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  1. Being an old guy who hasn't played, or followed, golf for the last 20 years, I'm not familiar with the concept of the "strokes gained" stat that is used. However, from the numbers you've stated, it looks like the shorter the type of shot, the more it influenced the outcome of the tournament. Looks like Spieth putted for the dough. Wonder what the stats for Mr. Gomez at the Sony say. Later, John
  2. I used to be a high school teacher. I recently played with an ex-high school student I hadn't seen for years. I knew I was getting old when he went to the front desk and asked for the senior rate. He also talked of his grand children. However, I beat him! Later, John
  3. I voted 20 feet because that's the distance I'm trying to make the putt. 30 feet and I'm lagging. Although sometimes those go in also but not because I was planning on it. Later, John
  4. It's finally winter here in Northern Michigan -- I bought a half hour on the simulator!! Later, John
  5. At the Tournament of Champions last week, of the 3 top finishers, how did they rank for driving distance and putting? Later, John
  6. I'm one of those folks who get up early and often play a round in the early morning alone. Since I didn't belong to a club this year I used the Golf Digest handicap site to calculate my handicap. So, I know it wasn't official. I didn't start up golf again till mid summer this year, but because of the beautiful weather we had in Northern Michigan this year (I played all the way to Christmas) I got in 50 rounds -- most alone. I don't necessarily like the new rule about playing alone. However, I'm joining a club next year and will go by the rule without consternation. I'll, simply, use the Golf Digest site to include all my scores for my real purpose of having a handicap -- to access my improvement, or lack of improvement. I'll also keep an official handicap using the USGA rules. Now, I have a question about the new rules. Since a good portion of my "official" rounds will be league play, and the league rules will allow "winter rules," will I be able to post those rounds officially. I suspect not, but I'm not sure. If I can't, I'm going to have darn few round to count using official handicap rules. Later, John
  7. So, I get both more accuracy and distance. Sounds good to me. My point was not a "wild" swing, but one that still is in the fairway. Most courses I played this year were tight with penalizing woods close to the fairway. A drive close to the rough, but in the fairway, would leave me with a decent chance to hit the green in regulation. However, the angle of the drive that is on the edge of the fairway with my 220 yds. would put me in the woods at 242 yds. 10% better accuracy would give me a better chance to hit the green. Again, I think I get the point about distance being important, but unless my accuracy improves also, I'm not sure it will do me any good. This is a good discussion and if anything, it makes me think I've got to look for some more open golf courses to play. Actually, I plan on getting both 10% more distance and accuracy this coming summer. Later, John
  8. Mcllroy seems to be primed to go after Spieth with a passion. I see those two winning all 4 majors. Spieth - Masters and US Open Mcllroy - The Open and PGA Later, John
  9. I understand exactly what everyone is saying about the importance of length. But I struggle with the fact that my own scores have improved every time I've made a change that sacrificed distance for accuracy. So, while still keeping an open mind, I'm sticking with accuracy for the time being. I would like to pose this though. We have been talking about percentages. 10% of a 30 yd. wide fairway is only 3 yds. I can see where that's not a big difference. 10% of my 220 yd. drives is 22 yds. and is a big difference. Even when I'm driving the ball well, I'm often on the edges of the fairway and an extra 22 yds. would simply put me in the woods without a chance to get to the green in regulation. Putting my drive 3 yds. closer to the center of the fairway, however, would give me a good chance of reaching the green in regulation. It would even give me the benefit of keeping the ball in play, because of the angle, even if I did catch the ball on the screws and hit it longer than normal. I'll admit, I've always played very tight courses. Most of the courses I've played in Northern Michigan have been cut out of the woods. If you get off the fairway much, it's very penalizing. However, this year, as I take up golf again after a 20 yr. absence, the only course near me is a mom and pop course built on an old farm. While there are still a lot of trees, most holes have one side of the fairway fairly open. I can see where accuracy may not be quite as important. If that's the case I may be switching sides on the accuracy vs. distance debate. Later, John
  10. When I was playing a lot of golf, and was a 5 handicap, I started building my own clubs. It's very cheap and easy to do this. I got clubs just like I wanted and game improved a lot. I just built a new driver. A quality driver head, 51 gram shaft with 4.6 torque, Winn grip to my liking, total cost $100. Later, John
  11. My retirement golf plan is get to the golf course early every day to meet up with the other "old retired" guys to BS. Maybe!!, I say Maybe!! hit a few warm-up balls on the range and then go walk and play 18. On days that my wife's gone -- she's often traveling around the globe somewhere -- I may stick around the clubhouse and maybe even play a few more holes. Other days, after golf, I'm going home and play in my wood shop or cut down a few trees with my chain saws. Somewhere in that schedule I'll find time to play in the community band, blow a few notes with my tuba quartet and ride my motorcycle. I gotta' tell ya'. Retirement is great!! Later, John
  12. I played Christmas day with a high temp of 37. In the summer my on-the-screws drive went about 240 this year. When it gets in the 40's and 30's, that goes down to 220 and I'm hitting 1/2 clubs more on approach. It's a good point that some of that may be restrictive clothes. Later, John
  13. 2 and 3 are fine, but 1 will get you in trouble more times than not. Later, John
  14. You are probably correct. I can adjust my swing with the 52 wedge, but the 58 seems to go 60 yds. no matter what adjustment I make. Of course, close to the green having to hit over a mound in front of me I can open the 58 wedge an use a "chip" type motion to hit it high and short and stop it pretty quickly. But from the fairway any swing seems to produce 60 yards, either with a lower trajectory, or, like you said, higher trajectory but no more distance. My present sand wedge would probably give me the in-between distance I want, but it has a lot of bounce and often produces a skulled shot from the fairway. Also, my 58 wedge with normal bounce does better for me out of bunkers than the sand wedge. So, after some research I think I'll build a 54/56 wedge with less bounce than my sand wedge. I'm starting to enjoy making my own clubs again. It'll give me something to do during the cold Northern Michigan winter. Later, John
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