 2 seasons. Love it for reliable 160-170 yards. As my swing speed slows (age 67), I've found the 7 wood and my 4 wood are much closer in distance but I seem to be more reliable with 7 wood.
  12. Have OA affecting both knees and ankles. Doctor sent me to PT to help strengthen muscles around the knees as well as improve flexibility in hips. PT has been a big help along with narrowing stance and flaring both feet. Still take NSAID before rounds and soak afterwards.Try to walk as many rounds as possible and dropped handicap from 14 to 12 last year. Working to get back into single digits for 2020.
  13. I tend to have a similar problem with new courses as well. My miss tends to be steering the driver and then pulling my irons - both misses that seldom appear on my regular course. After I've played a new course 3 or 4 rounds, I seem to relax more and my old swing tends to return. Unfortunately by then, I've lost a few beers and lunch bets :-(.
  14. Now that the handicap season has ended in Illinois, it's time to compare to 2018. 2019 year end Index. 12.5 2018 year end index. 13.0 While the index improved only slightly, looking at my golf stats for errors (bad tee shot, bad chips, bad sand shot and 3 putts) I improved from 4.9 strokes to 3.7 strokes per round. My target is 3.5 strokes which equates to my overall target of a 10 index. Now its time to dive into my golf library for the winter and look for an off-season golf trip.
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