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  1. My Swing (mikeybscot)

    Ok sorry my mistake and apologises for using up your time, thanks for sorting it for me though. Was just trying to put a couple in as example of where i started from before The "break down" which was 12 months ago. I suppose in way I tried doing what you said though working on one element for month then next one and so on so perhaps breakdown was bit of strong comment but that was a year ago and certainly not looking to start afresh now from the video swing just hopefully have some ideas to progress and improve. Not sure the face on video ever uploaded
  2. My Swing (mikeybscot)

    Thanks for reply. I have tried to put in some pictures in word file of when i started as can't get the videos onto a suitable format to put online. I decided i needed to breakdown the swing and then try to build it back together with most of focus being on the backswing. The ultimate aim throughout this has been to deliver the club with some shaft lean at impact. I have worked on takeaway in keeping hands in but club out and then setting the club more vertically halfway back, from there i have been trying to fold my right arm down while pulling my left side across hoping to keep a more centred compact turn with arms in front of body. The key things i have being trying to remove from my swing have been flying right elbow, head and spine tilting towards the target, flat shoulder turn and left arm pinning right across my chest. I have been working with a TPI guy for the 12m months also trying to improve my bodies function to allow me to get in these new positions. Been doing it through series of mirror work, slow motion swings, practicing with cane against my head and ball between my arms. I have a practice net in garden so tend to practice for at least 10 hours a week and use video frequently to try to keep me on track. I hope that my backswing is starting to show signs of improvement so that over next 3 months i can keep working on technical improvements and then the following 3 months start adding some zip and rhythm back into new swing as it becomes more natural. Edit:
  3. My Swing (mikeybscot)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years My current handicap index or average score is: 2 My typical ball flight is: Varied overtime The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: flip adding loft to club and subsequently getting a poor strike with little distance The down the line video swing has already started so club bit into takeaway due to using swing profile. I have been working on my swing for 12 months on a technical basis trying to improve my impact position to put better strike on the ball. Looking forward to any advice that helps me progress this on further Videos: