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  1. I like to leave on a good shot and will walk even if balls are remaining. Generally I bring several goals to my practice session and will leave when / if I hit my goal for 3 shots in a row.
  2. RWC

    Hickory Golf

    Society of Hickory Golfers (hickorygolfers.com) can provide you with information on acquiring and playing hickory clubs. There are also playing groups in many states which meet regularly for golf outings. Its an acquired taste but a great deal of fun.
  3. RWC

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I tend to play with 7-9 clubs depending on the course (typically based on par 3 lengths). Makes it easier to carry and walk - important at my age. Also with a fairly slow swing speed (75-80 mph) 3-4 deg gaps don't really translate into big difference in distance.
  4. RWC

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    My biggest challenge seems to be my approach shots (100-175 yds). My drives are short ~ 190 yds and my short game is better than my handicap (based on statistics). The approach shots are all over the map - normally bad. I've picked up a couple of used hybrids (19* and 22*) to see if they help give me a more consistent strike. Fingers crossed!
  5. For me, at 65, my body can handle 1 day of practice and 1 day of golf per week. With this limited opportunity, I'm working on accepting the quirks of my swing and trying to make the bad shots less bad - trying to improve the quality of the strike. Had a late start to the season here in Chicago but early results seem to be trending positively.
  6. +1 on the FJ Contour shoes I've battled PF for number of years. Good orthotics and the Contour shoes plus daily stretching exercises have been my best shot at keeping it under control. Good Luck!
  7. Fascinating reading - what a great way to spend time on a rainy day in Chicago!
  8. RWC

    Time On The Driving Range

    I've found that hitting balls before the round tends to disrupt my timing and I start to over-think swing issues. Better for me to chip and putt, take some practice swings with several clubs and stretch before hitting first tee. When I do go to the range to practice, I try to have a specific point to work on and quit when I comfortable with the result. I only use a small basket of balls -with a big basket I tend to stand there and just pound balls one after another in a rush to get them hit. Lastly I always try to end on a good hit. Walk off with a positive thought - leave those extra balls for the next person.
  9. Really enjoyed this post and the great photos. It certainly provides a wealth of knowledge and helps explain positions in the swing in a clearer fashion. Thanks!!
  10. Re-reading the Penick books are part of my annual pre-season preparation along with Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Also when I hit a slump during the season, I will often sit down with Harvey and a favorite libation. Amazing how often I pick up a pointer that helps me get out of the slump! Great books for any golfer.
  11. I've owned this book for 20+ years. Re-reading it is part of my annual spring checklist for golf. It helps me focus on the essentials and it also get excited about the new season. Well worth the investment in time and money!
  12. Very interesting results. Due to some medical issues, I have limited ability to apply the body turn and have become mostly an Arms swinger. My swing speed has been clocked at 78 - 89, so pretty similar to the lower end of your numbers.
  13. RWC

    Closed stance benefits

    I seem to play my best when aim right and pull the ball back (somewhat like Kucher - but I'm no where as good ). I also share the OTT move when I get tired and the aiming right seems to help that as well. Playing Hickories or Vintage clubs, I'm used to the fairly low ball flight.
  14. RWC

    Practice Journal?

    A journal sounds like a great idea. I do something similar in that I've made copies of instructional articles that deal with my game and review it every few months - more so when I'm waiting for snow to melt in Chicago. I could see where a list of key bullet points might help on the practice tee as well as help me focus on on key points before a round.

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