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  1. Dude, I'm 6'7" 350 lbs, and I'm 89 Yrs old, and I can hit an 7i 900 yards.....OK as absurd as that sounds...who cares!!!! As long as you control your game and know your distances you are good. I would rather know that I had a consistent 145 7i, than my typical adjustment. I play a 7i anywhere from 140 to 160, depending on how well I am hitting that day. It usually takes about 3 to 4 holes to gage accurately the distance, and often costs me a few extra shots. A few months ago I played a friend that took me to school. This guy played the entire round with and 8i, a sand wedge,
  2. There are few out there.....Golf Logix and Sonocaddy are pretty good, but have annual fee. I had trouble with Sonnocaddie the other day, but Golf Logix works pretty good, and provide lots of data. The free version of Golf Logix only give you front, mid, and back of the grreen while the paid version gives you all the hazards. I am also using skydroid.....it's completly free, but it does not have a scorecard. There also a handful of swing analysis apps that are pretty good too.
  3. Well....there is a difference in balls, but it really boils down to a few specifics...cover material and spin. Most new golfers really do not benefit from the more expensive balls..particularly because they are meant to spin more than your average cheap ball. This really hurts the long game as you can add extra side spin to your game. The benefit is of course around the greens, but of course you need to have a good swing to benefit from this too. I have played in the past 3 years a total of 12 different types, and in general they all have pros and cons to my game. For my game, i lik
  4. Crey23

    NBA Final

    That was exactly spot on!!!! A high caliber team fall apart. I have never seen such a thing in team sports! It seemed to me that Miami was only interested in the WOW shots, and not on the dirty drive it down the middle layups. I felt i was watching Sesame Street playing a game of Hot Potato - NBA version. Pass - Pass Shot!....not pass, pass, pass, pass, pass....oh out time throw it up and pray! Not to mention the lack of rebounding, every shot had multiple heat players fading back from the boards, vs 3 to 4 Mavs. And the nail in the coffen, free throws....58% Not the way you will win a F
  5. Do you think they can fit that into an iron???? Maybe a wedge???? LOL!!!!
  6. I just got one yesterday, I have not been able to hit at the range yet, but I hit it better than the others tried. I already have the DWS 20* and loved it...my go to club inside 220 or 200 off the deck. I found myself using it for every club selection greater than my 6i...so I decided to trade my 4i for this. let's see how it goes..
  7. I share the opinion of CrazyXGolfer and radcochran, the D2 or Comp should fit the bill. I am a huge fan of the 909 D2, i'm just not a fan of the price!!!! If I could afford it it would be in my bag. When I was looking for a driver in Jan, I took a close look at this driver and get very nice results with it, but with the face being 0.5 degrees open, a mishit slice can get very ugly!!!! With that said, TM drivers are great. Granted they come out with new drivers quicker than anyone else, but for us consumers that is a good thing.
  8. You just have to keep your eyes out for deals...look at websites such as www.rockbottomgolf.com , www.tgw.com for new clubs, but also look for used clubs at www.globalgolf.com or www.3balls.com . Also, check out the Marketplace forum in this site, as you get fellow golfers offering their clubs, sometimes at great prices. The bottom line is that you have to make up your mind as to what you want have and hunt it down. On eBay, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Be patient when buying. Since this is your first set, you should go used for game improvement or super game
  9. Nice....That happened to me when I started playing golf. I went with a buddy to the driving range, and me trying to show off, I took my driver and went at it...on my second ball (out a bucket of 100), I tore something in my chest, that rendered me useless with a golf club. I could even try to do quarter swings, and the pain was horrible...I ended up putting for a large part of the day while my buddy and some strangers enjoyed my bucket!!!
  10. While I'm not sure which wedge is best, it seems to me that it really boils down to confidence....how do you feel about the equipment that you use? If you can answer that for you, then you can find the right wedge/ball/driver/iron/etc.... What ever makes you confident that you will get a good result, then that product will. The other thing that is very salient in the thread is that most people always reference Vokey in a statement such as.." just as good as Vokey...", " ...similar to Vokey" and so on. Which leads me to think that Vokey has laid down the baseline, and is the standard to wh
  11. Yeah but with a 14* bounce, that is not a likely scenario....
  12. IT really depends on your approach to wedges. I use a 4 wedge set....45* P, 50* G, 56-10 S, & 60-04 L...this combination gives me control over all distances inside 120 yards. Couple this with the idea of four back swings per wedge (7:30, 9:00, 10:30, full), gives me enough versatility. I like that my 60* has a low bounce (04*) which allows me to really open up for flop shots. With said....60* are tough to hit....they really get tricky, but if spend some time playing with it can become your next best friend. I use mine quite a bit.... I always put it to play when I'm laying on the fringe o
  13. Well based on the results, the best players DID get immunity..... The best players came extremely short of making anything happen last night...it was a very slow show to say the least. In that challenge, 2 of the 3 were cetainly challenging shots...both Sand locations were brutal...but that pitch and roll down hill and miss it..un accaptable at that level. Clearly the one and only good shot was from the Canadian Girl from Minitoba (I forget her name)....which lead to immunity....and it was a great shot!!!!
  14. Holly carap so that means that what i perseived as improvement, is just the effect of the summer heat is south Florida!!!! And who ever said you don't leaen new thing sin this forum????? Nice Explanation!!!!
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