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  1. Not sure if you still need an answer for this but the red "P" icon appears for swings that are registered where you didn't strike a ball. Handy for doing practice swings and then recognizing them later for possible deletion.
  2. I like this explanation of the flaw that seemed to have crept into my swing. I recently tried to restrict the depth of my hands to a line level with my hips and feet (similar to the red line in your video). The improvement in my ball striking and accuracy were immediate. It had been too long since I visited this site. In fact it was a memory of the original thread on this topic that led me here. I'm glad I came back.
  3. I agree, this thread is gold. You don't specifically mention it but I assume you used the 56/14 wedge? Before reading this thread a while back I generally took bounce for granted. Now I'm considering getting a couple of extra wedges with varying bounce angles to suit the changes conditions of my home course during winter/summer.
  4. I don't think this is right. According to the link in your original post the partner must be a compatriot.
  5. Similar story to me. I have enjoyed the Z star for a while now until I found a Chrome Soft in mint condition whilst looking for an errant tee shot. I used it the next round and loved it. Have been using it ever since.
  6. Of all the instructional threads I've read here this is the one I have struggled with the most. The whole notion of extensor action feels totally unnatural and I have never been able to adopt it without disastrous consequences.
  7. Aside from the pitching tips that's a nice story about Kuchar and his old man.
  8. I've enjoyed this thread. As usual, very informative. I couldn't help notice however that this post seems to have slipped through without comment. If I understand you correctly @united your initial grip seems to have been an incredibly "weak" one (too much in the palm and not at the base of your fingers. I think this would have greatly contributed to your horrendous slice. There is a thread on the correct way to grip a club. If you haven't already addressed this issue that would be a good place to start. The other thing I noticed is that you may have misinterpreted the "revving of the motorcycle" feel. I'm certain that was in reference to the right hand (for the right-handed golfer) and not the left hand as you have described. I interpreted it as palmar dorsiflexion of the right wrist (revving the motorcycle) would result in the palmar flexion of the left (this was the goal at A6). I might be wrong and I'm sure someone will correct me if this is so. Having said that the mistake seems to have sent you in the right direction in correcting your weak grip.
  9. Well I just finished reading the entire thread and I have to say it's disappointing the way it got hijacked over the last 4 or 5 pages. In spite of that it was well worth a read.
  10. A while back I made some changes to my swing. I placed more emphasis on keeping my head still and my left side more "post" like. I also started setting my wrist hinge very early. Over the next 6 months my handicap dropped by about 12 strokes. Needless to say I was very happy with the results. During this journey I also began to hit the ball longer. Not just 5 or 10 yards but closer to about 20 and even more with my driver. I had become a gorilla . Not just longer, but straighter as well. The trouble was I had no idea how this extra length and accuracy had come about. I couldn't use the swing changes I had consciously made as the reason for this improvement because these changes evolved over time. I did notice a lateral move had appeared in my swing but I just couldn't quite nail what I was doing. Over time I lost this feeling in my swing and I have been going through a frustrating time ever since. I have managed to hold my handicap but the improvement stopped. That is, until I read the first few pages of this thread about 10 days ago. It didn't take long for me to realise that what had previously crept into my game naturally was in fact, the hip slide, coupled with being slightly open at impact. The beauty of this thread was that I could now quantify what I had been doing and re-apply it to my swing. I hit about 80 balls at a local sports-ground with a pitching wedge. The improvement was immediate. Two days later I played in the Monthly Medal at my club and won it for the first time! This thread, along with the "Golf Pitch Shot Technique" thread have really improved my game over the last few weeks. In fact The Sand Trap website has been the best thing to happen to my game in a long time. Thank you all. Now I just need to read the next 40 pages of this thread!
  11. I was taught a technique similar to this when I first took up golf. It had a more open stance and club face with an early and loose (float loady) wrist hinge. I couldn't play golf for crap at the time but I used to amaze more seasoned friends of mine with a perfectly executed flop shot almost every time I attempted it. This thread has changed the way I play around the greens forever. My scrambling game has improved dramatically with the amount of up-and-downs I am now achieving. Many thanks for all the contributions to this thread. I have now read all 36 pages!
  12. Poor choice of words. I guess I should have said I had never heard it referred to as the 'Nicklaus draw'. Jack was definitely a man before his time. With regard to the higher draw I think I was achieving that with my open club face with a neutral grip (as in your bunker shot analogy). Although I also seemed to be achieving excellent distance as well. I changed to the 'Nicklaus draw' technique because I found the set up easier to deploy. I am really at a crossroad as to which method I should persist with. I guess time on the range will tell me. Just getting off topic for a moment. I wasn't able to quote your post in my reply. I am noticing some weird behaviour when trying to quote posts in my replies. Clearing the browser cache doesn't seem to help. I am switching between Chrome and IE with some success but the behaviour seems to persist in both browsers atm. Also, how do you edit your own posts? I noticed I spelled "knew as "new" in a previous post but could not find a way of correcting it.
  13. You are both correct. That's exactly what I have been trying to convey. This is the method I have been struggling with! Having said that, it is the method I find easiest to set up to. If find it simple to simply align myself right of the target and then align the face so that it is between the target line and stance line. I never new it was called the 'Nicklaus draw'. I think I might be guilty on occasion of having the club face too hooded which is affecting my swing and ensuing ball striking. I think I'll persist with this method and hopefully develop more consistent results. I guess I needed confirmation that I was on the right track with my methods for shot shaping. You have all been most helpful. Thank you.
  14. When I say "closed relative to my grip" I'm actually talking about how the club is sitting in my hands. Take a normal (neutral) grip and then imagine the club being rotated a few degrees anti-clockwise in your hands. Rotating it clockwise "opens" the club face relative to the grip. This is how I determine the starting path of the ball and I'm beginning to think that although I've had some success with it that it probably isn't a wise method. I'm thinking that I should be lining myself and the club face square but right of the target (for a draw) and changing the way I swing to manipulate the swing path so that it is aiming further right may be the smarter option.
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