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  1. Thanks Grumpter for your advice and you are quite right, waiting a few years usually pays off because feedback has had a chance to circulate. Then it's only a question of working out the validity of such feedback. I actually like waiting a few years after any major purchase, after all the teething problems, chances of product reviews and sometimes recalls. Relatively speaking, a set of golf clubs isn't all that major. Still, they cost money and there's nothing worse than having to resell an item for a lot less that just doesn't work for you. It was interesting to see that the improvements
  2. Sage advice. The problem is I live in a rural area with probably no examples of these irons being played. I've read some very strong reviews on an equipment review site that seem to far outweigh any negatives I have read about them (mainly trivial things that have no impact on actual performance). I'm very happy with Cobra. I accidentally hit a toy rubber golf ball for my daughter high over our back fence in front of the neighbour's dog kennel just with an old Lady Cobra driver in my little demonstration. I didn't expect the tap to get that airborne! She now has a story to tell for show
  3. Very good point. I have never visited the 19th hole section here before. Maybe there needs to be an 'Agony Aunt' section.
  4. I am about to buy a set of AMP Cell Irons. I mentioned this to a fellow Tweeter and he just said, 'save your money'. Gosh the technology is only two years old in this set. They have a lot of the features that are in the Cobra Fly-Z so I really can't fathom the bias. My Cobra woods are fantastic. The bias towards the names 'Taylor Made' among others is absurd. I get no explanation, just 'save your money'. Heck I am saving money for a set that was originally over $1100 down to $350. I've read their pros and cons. I'm just an occasional player, not some poser wanting to be the next Queen of
  5. I think we need a forum to discuss why some golf players are so damn arrogant. They turn people off the sport more than anything. No wonder there are companies bringing out garish costumes just to upset this uptight establishment. There is no need to insinuate that someone doesn't know what they are doing because of their nationality. Australian and proud of it.
  6. It really has nothing to do with golf. He may be a tortured soul in need of help though.
  7. Oh dear! Maybe they think they are living on borrowed time and can only behave for one hour per week. I just attended a funeral and some woman decided to go out into the open doorway and talk at the top of her voice on her mobile phone for about five minutes before she was ushered away. She piped up with her attention-seeking banter the minute the minister was starting his main sermon. I just turned to an older lady next to me and said, 'Can you believe it'? We were all mortified.
  8. Maybe it's a children's library. They can't reach that high up. ;) Yes it looks like an expensive set-up. Sustainability makes people feel good as they are 'seen to be doing something' to save the planet (from what I'm still trying to work out). Having contributed to conference papers on the subject of sustainable development, I still find it amazing that more effort is not channeled into critical areas of need, compared to money thrown at 'cute' projects where everyone enjoys the word 'sustainability' thrown around more than the merits of the project itself. BHP really needs to have a look
  9. I reckon you have a PhD subject right there! It's all too complicated. Honestly some people used to think my friend was gay, even though he got married and used to tell me of women he liked, including myself which was awkward. I never thought he was gay as such and have no idea why people come to such conclusions unless it's completely obvious. More importantly, I have found some of the biggest droppers of the F... word tend to be Catholic. It never ceases to amaze me that some choose to behave on only one day of the week, a Sunday. I guess they aren't perfect, just forgiven...
  10. After spending hours over a period of weeks scouring the internet for an iron set that is reasonably priced, I have found the now-superceded Cobra AMP Cell ladies set. I really probably should get a - 1 set (am 5'1") but the price is excellent compared to at least double the price for later models. I'm not into the absolute latest in anything if it means paying a whole lot more for marginal difference in performance. I have read in some reviews that the technology is very similar to the Fly-Z apart from one tweak. I am returning to the game and am reasonably confident hitting irons. I
  11. It's not bad at all! They are adorable. In this household Hello Kitty trumps everything.
  12. You have to wonder when some students get to PhD level and still have to be coached on how to write a paragraph correctly.
  13. This is essential in my view (the ability to laugh at yourself). I don't get how frustration gets tied into the game of golf. Being upset about putting and just missing the hole should really only last a second if the game is not to get the better of you. It's a bit like fishing for trout. The enjoyment is the decision to get off one's butt and getting out there to take in the surroundings: catching a fish is a bonus. My advice from a rather ordinary golfer but pretty good putter is to get a few private lessons from the outset.
  14. Maybe if humans evolve, their backs will be new and improved versions :)
  15. Well done John. As previously mentioned, back injuries are so unpredictable that one never really knows how it will respond to a new-found return to golf. The switch to newer technology seems to have really worked for you. I read that Seve Ballesteros used to hang upside down to help with his notorious back problems. I'm wondering if he used an inversion machine. I'm not even sure if these devices are proven to alleviate back problems but people I know think I should part with the $$$ to test it so they can decide if they want to part with the $$$ for one. Honestly. Easy does it. I
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