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  1. I am a very senior golfer (75) still playing 3/4 rounds a week off a reasonable handicap of 12. Early last year I was persuaded by my pro to change my irons to some which would give me a bit of my lost distance back and would be easier to hit, so I invested in a set of graphite shafted high tech irons and very much looked forward to the seasons golf. Alas.... though I certainly hit the ball higher and used less effort, no other significant improvements developed and after 6 moths I reverted to my old irons - those really quirky Cleveland VAS+ which have firm/stiff steel shafts fitted which I had been advised were no longer suitable for me - I'd played these irons from around the time Cory Pavin used a set at Shinnecock to win the US Open absorbing all the comments regarding their appearance. Well... within a few rounds I was striking the ball with better feel, longer and straighter and I went on to win my first weekend comp in 2 years after shooting a gross number which was less than my age.
  2. Putter shaft length

    This is definitely the best option, managed to pick up a 10 gram plug which I have slotted into the butt end of the shaft and the difference is significant and seems about right, I will be going with this for a while, might not add the remaining 5 grams. Thanks for your contribution.
  3. Putter shaft length

    That's a terrific help, thanks, I will try 15 g and see how it performs and take it from there.
  4. I am about to reduce my putter shaft from 35" to 33.5" . Will this cause a problem with swing weight ? Can I add some extra weight to the head to compensate or add some weight to the butt end of the shortened shaft.
  5. Counterfeit Golf Clubs on EBay

    Wouldn't think you have much to be concerned about with the checks you have made and the guy's reputation. I bought the same model last year on EBay here in the UK from a seller of similar trading strength, it was described as 9/10 condition, when I unpacked it, all the manufacturer film/shrink wrap was in place. I got suspicious, it looked too good for the price and when I got back to him and he said it was actually new, I got even more worried, however I checked it out with TM and it was legitimate.
  6. Putting Problem

    Sorry for delay in responding. Pulling left on short puts - less than about 4'. Since my last post (after some adjustments) have played in comp with slightly better results.
  7. Putting Problem

    Thanks to all who have responded. Since posting I have looked at set up, grip and stroke technique. On the plus side I have a smooth stroke with a short follow thru rather than a rap. I feel my grip is OK, not tense, quite relaxed but firm enough to keep control. On the minus side I think the ball has drifted too far forward in my set up and I have also got a bit open with my shoulders. I have been putting with a Yes Tracy but have reverted my previous Yes Emma which has a good sight line set up and done some practice with a choke down of about 2" on the grip. I stand 5'10" and my putter is standard and this choke down has improved things significantly and I am now considering shortening the putter to 33".
  8. When you swing a golf club you create an arc, because of the difference in the length of clubs from driver to wedge that arc will differ. The swing plane will change because the length and lie angle is "flatter" in comparison to the rest of your clubs. You shouldn't do anything other than put a nice smooth swing on it, and let the physical properties of the club do what they're designed to do. I see a lot of people try to do something "different" in their drive swing. You will need to change your ball position to some degree with different clubs and that again will have an effect on swing plane aspects however, my advice is, if you have a decent, repeatable swing with for example, one of your your mid-irons, use the same repeatable swing with your driver. I am sure others will give you more information and advice but keeping the swing side of my golf simple has treated me well over many years. Happy golfing.
  9. Putting has always been one of the strengths of my game, when I have had a good result my putting stats have been the predominating factor. When my putting is 'off' I almost always find that I am missing putts tothe left, and I have difficulty in making adjustments to my setup to compensate. Does anyone have any tips or drills which might help please.
  10. Driver head may be coming loose!

    Andrew Esplin Disley GC Phone: 01663 764001 Shaun at Midas Golf Phone 01484 864888 or email sales@midasgolf.co.uk Midas golf do a pick up service for repairs, turnround is about 3 days. Hope this helps.
  11. Counterfeit Golf Clubs on EBay

    Think the point about good photos is a really good one. Seems to me that sellers who use scans the item from maufacturers advertising, rather than a specific photo of the item being sold might well be avoided.
  12. Need opinion on shaft

    I agree, stick with someone who has had a look at your swing. Ultralite shafts may help those with slower s/speeds to get get more distance but with your s/speed your'e probably better with something in the 70g range. My speed is really quite slow at 86 mph and I had a 55 g shaft fitted in a search for more distance. Didn't like the feel or response so put in a Fuji Tour Platform 26.3 R at 67g and a bit more torque and it works very well. Might also mention that I fitted Feel Golf grips to my driver, 3 wood and putter recently and have been keeping the woods on much better line with these grips - and the putting has improved too !! Good Luck.
  13. Driver head may be coming loose!

    You might let Andrew Espin the pro at Disley GG Stockport have a look. I've used him for years for re-shafts that I can't/don't want to do myself. He is one of the old school who still loves clubmaking. Also you could have a word with Shaun at Midas Golf Huddesfield.
  14. Counterfeit Golf Clubs on EBay

    I am in the UK and there's lots of counterfeit equipment. One site selling copy Taylormade, Callaway and Yes putters will actually admit that they are not genuine but with others you are taking a chance. I bought a Yes 'Emma' putter some time ago on another EBay site, it had slight quality imperfection on the back which was hardly noticeable but he thing that got my attention was the fact that it should have been face balanced and was slightly toe heavy. Checked the shaft with same model in a pro-shop and found bit less bend which was causing the loss of face balance. Checked with Yes here in UK who told me that quite a few heads which fail quality at the factory find there way onto the market and probably I had got one of these which had been fitted with a non standard shaft (the grip was genuine). I have used the putter now for about 8 weeks and have no problem with it and considering I only paid £34 UK ($50 US I think) I am happy with they buy. I have a place in Malaysia and on my stays there, playing golf, I have seen some remarkable copies of TM and Callaway equipment, even the hologram certification small stamp on the Odyssey putters have been reproduced to a very high standard.

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